Book cover of I Like It When...

I Like It When...

by Mary Murphy

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Pages: 22
Board Book
ISBN: 9780152056490

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Overview of I Like It When...

The young penguin in this board book edition of Mary Murphy's perennial favorite likes holding hands, dancing, eating new things, reading, and having all sorts of fun with an affectionate and caring older penguin. Perfect for little ones—and for the ones they love!

Synopsis of I Like It When...

The cozy favorite, available again as a board book!

About the Author, Mary Murphy

Mary Murphy is the author and illustrator of a number of children’s books, including HOW KIND!. I KISSED THE BABY!, she says, "is about how excited everyone is to welcome a new baby into the community. It’s best read, like a nursery rhyme, by whomever is holding Baby at the time." She lives in Galway, Ireland.

Reviews of I Like It When...

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From the Publisher

[set star]"Any child with a loving, committed caregiver will recognize that person in these pages."—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

"A most reassuring toddler book, great for one-on-one sharing and story times . . . A winner."—School Library Journal

"The loving and playful relationship between this penguin parent and child makes for an exceptionally warm little book."—Publishers Weekly

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