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Book cover of Yankee Yorkshireman: Migration Lived and Imagined

Yankee Yorkshireman: Migration Lived and Imagined

by Mary H. Blewett

Publisher: University of Illinois Press
Pages: 232
ISBN: 9780252076138

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Overview of Yankee Yorkshireman: Migration Lived and Imagined

This study is a textual and contextual appraisal of the writings of Yorkshire-born Hedley Smith (1909-94), whose depiction of the fictional mill village of Briardale, Rhode Island, captures an early twentieth-century labor diaspora peopled with textile workers. Enraged and embittered at the transformatory experience of his own emigration, Smith used fiction to explore Yorkshire immigrants' culture and stubborn refusal to assimilate, their vital sexuality, and their vivid social customs. As Smith's writings reveal, emigration involves grief and anger, often universally concealed and problematic. Creating a rich panoply of characters meant to convey the superiority of Yorkshire life and culture, Smith came to take pride in his writings and in his children and grandchildren: to a degree, he accepted his new life in America. He never returned to Yorkshire.

Synopsis of Yankee Yorkshireman: Migration Lived and Imagined

Understanding migration through the lives and fiction of migrant workers in New England.

About the Author, Mary H. Blewett

Mary H. Blewett is a professor emerita of history at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and the author of Constant Turmoil: The Politics of Industrial Life in Nineteenth-Century New England.

Reviews of Yankee Yorkshireman: Migration Lived and Imagined

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From the Publisher

 "[A] fascinating biography."--American Historical Review


 "Deserves to be read by all scholars and students interested in migration and dislocation."--Journal of American Ethnic History

Available to Buy

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