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Book cover of 1,003 Great Things to Smile About

1,003 Great Things to Smile About

by Lisa Birnbach, Patricia Marx, Ann Hodgman

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN: 9780740741647

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Synopsis of 1,003 Great Things to Smile About

Love is not the only thing that blossoms with a smile. Your entire life can be transformed by the simple act of turning up the corners of your mouth. And psychologists have proven that you benefit by smiling-even when you're convinced you have nothing to smile about!Now the power of the smile gets a boost from three grinning fools: Lisa Birnbach, Ann Hodgman, and Patty Marx, the threesome who thought up the deceptively simple yet highly effective 1,003 Great Things to Smile About. This latest volume in the 1,003 Great Things humor series takes the effort out of smiling by providing just the thoughts needed to produce that all-enhancing smile.Consider the following examples:o Your son remembers your birthday . . . and doesn't reverse the charges!o Luggage-on-wheelso Your extra-large, threadbare sweatpantso Snow day!o Your sister will do Thanksgiving this year.o Spellchecko The way Play-doh smellso Sunless tanning creamsSmiles can indeed work magic, and these witty writers have concocted enough ideas to keep readers grinning day after day. This is the perfect make-somebody-feel-good book, a semiserious way to bring perspective to your own life and a great tool to help readers smile more at themselves and those around them. A book that offers a warm perspective on feeling right with the world . . . now that's something to smile about!

About the Author, Lisa Birnbach

Lisa Birnbach is a television commentator and the author of the wildly successful Official Preppy Handbook and Lisa Birnbach's College Books. She is a Parade magazine contributing editor and the mother of (at least) three children. Ann Hodgman has written three cookbooks, most recently One Bite Won't Kill You. She also has written more than å40 children's books, and her essays have appeared in Best American Essays and Best Foodwriting. Patricia Marx, a television screenwriter for shows such as Saturday Night Live, is the author of How to Regain Your Virginity and Meet My Staff.

Patricia Marx is a former writer for Saturday Night Live whose work has appeared in The New Yorker, Time magazine, and The New York Times, among other publications. The eirst woman elected to the Harvard Lampoon, she is the author of humor books (such as How to Regain Your Virginity and You Can Never Go Wrong by Lying) and children's books (such as Now Everybody Really Hates Me and Meet My Staƒƒ). She lives in New York City and can take a baked potato out of the oven with her bare hand.

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