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Book cover of A Drinking Life: A Memoir

A Drinking Life: A Memoir

by Pete Hamill

Publisher: Hachette Book Group
ISBN: 9780316341080

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Synopsis of A Drinking Life: A Memoir

A journalist and author of Loving Women recreates the hard-drinking Brooklyn-Irish lifestyle that informed every aspect of his childhood and early career and that eventually destroyed his marriage.

Vincent Patrick

Pete Hamill's 30 years of writing come to fruition in "A Drinking Life." It is constructed seamlessly, with the pacing and eye for telling detail learned as a novelist and the hard, spare prose of a fine journalist. -- New York Times

About the Author, Pete Hamill

From his days as a crack reporter (who incredibly rose to the editor-in-chief post of both rival dailies The New York Post and The New York Daily News) to his novels like the sweeping Manhattan epic Forever, Pete Hamill keeps his typing fingers on the pulse of the city he calls home.

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