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Book cover of A Popular Dictionary of Hinduism

A Popular Dictionary of Hinduism

by Karel Werner

Publisher: Taylor & Francis, Inc.
ISBN: 9780700710492

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Synopsis of A Popular Dictionary of Hinduism

This dictionary is a glossary of terms and a reference work whose entries cover the whole complex phenomenon of Hinduism. It is intended for readers who are interested in Indian religious thought and practices, including yoga; for students of religions, social workers, and administrators who come into contact with Hindu immigrant communities; and for Hindus themselves, particularly those who have been born and educated in the West or received a Western-type education in India. It also will provide useful overall orientation for the still-growing number of followers of Hindu teachings and movements in Western countries. The dictionary contains explanations of Sanskrit and vernacular terms used in Hindu literature and works on Hinduism, and of English terms and concepts important for the understanding of Hindu rituals and spiritual practices as well as religious and philosophical teachings. The Introduction offers a comprehensive survey of the stages in the historical development of Hinduism. Those who read in full the entries under a number of English terms included in the dictionary, such as "Absolute," "Cosmogony," "Caste," "Liberation," "Marriage," "Purification," and "Transmigration," will gain a broad understanding of the basic tenets of Hinduism. Short biographical sketches of important personalities are also included.

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