The Best New Crime Novels (and 8 Great Classics)

Published: 28 January 2023 | Last updated: 6 March 2023
Written by Chris Beach

What's the secret to a great crime novel? Mix a handful of colourful characters together with an intricate plot and a clever detective. Throw in a dramatic atmosphere, and cap it all off with a satisfying conclusion that ties up all the loose threads.

Well, we've got exactly what you're looking for. Here are some of the best new crime novels that you won't be able to put down. Plus, we've picked the best books from the most popular crime authors of all time. Delve into these classic gems from Agatha Christie, Ruth Rendell, Lee Child and Ian Rankin and discover even more authors to love.

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New Releases

Book cover of Unti Silva

Unti Silva

by Daniel Silva

Gabriel Allon is on vacation in Venice, but when the Pope dies suddenly from a weak heart, he's forced to abandon his vacation and head to Rome. Suspecting something far more sinister than a heart attack, Gabriel follows a trail of clues that leads to the heart of the Catholic church. But Gabriel will have to watch his back, because there are some people who will do anything to keep these secrets buried.

Book cover of The Silent Wife

The Silent Wife

by Karin Slaughter

While investigating the death of a prisoner, GBI investigator Will Trent is given some disturbing information. An inmate claims that he was framed for murder by former cop Jeffrey Tolliver, which means and that the real killer is still out there. When a string of young women are brutally murdered, Will needs to turn to medical examiner Sara Linton for help. But with her ex-husband as the accused, this case gets murky very quickly.

Book cover of The Darkest Evening

The Darkest Evening

by Ann Cleeves

While driving through a blizzard, Vera Stanhope discovers a car veered off the road, empty apart from a toddler strapped inside. Taking the child to the nearest manor, in which a party is in full swing, she makes another brutal discovery. Outside in the snow, a young woman lies dead. Is the child hers? And what happened to her? Vera's must delve into her family's past to solve this puzzling case.

Book cover of A Madness of Sunshine

A Madness of Sunshine

by Nalini Singh

A close knit community on the remote West Coast of New Zealand is rocked when a young woman disappears. The town's sole detective Will Gallagher must team up with returned resident Anahera Rawiri and find out what happened. But when they connect it to previous missing person cases, they realise they must risk bringing the town's secrets to light.

Book cover of The Lantern Men

The Lantern Men

by Elly Griffiths

Dr Ruth Galloway is drawn back into her old job as a forensic archaeologist when a convicted murderer requests her help to find several murder victims. But what is his real plan? Is he telling the truth or is Ruth being lured into a trap set by a killer?

Book cover of The Game Never Ends

The Game Never Ends

by Zaire Crown

In the follow up to Games Women Play, Tuesday Knight is now the respectable wife and business partner of former drug lord Marcus King. But their former life soon catches up to them and Tuesday needs to go on the run with her two daughters. As she's drawn back into the world of organised crime, she needs to decide what it will take to bring down her enemies for good.

Book cover of Every Kind of Wicked

Every Kind of Wicked

by Lisa Black

Forensics expert Maggie Gardiner and Cleveland detective Jack Renner are led into a new mystery with the discovery of a young man's body. The case isn't an easy one with Maggie still struggling with previous events that made her question her partner, and herself. Enter Maggie's ex-husband, who is convinced that Jack is a criminal and sets out to prove it. The stage is set for an explosive ending.

Book cover of Throw Me to the Wolves

Throw Me to the Wolves

by Patrick McGuinness

An elegantly written crime novel that is equal parts psychological thriller and social commentary. When an eccentric school teacher is accused of murder, the media have a field day. But for Detective Ander, the case forces him to confront his past at an English school which was rife with bullying and abuse.

Classic Crime Books

Book cover of Knots and Crosses

Knots and Crosses

by Ian Rankin

Inspector John Rebus is a gruff and disheveled cop. When several young women are murdered in Edinburgh, Rebus knows he's the only one who can stop it. But who keeps sending him letters full of cryptic messages? And what does he need to remember about his past to solve this case?

Book cover of Dead Simple

Dead Simple

by Peter James

Widely regarded as the best novel from the bestselling series featuring Detective Superintendent Roy Grace. When four men are killed while celebrating their friend's bucks night, and the groom goes missing, Detective Superintendent Grace is assigned the case and he is forced to reconcile with his own wife's disappearance nine years ago.

Book cover of Jack Reacher: One Shot

Jack Reacher: One Shot

by Lee Child

The most popular in the bestselling Jack Reacher series, which was turned into a film starring Tom Cruise. Reacher is a former major in the US army, now working as a private investigator. When a military sniper is accused of multiple murders, he protests his innocence and calls for Reacher's help. Teaming up with a defense lawyer, they must uncover an unseen enemy before they can solve this case.

Book cover of The Honjin Murders

The Honjin Murders

by Seishi Yokomizo

Seishi Yokomizo is Japan's finest writer of murder mysteries. In the village of Okayama, young couple Kenzou Ichiyanagi and Katsuko Kubo are about to get married. On the day of their grand wedding, a double murder leaves the village full of fear. Amateur detective Kosuke Kindaichi must solve the case. But with no clues, everyone is under suspicion.

Book cover of The Honjin Murders

4:50 from Paddington: A Miss Marple Mystery

by Agatha Christie

Miss Marple looks just like every other sweet old lady, but don't underestimate her skill as an amateur detective. A young woman is strangled on a train, with only one witness. But with no clues and no body, how will Miss Marple solve this case? This is regarded as one of Agatha Christie's most intricately plotted novels.

Book cover of Someone to Watch Over Me

Someone to Watch Over Me

by Yrsa Sigurdardóttir

The best crime fiction to come out of Iceland. This is the fifth book in the immensely popular Thóra Gudmundsdóttir series. A fire kills five young people in an assisted living home and their housemate is the main suspect. Thora is brought onto the case to prove his innocence. But who really did it, and why?

Book cover of Kissing the Gunner's Daughter

Kissing the Gunner's Daughter

by Ruth Rendell

Probably Ruth Rendell's most loved creation, Chief Inspector Reginald Wexford first made an appearance in 1964. In this, his 15th book, he's drawn in several murder investiagtions at the same time. One of a prominent family, and the other a police officer from almost a year earlier. Are they connected or not? Described as dark and psychologically acute, this book is Rendell at her finest.

Book cover of Hour of the Wolf

Hour of the Wolf

by Hakan Nesser

When a boy is killed in a hit and run by a drunk driver, it unleashes unforeseeable consequences. The driver resolves to put the crime behind him but then receives an anonymous letter with a demand for cash. But who knows about the events of that night and what lengths will they go? When former Chief Inspector Van Veeteren's son gets involved, he is forced out of retirement to untangle the web and find the killer.

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