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Book cover of Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs

by Elaine Stavert

Publisher: Guild of Master Craftsman Publications, Limited
Pages: 156
ISBN: 9781861086150

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Overview of Bath Bombs

Pamper and de-stress yourself by popping a glorious fizzing bath essence into a warm, relaxing bath and let all the strains and stresses of the day just melt, or rather fizz, away. Either as treats for yourself or gifts for loved ones, here are 30 sensuous delights to make, using sophisticated scents and aromatic herbs to suit your mood or even help with ailments. Using natural products and easy-to-follow instructions you’ll have fun making them and that will make the fizz all the more special when you slip into a bath for a long soak at the end of a busy day. Everyone will be able to find the perfect recipe for them whether it is ‘Milky Whey’, a creamy mix of goat’s milk and whey powder in star or moon shapes, ‘Snowtime’, pine oil fragranced pine tree and star shapes or ‘Game, Set & Match’, a comfrey or wheatgrass powder concoction moulded from a tennis ball! 30 specially created fizzing bath bomb recipes have been conjured up by the author, Elaine Stavert, who runs The Littlecote Soap Co. in Buckinghamshire, England. Gathering all her expertise from making handmade soaps and ‘Bath Fizz’ bath bombs for her successful company, she presents the techniques for making the basic recipe and using additional ingredients and pigments with clear easy-to-follow, step-by-step photographs.

Synopsis of Bath Bombs

From Mango Grove to Atlantic Spa, here are 30 sensuous bath-time treats to turn your soak into a luxurious indulgence. They’re easy and fun to create, and every one uses all-natural sophisticated scents and aromatic herbs that will enhance your mood and pamper your body. Learn to blend essences and fragrances, work with molds, and make the most of such healthful, beneficial ingredients as salts, minerals, moisturizing oils, and shea butter. There’s a recipe to suit everyone!

About the Author, Elaine Stavert

Elaine Stavert formed The Littlecote Soap Co after a life-changing move from her television career in London to a farm in the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside, in England. With a keen interest in herbalism and aromatherapy, Elaine was soon developing a range of natural toiletries and bath products that were both kind to the skin and quintessentially English. Elaine’s passion for her products is evident in the pure and natural ingredients that are used in imaginative ways to produce traditional recipes with contemporary twists.

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