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Book cover of Clifford's Furry Friends

Clifford's Furry Friends

by Norman Bridwell

Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.
Pages: 14
Board Book
ISBN: 9780439241861

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Overview of Clifford's Furry Friends

Touch and Feel books enhance a toddlerÆs sensory world with textured materials. The materials are attached to durable pages, and the toddler is asked to feel the material or to look in the provided mirror.

Synopsis of Clifford's Furry Friends

Norman Bridwell's big, red dog has been a favorite among toddlers and preschoolers for years. Here toddlers are introduced to Clifford and then to his animal friends, each of whom children can pet and describe.

About the Author, Norman Bridwell

With the creation of Clifford, everyone's favorite oversized red dog, Norman Bridwell, a former commercial artist, established himself as one of the most popular American children's book authors. Forty years later, Clifford remains a perennial favorite among young readers.

Reviews of Clifford's Furry Friends

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