Book cover of The Fruit of Stone

The Fruit of Stone

by Mark Spragg

Publisher: Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780307739384

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Synopsis of The Fruit of Stone

The Fruit of Stone is the story of the lifelong friendship of two men and their love for the woman who eludes them. Though Gretchen is married to his best friend, McEban has been in love with her since they were children growing up on adjacent ranches in Wyoming. When she leaves her husband for a new life, the two men follow her in an odyssey across the American West that forces truths and reveals the mystical, sometimes fatal bonds of love and loyalty. Muscular, vivid, wise and painful, funny, and true; Mark Spragg's novel is entirely unforgettable.

Rocky Mountain News

Both the emotional depth and the linguistic play of Spragg's novel are surprisingly fresh and satisfying.

About the Author, Mark Spragg

"Before I was able to support myself through my writing I taught high school, built fences, wrangled horses, guided in the Rocky Mountains, worked on oil rigs, and shod horses to make a living," Mark Spragg revealed to us in our exclusive interview. "I found that while I prefer writing, I see all work as pretty much the same, and approach it with the same ethic: come early, stay late, and focus on the details."

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