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Book cover of 36 Immortal Women Poets

36 Immortal Women Poets

by Andrew J. Pekarik, Chobunsai Eishi

Publisher: Braziller, George Inc.
Pages: 192
ISBN: 9780807612569

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Library Journal

Pekarik presents us with a delight for the eye as well as for the literary mind. This poetry album presents the works of The Thirty-Six Immortal Women Poets, a group that flourished in imperial Japan in the ninth through the 13th centuries. Intended as a kind of advertisement for this school of calligraphy, the book is an insightful introduction into women's views of much of Japan's ancient classical literature and court life. The poetry and knowledgeable commentary is fleshed out with extensive ukiyoe illustrations of the writers (and the calligraphy), thereby providing the reader with a wealth of material for study and reflection. Recommended for collections emphasizing the fine arts, Japanese studies, and women's history. Experienced calligraphers will also enjoy this work.-- Mike Heines, USAF Rome Laboratory Technical Lib., N.Y.

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