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Book cover of Acing the Network+ Certification Exam

Acing the Network+ Certification Exam

by Patrick Regan

Publisher: New Riders
Other Format
ISBN: 9780131121683

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Synopsis of Acing the Network+ Certification Exam

This easy-to-understand book provides readers with the complete knowledge to easily pass the CompTIA Network+ certification exam. It discusses the fundamental concepts of networking, starting with building a simple LAN by connecting the PCs with wiring and topology; the OSI model and WAN technology; and network security and disaster prevention and recovery.

Major topics include:

  • Loading and running the various network operations systems-Windows, Linux, and Novell NetWare
  • Configuring the appropriate protocols—TCP/IP, IPX/SPX. NetBIEU/NETBIOS, and AppleTalk
  • Enabling common network services—DNS, WINS, DHCP, Web server, FTP services, file sharing, print sharing, email, remote access, and directory services
Key Features:
  • Real-world examples motivate interest.
  • Built-in, hands-on exercises provide accessible, easy-to-grasp presentation.
  • End-of-section questions and interactive practice exams prepare users to take the Network+ certification exam.
  • The ReviewMaster Tutorial CD provides practice test questions that simulate the actual certification test.

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