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Book cover of A Dictionary of Dance

A Dictionary of Dance

by Liz Murphy

Publisher: Chronicle Books Llc
ISBN: 9781593546137

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Synopsis of A Dictionary of Dance

Dance is not just an art, it's a whole different language! In A Dictionary of Dance, readers will learn about arabesques, break dancing, choreographers, and the zones of the body everything that comes together to make a dance, whether it's ballet or the polka. Liz Murphy's dynamic and expressive artwork is sure to inspire readers of all ages to get up and dance!

Children's Literature

The graceful sway of a hula dancers' hips, the energy of a breakdancer spinning on the floor, and the charm of a traditional folk dance are all captured in this alphabet romp through the world of dance. From A for Arabesque to Z for Zones of the body, Murphy translates the language of dance into pictures and words that children can easily understand. Each letter introduces an aspect of dance—whether a type of dance, a particular dance position, or a dance term—and is illustrated with lovable, cheerful characters. Children will naturally want to mimic the body movements they see on the page, making this read an excellent way to incorporate both the ABCs and gross motor movement in the preschool classroom. In addition, Murphy's combination of pencil, watercolor, and collage are a visual treat and can be a study for older elementary students in how to portray the movement and energy of the human body into a two-dimensional form. Reviewer: Leah Hanson

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