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Book cover of YUM: Your Ultimate Manual for Good Nutrition

YUM: Your Ultimate Manual for Good Nutrition

by Daina Kalnins, Paula Becker (Illustrator), Paul Finkelstein

Publisher: Lobster Press
Pages: 192
ISBN: 9781897073728

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Overview of YUM: Your Ultimate Manual for Good Nutrition

This kid-friendly guide helps readers make smart food choices every day. With recipes, meal plans, tips on nutrition from kids in their own words, fun food facts, and quotes from celebrities like Mia Hamm, Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron, America Ferrera, and Tony Parrish, this tasty title is a must-have!
YUM helps kids become food-label-literate and figure out how to choose the best foods for their bodies. They'll discover healthy snack ideas from young people who already make nutrition part of their lives. The author encourages readers to set realistic goals for themselves, and to help parents make meal plans and grocery lists, so that the whole family can get on board with nutrition. YUM also serves up tasty recipes, simple enough for kids to tackle on their own!

About the Author, Daina Kalnins

"Author Daina Kalnins is a registered dietitian at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Ontario. She has co-authored several books on nutrition, including The Hospital for Sick Children's Better Food for Kids and Better Baby Food, which won The International Cookbook Revue Award (2001)."

Reviews of YUM: Your Ultimate Manual for Good Nutrition

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Quill & Quire

[Kalnins has] "rendered the subject as child-friendly as possible with wacky factoids, celebrity quotations, and quick-reference lists."

The Health Journal

"A book that empowers children to make healthy choices."

Today's Parent Toronto

" [kids] the power over the food they put into their bodies. It arms them with accurate information, presented in a fun and highly visual way."

CM Magzine

"Fast and zippy, thought-provoking and served up with tons of humourous illustrations."

Resource Links

"This is an engaging and genuinely informative nutrition guide. Excellent."

VOYA - Vikki Terrile

The days of tweens and teens blithely eating sugar-crusted cereals and cream-filled goodies might not quite be over, but more young people are aware of exactly what they eating than ever before. With the nonstop parade of food commercials on television competing with a growing number of campaigns to halt childhood obesity, who knows what to eat? Kalnins sets out to clarify and simplify the many mixed messages young people are getting about food, and provides a good deal of information in a fun and accessible format. Reading this manual is like having a conversation about food and nutrition with someone who really understands tweens and teens. The author, a registered dietitian at a Canadian children's hospital, uses a chatty, non-threatening tone, even when addressing serious topics like diabetes and severe food allergies. What is most appealing about the book is how effortlessly it empowers young people to take control of their food and lifestyle choices by giving them tools-and gentle reminders to check with adults when necessary-they can adapt for themselves without ever becoming too preachy. There is some very detailed food science in this book, helpful for eaters of any age trying to figure out what different vitamins do for the body or why wholegrain bread is healthier than white. The book features many sidebars with fun facts, recipes, suggestions and recommendations that will surely leave teen readers hungry for more. Reviewer: Vikki Terrile

School Library Journal

Gr 3-7- Written to an elementary interest level, the word choices here vary greatly from nursery school (such as "poop" and "pee"') to upper middle school (such as "micronutrient" and "macronutrient"). While numerous cross-references direct readers to other pages for additional information, the text can be confusing as the parts of the page are neither well labeled nor organized linearly. While the text is well researched, with references listed by chapter, there is no bibliography. Cartoon line drawings appear throughout. The recipes have U.S. and British measurements, although the labels evaluated are U.S.-based, as is the terminology, such as names of vitamins and minerals. While allergies are addressed, food-related conditions such as diabetes and high cholesterol are barely identified or explained, and the recipes and meal suggestions do not always address these issues.-Sara Rofofsky Marcus, Yeshiva Har Torah, Little Neck, NY

Available to Buy

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