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Book cover of You and Me, Baby

You and Me, Baby

by Lynn Reiser, Penny Gentieu

Publisher: Random House Children's Books
ISBN: 9780375834011

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Synopsis of You and Me, Baby

"Hey, Baby! Look at you, looking at me, looking at you looking at me," says the parent narrator of this interactive book that helps new parents interact with babies as young as two months. Big close-up photographs illustrate each phrase—"waving at me, waving at you, waving at me" and so on through smiling, feeding, hugging, splashing, peeking, all the things babies do. Lynn Reiser's minimal text promotes early language development while it helps cement the bond between parent and baby. Penny Gentieu's adorable photographs of real babies and their parents portray the warmth of that bond.

Publishers Weekly

Close-up photos of multicultural parents and children engaged in everyday activities are the main draw in You and Me, Baby by Lynn Reiser, illus. by Penny Gentieu. "Ooooh, baby!/ Look at you,/ splashing me,/ splashing you," reads the text for a series of bathtime scenes. Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.

About the Author, Lynn Reiser

Lynn Reiser, a clincal professor of psychiatry at Yale University, is the author and illustrator of more than 20 picture books, including the recently published Play Ball with Me! The author lives in Hamden, CT.

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