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Book cover of Applesauce


by Gretchen Will Mayo

Publisher: Gareth Stevens Publishing
Library Binding
ISBN: 9780836840643

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Synopsis of Applesauce

Describes how apples are grown and made into the popular food, applesauce.

Meredith Kiger, Ph.D. - Children's Literature

One in the "Where Does Our Food Come From?" series of six, this book explores the nutrition and production of applesauce, a favorite of children everywhere. Using color photos and brief text, the book begins by discussing the taste and nutrition of applesauce. Additional "chapters" explore the growing and harvesting of apples, applesauce production in a factory and the making of applesauce at home. Some of the photos seem overly staged and the one depicting apple blossoms uses artificial flowers, not apple blossoms. The section on making applesauce at home should have step-by-step instructions for first time cooks. Youngsters can easily learn to read a recipe written in simple terms. An index, glossary and sources for additional information are included. 2004, Weekly Reader Early Learning Library, Ages 5 to 7.

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