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Book cover of César Chávez

César Chávez

by Jonatha A. Brown

Publisher: Gareth Stevens Publishing
Library Binding
ISBN: 9780836850970

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Synopsis of César Chávez

These high-interest, low reading level biographies chronicle the lives of inspiring individuals and use a vivid, graphic-novel format that will capture the attention of reluctant readers. The dazzling, full-color illustrations and easy-to-read text bring each person's life and times to life.

Liz Rice - Children's Literature

This book is part of the series "Gente Que Hay Que Conocer." The photos and the text bring to life the struggles and the accomplishments of Cesar Chavez. The text is appropriate for third-through-fifth grade students. Because the book is organized into chapters and subchapters, students are able to use it for school reports. The sidebars, photos, and captions enhance the text and explain what was happening at that time. Chapter 1: "A Boy in the Fields," tells of Chavez's early childhood in Arizona and California. The reader discovers that Cesar Chavez grew up speaking Spanish and working in the fields with his family. They picked fruits and vegetables for the farmers. In Chapters 2 and 3: "Young Man," and "Union Organizer," we learn about the events and activities that shaped Cesar Chavez's activism and desire to create a labor union for farm workers. Chapter 4: "Great Leader," shows how Chavez led the National Farm Workers Association through a strike which resulted in better wages for the workers. At the end of the book the reader can look up the books and websites listed for more information about Cesar Chavez. A glossary is provided and words that appear in it are also printed in boldface type the first time they occur in the Spanish text. This book is part of the "People We Should Know" series. 2006, Weekly Reader Early Learning Library, Ages 8 to 10.

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