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Book cover of Zelda and Ivy: One Christmas

Zelda and Ivy: One Christmas

by Laura McGee Kvasnosky

Publisher: Candlewick Press
ISBN: 9780763630478

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Synopsis of Zelda and Ivy: One Christmas

Christmas is coming and Zelda and Ivy have high hopes. Zelda longs for a fancy evening gown, and Ivy has her heart set on a Princess Mimi doll complete with ballet accessories. But when the fox sisters realize their elderly neighbor, Mrs. Brownlie, is spending Christmas alone, they have more than just their own holiday wishes to think about. Will the Christmas Elves leave something special under the tree for everyone?

With favorite characters, an endearing story line, and beautiful illustrations trimmed with merry details, award-winning author-illustrator Laura McGee Kvanosky's third book about the fabulous fox sisters has all the makings of an enduring holiday classic.

New York Times Book Review

Three very short stories about Zelda and Ivy, the fox sisters who are very clear about their Christmas wishes. Their widowed neighbor, Mrs. Brownlie, is a true friend and on Christmas morning appreciates the snazzy bracelet the girls made her, and their gifts as well. The illustrations have a zany charm.

About the Author, Laura McGee Kvasnosky

Laura McGee Kvasnosky says, "This is my third book about Zelda and Ivy, but still I was delightfully surprised that Zelda wanted an evening gown for Christmas. Being surpised is what writing is all about, after all!"

Reviews of Zelda and Ivy: One Christmas

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