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Book cover of 7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence

7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence

by Patrick E. Merlevede, Rudy Vandamme (With), Denis C. Bridoux

Publisher: Crown House Publishing
Pages: 416
ISBN: 9781899836505

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Overview of 7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence

7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence reveals the structuring beneath Emotional Intelligence (EI), utilising its unique framework to combine EI and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) - the study of excellence that examines how behaviour is neurologically formulated. 7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence confidently integrates the insights of EI and NLP to promote a greater understanding of how emotions work - and how they can be worked upon.This book is driven by one important message, ‘Don’t just think about it, do it!’ A model-based guide packed with powerful NLP exercises and self-assessment techniques, it allows you to generate your own tricks, and to partake in an intensive EQ excellence course that utilises the self-programming practices of NLP. A thoroughly structured, functionally formatted guide to improving your EQ, 7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence serves as a textbook of EI theory, a manual of NLP techniques, and a workbook that systematically leads you through the process of dynamic EQ improvement. It answers the essential EI questions:
  • what do my emotions mean?
  • how do I manage my emotions?
  • how can I deal with conflicts in an emotionally intelligent way?
  • what motivates people and how can I take that into account?
  • how can I handle situations in the best possible way?
  • how do I get what I want?

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