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Book cover of Bein' with You This Way

Bein' with You This Way

by W. Nikola-Lisa, Shayla Narvaez (Performed by), Ivy Rose Cardillo (Performed by), Jake Cardillo (Performed by), Trevor Eaton

Publisher: Live Oak Media (NY)
Compact Disc
ISBN: 9781591124009

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Synopsis of Bein' with You This Way

An African American girl visits the park and rounds up a group of her friends for an afternoon of fun and playground games. The children discover that despite their physical differences, they are all really the same.

Publishers Weekly

Individual differences are celebrated with a lilting, repetitive verse. PW said, ``Bryant's full-page, ginger-toned watercolor and colored-pencil illustrations give the book its buoyancy and warmth.'' Ages 2-8. (Sept.)

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