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Book cover of A Density of Souls

A Density of Souls

by Christopher Rice

Publisher: Miramax Books
ISBN: 9780786886463

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Synopsis of A Density of Souls

A stunning debut novel that reveals the darker side of coming-of-age in modern-day America

A Density Of Souls is the story of four high school friends in present-day New Orleans who are torn apart by envy, passion, and a secret murder. Meredith, Brandon, Greg, and Stephen quickly discover the fragile boundaries between friendship and betrayal as they enter high school and form new allegiances. Brandon and Greg gain popularity as football jocks and Meredith joins the bulimic in-crowd, while Stephen is treated as an outcast and is the target of homophobia. Then two violent deaths disrupt the core of what they once shared.

Five years later the friends are drawn back together and what was held to be a tragic accident is discovered to be murder. Other secrets begin to unravel and the casual cruelties of high school develop into acts of violence that threaten an entire city.

(August 27, 2000) - Rocky Mountain News imaginative gothic tale...

About the Author, Christopher Rice

Christopher Rice is the author of the New York Times bestsellers A Density of Souls and The Snow Garden. The son of author Anne Rice and the late poet Stan Rice, he lives in Los Angeles.

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