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Book cover of Bobbi Brown Living Beauty

Bobbi Brown Living Beauty

by Bobbi Brown, Marie Clare Katigbak-sillick, Marie Clare Katigbak-Sillick, Henry Leutwyler (Photographer)

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
ISBN: 9781615523092

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Synopsis of Bobbi Brown Living Beauty

Bobbi Brown began the trend toward natural-looking cosmetics with a simple philosophy: Women want to look and feel like themselves, only prettier and more confident. Today, top editors at elite fashion magazines—including In Style, Vogue, Allure, and Harpers Bazaar—revere her, and celebrities and millions of regular women throughout the world swear by her beauty advice. Now Bobbi Brown has written THE book redefining beauty for women over 40, BOBBI BROWN LIVING BEAUTY. In this refreshing look at beauty and aging, Bobbi offers specific makeup tricks for a stunning face—showing how makeup can solve most of the flaws that many women go under the knife to fix. In fact, the right makeup can create an even skin tone, lift the cheeks, plump a smile...even take years off any woman's face. The key is to use makeup to enhance each woman's best features and showcase her natural beauty. With step-by-step makeup instructions and quotes from beautiful women like Marcia Gay Harden, Vera Wang, Susan Sarandon, and Lorraine Bracco, Bobbi Browns natural, celebratory approach to aging will enlighten and inspire women everywhere.

Publishers Weekly

This artful, well-meaning book on beauty tips for women of "a certain age" might make a nice gift, but has little more depth than a glossy magazine. Now in her 50s, international makeup artist and beauty writer Brown celebrates female faces that have laugh lines. She encourages women to "age gracefully" without unnecessary plastic surgery by living healthy, taking care of their skin and utilizing a few tricks with makeup, hair and clothing. The first section features "Words of Wisdom" from older celebrities, such as Susan Sarandon, Vera Wang and Lorraine Bracco most of which prove to be pretty thin. But it's Bobbi's suggestions on how to minimize problems particular to older women, (such as sunspots, baggy eyes and dull skin) that give the book an anchor. Subsequent chapters sensibly cover clothes and hair, then into menopause and hormone replacement therapy, plus diet and exercise. A final chapter celebrating "Women Who Get It" might have been fun, but the successful women profiled are not famous enough to merit much interest (e.g., the president of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, the vice chairman of Burberry and the CEO of Brooks Food Group). One of the most engaging aspects of the book are the photographs. Whether of beautifully aging faces, makeup that looks good enough to eat or healthy food that looks good enough to eat, the photos make the book coffee-table worthy. (Apr.)

About the Author, Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown is an internationally renowned makeup artist and CEO of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Her products are sold in more than 400 stores and 20 countries worldwide. Bobbi is also the exclusive beauty editor of NBC's TODAY show and a frequent guest on E! and the Style channels.

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