Book cover of A Remarkable Mother

A Remarkable Mother

by Jimmy Carter

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Compact Disc
ISBN: 9780743571043

Synopsis of A Remarkable Mother

A Remarkable Mother is President Carter’s loving, admiring, wry homage to Miss Lillian Carter.

The Washington Post - Carolyn See

…although this little book may have been timed for Mother's Day, it's far from the sentimental tribute one might expect…In her personal journey from farm wife to public figure, Lillian Carter (who died in 1983) was part of a larger sea change in American life: from a mostly rural society to an expansive, prosperous, confident player on the world stage. This is an unexpectedly engrossing family chronicle.

About the Author, Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter was born in Plains, Georgia, and served as thirty-ninth President of the United States. He and his wife, Rosalynn, founded The Carter Center, a nonprofit organization that prevents and resolves conflicts, enhances freedom and democracy, and improves health around the world. He is the author of numerous books, including Palestine Peace Not Apartheid, An Hour Before Daylight and Our Endangered Values. He received a "Best Spoken Word" Grammy Award for his recording of Our Endangered Values.

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