Frugal Video Poker

by Jean Scott, Viktor Nacht

Published: September 2005
Publisher: Huntington Press
Pages: 314
ISBN: 9780929712437


Overview of Frugal Video Poker

Frugal Video Poker is the most comprehensive book ever written on practicing, playing, and winning at this popular casino game. Video poker is beatable when you know what pay schedules to look for and how to play when you find them. Whether you want to play for profit or merely make your money last longer in a casino, Frugal Video Poker will take you where you want to go.

Beginners are walked through the basics, first learning to distinguish between good and bad paytables, then playing the strategies that maximize the machine’s potential. Players who already have some experience will discover crucial bridge concepts that lead to improved results, plus special opportunities such as tournaments, promotions, progressives, and the cutting-edge new games.

About the Author, Jean Scott

At first glance, Jean Scott appears to be what she is--your average 60-something retired English teacher from the Midwest. In her secret life, though, she's the most successful casino low roller in the country. Dubbed the "Queen of Comps" by CBS' "48 Hours," by using slot clubs, taking advantage of promotions and contests, gambling with coupons, and exploiting everything in the casino world that's even remotely vulnerable, Scott has developed a technique for getting everything she wants from the casinos from Las Vegas to Atlantic City. She has been featured on "Dateline," "Hard Copy," "To Tell the Truth," numerous Travel and Discovery channel documentaries, and "48 Hours." She lives in Las Vegas with her husband. Viktor Nacht is an up-and-coming gambling authority and publisher whose wide range of expertise has generated an impressive variety of achievements. After spending 10 years in the Midwest as a professional blackjack player and freelance Webmaster for major publishing houses, including Playboy Enterprises, Viktor moved to Las Vegas to play blackjack and video poker, purchased RGE Publishing from the legendary Arnold Snyder, and established several advantage-play websites.

Viktor spends his free time scavenging for discarded TITO tickets at local gas stations and currently resides with his three cats in an underground bunker at an undisclosed Nevada location.

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