Theoretical Computer Science

by Juraj Hromkovic

Published: November 2007
Publisher: Springer-Verlag New York, LLC
ISBN: 9783540140153

Synopsis of Theoretical Computer Science

This textbook not only provides an elegant route through the theoretical fundamentals of computer science, it also shows that theoretical computer science is a fascinating discipline, full of spectacular contributions and miracles, depth of research, and yet directly applicable. It presents the development of the computer scientist's way of thinking: detailing such classic areas as computability and automata theory as well as such fundamental concepts as approximation and randomization in algorithmics. Coverage also explains the basic ideas of cryptography and interconnection network design.

About the Author, Juraj Hromkovic

Also Author of our books "Communication Complexity and Parallel Computing", 57459-X and "Algorithmics for Hard Problems" 2nd ed., 44134-4; Advisory Board member of the EATCS series.

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