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Book cover of 10 Minute Guide to Microsoft(R) Visio 2002

10 Minute Guide to Microsoft(R) Visio 2002

by Eric R. Infanti

Publisher: Que
ISBN: 9780789726353

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Synopsis of 10 Minute Guide to Microsoft(R) Visio 2002

Because most people don't have the luxury of sitting down uninterrupted for hours at a time to learn Visio, this 10-Minute Guide focuses on the most often used features, covering them in lessons designed to take 10 minutes or less to complete. In addition, this guide teaches the user how to use Visio without relying on technical jargon, by providing straightforward, easy-to-follow explanations and lists of numbered steps that tell the user which keys to press and which options to select.

About the Author, Eric R. Infanti

Eric R. Infanti is the Director of Training and Performance at GreenTree International. He has trained, conducted seminars, and developed curriculum at institutions such as Sacred Heart University and area Community-Technical colleges. Eric has been a supporter of Visio since its launch back in the early 90s in his Information Technology realm with regional corporations, as well as using it during his Marine Corps tour. Since then, Eric has supported, coached, and trained hundreds of people across Connecticut, and is now training nationally as a Visio Partner with Microsoft!". Soon Eric begins the infrastructure for delivering Visio courses online as well. Some of his current clients are the METAGroup, The Hartford Insurance Group, and Advanced Environmental Interface to name a few. Eric can be reached at [email protected]

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Available to Buy

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