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Book cover of Cicero and the Roman Republic

Cicero and the Roman Republic

by John Murrell

Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Pages: 190
ISBN: 9780521691161

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Overview of Cicero and the Roman Republic

An exciting series that provides students with direct access to the ancient world by offering new translations of extracts from its key texts. Cicero was one of the greatest and most human men of antiquity. He was on the closest terms with political giants such as Pompeius and Caesar and far surpassed them in oratorical and legal skills. Since so much of his work survives, he stands as a prism through which we can study the last years of the Roman Republic, above all its transition to the rule of one man. Through a selection from his writings, this book provides a chronological outline of his life and political career, tracing his many successes and ultimate failure.

Synopsis of Cicero and the Roman Republic

A series of texts in Classical Civilisation, encompassing literary, historical and philosophical subjects.

Reviews of Cicero and the Roman Republic

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