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Book cover of 100% Career Success

100% Career Success

by Amy Solomon, Lori Tyler, Terry Taylor

Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781418016326

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Synopsis of 100% Career Success

The new 100% Success Series is directed at the development of professional skills and characteristics that begin in college and extend through the job search and into the lifelong learning environment of the workplace. The Success Series includes three books: 100% Student Success, 100% Job Success, and 100% Career Success, as well as a variety of interactive support materials in both print and electronic formats. Supplements for this series include a Portfolio Workbook that starts as a Learning Portfolio during the first section (100% Student Success), is expanded to a Professional Portfolio to assist in the job search (100% Job Success). Finally, the Portfolio Workbook can be used as a launching point for an ongoing Professional Portfolio (100% Career Success) that can be continuously revised as readers enter into and continue in their careers. All materials are developed to work seamlessly as an extended learning tool or can be used in part to support more short-term learning objectives. Content applies to developing general professional traits or can be applied to specific fields. The program is built on the premise that development of learning skills and professional skills takes time and feedback beyond one or two college courses. It is a complete program that will take readers through their education into their successful, professional lives.

About the Author, Amy Solomon

Amy Solomon is a Product Manager, Quantum Integrations and Program Evaluator for the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education; Denver Technical College, Denver, CO.

Lori Tyler is a Product Manager, Quantum Integrations and a text reviewer for multiple publishers

Terry Taylor, Ph.D., is employed by Quantum Integrations in Denver, CO.

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