Book cover of Young Jazz Collection for Jazz Ensemble: Piano

Young Jazz Collection for Jazz Ensemble: Piano

by Alfred Publishing Staff

Publisher: Alfred Publishing Company, Inc.
ISBN: 9780739055427

Synopsis of Young Jazz Collection for Jazz Ensemble: Piano

The Best of Belwin Jazz: Young Jazz Collection includes twelve outstanding jazz arrangements for the young ensemble. Each chart is written by experienced educational jazz arrangers and composers in a variety of styles and tempos: swing, ballad, holiday, rock, Latin and pop. The collection is written for full instrumentation, but can accommodate reduced instrumentation of four saxes, three trumpets, two trombones and three rhythm. Additional optional parts are available for flute, clarinet, horn in F, baritone horn T.C./tenor sax and tuba. The rhythm section parts offer suggestions for rhythms, piano chord voicings and guitar chord frames. All solos are written-out in improvised sections. The conductor?s book includes full-length CD recordings of all titles. Titles are: Big Band Holiday
• Cantaloupe Island
• Count Bubba?s Revenge
• Drummin? Man
• Grooved Pavement
• Moondance
• My Funny Valentine
• Now What
• Sambeando
• Sing, Sing, Sing
• Stompin? at the Savoy
• Swingin? Shanty

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