Book cover of Poems (1945-1971)

Poems (1945-1971)

by Miltos Sachtouris, Karen Emmerich

Publisher: Archipelago Books
Pages: 260
ISBN: 9780976395065

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Overview of Poems (1945-1971)

Poems (1945-1971) contains selections from the first seven volumes of Miltos Sachtouris’ work. The collection traces the poetic development of a writer deeply affected by the turmoil of his times, from his emergence on the Greek literary world as a young man of 25, with a series of poems written during the Axis occupation of Greece, to a volume published thirty years later during the military junta of 1967–74. This bilingual edition of Poems (1945-1971) is almost a historical document, chronicling one poet’s response to three decades of intense social and political upheaval in a nation experiencing the successive horrors of occupation, civil war, and military dictatorship.

Synopsis of Poems (1945-1971)

Bilingual edition of a major Greek voice. Full of brilliant imagery, alive, visceral, violent, melancholy, heart-wrenching.

About the Author, Miltos Sachtouris

Miltos Sachtouris (1919- 2005) was born in Athens. Sachtouris studied law, but abandoned legal practice early in order to devote himself to writing. Sachtouris received the Second National Poetry Award in 1962 for "Ta Stigmata" the First National Poetry Award in 1987, the Order of the Phoenix in 1995, and the Grand State Literature Prize in 2003 for his collected works. Karen Emmerich has translated work by Vassilis Vassilikos, Yiorgos Skabardonis, Rhea Galanake, and many Greek poets of the twentieth century. She has received translation grants and awards from PEN and from the Modern Greek Studies Association.

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