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Book cover of Ear Training: Two Note Volume One

Ear Training: Two Note Volume One

by Bruce Arnold

Publisher: Muse Eek Publishing Company
Other Format
ISBN: 9781890944315

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Synopsis of Ear Training: Two Note Volume One

Ear Training: Two Note Beginning Level Volume Six is the next level up from the "Ear Training: One Note" Series. It is recommended to master the Ear Training: One Note Series before attempting this book. This method for developing relative pitch ear training and key modulation recognition has been used with great success and through the series of books/CDs one can obtain outstanding pitch recognition abilities. There are three levels to the Two Note ear training method, Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced. It is recommended that all levels of the Two Note:Beginning Level are mastered before moving on to the Intermediate level. Muse-eek also features a FAQ section where students can direct questions that may arise as they work to the author, and which are generally answered within two days. This book is a required text at the New York University and Princeton University Music departments1. KEY NOTE RECOGNITION isbn 1890944303

This ear training book covers identifying single notes against a key center which prepares the student for the two note ear training method.


This book and CD present a method for developing good pitch recognition through sight singing.

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