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Book cover of A Guide to Planning for Community Character

A Guide to Planning for Community Character

by Lane H. Kendig

Publisher: Island Press
ISBN: 9781597266970

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Synopsis of A Guide to Planning for Community Character

This follow-up volume A Guide to Planning for Community Character addresses actual designs in the three general classes of communities set forth in Kendig's framework-urban, sub-urban, and rural. The practical approaches of this volume are intended to allow designers to succeed in designing communities "with the character that citizens actually want."  Kendig also provides a guide for incorporating community character into the comprehensive plan for a community. In addition, this book shows how to use community character in planning and zoning as a way of making communities more sustainable. All examples in the volume are designed to meet real-world challenges. They show how to design a community so that the desired character is actually achieved in the built result. The book also provides useful tools for analyzing or measuring relevant design features.

About the Author, Lane H. Kendig

Lane Kendig ran The Kendig Keast Collaborative, a planning consulting firm with offices in Houston, Chicago, and Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, for 26 years. He has been writing about the relationship between community design and regulatory tools for more than twenty years. His best known book is Performance Zoning (1980, Planners Press). In 2004 he published Too Big, Boring, or Ugly: Planning and Design Tools to Combat Monotony, the Too-big House (Planners Press). His first volume on community character, Community Character, was published in 2010 by Island Press.

Reviews of A Guide to Planning for Community Character

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