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Book cover of Wow, It's A Cow!

Wow, It's A Cow!

by Trudy Harris, Jay R Harris, Paige Keiser

Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.
Pages: 16
ISBN: 9780545174909

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Overview of Wow, It's A Cow!

Find the cow in this uproarious lift-the-flap book!

How do you know it's a cow?
"If it goes, 'Neigh, neigh,'
And it's pulling a plow,
It's not a cow.
Of course,
It's a . . . horse."
Kids will love to guess the animal in this lift-the-flap book with fresh humor and udderly delightful illustrations. The grand finale leaves no doubt that kids will be asking for moo-re!

Reviews of Wow, It's A Cow!

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Children's Literature - Marilyn Courtot

In this lift the flap book, kids will learn about a variety of farm animals while trying to find a cow. The rhyming text is amusing "If it goes "neigh, neigh," and it's pulling a plow, It's not a cow! Of course , It's a ...." Fill in the blank or lift the flap and see a horse. The same pattern is followed for a pig, duck, sheep, and bird. Finally, the last spread shows a big barn door with all the animals previously introduced gathered around. Open the barn doors and there is our prize cow, patiently providing the farmer with some fresh milk. It is an amusing tour of a farm. The flaps are large enough for little hands to easily turn them and the illustrations will provide plenty of extra fodder for discussion. Reviewer: Marilyn Courtot

Available to Buy

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