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Book cover of Pots and Pans

Pots and Pans

by Patricia Hubbell, Diane de Groat (Illustrator), Diane Degroat

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
ISBN: 9780694010721

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Synopsis of Pots and Pans

For high-energy toddlers, here's a playful poem that celebrates the thrill of making noise.

Children's Literature

Grab those lids! Clang those pans! Hubbell has written a cacophonous symphony that will be familiar to the parents of any toddler. With the assistance of a kitten and a puppy, an inquisitive youngster cheerfully destroys an entire kitchen. Diane deGroat's watercolor illustrations are charming and vivid, adding further life to the story.

About the Author, Patricia Hubbell

Patricia Hubbell has been writing poetry since she was eleven years old. In 1998, her Wrapping Paper Romp was selected as a Parents Magazine Book of the Year. Patricia Hubbell lives with her husband, Harold Hornstein, in Easton, Connecticut, the small town where she was born. Remembering how much their children and grandchildren loved to bounce when they were very young prompted her to write Bouncing Time. "Bouncing is one of the joyous things little kids do," she says. "It reflects their constant enthusiasm."

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