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Book cover of Yellow Moon, Apple Moon

Yellow Moon, Apple Moon

by Pamela Porter, Matt James

Publisher: Groundwood Books
ISBN: 9780888998095

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Synopsis of Yellow Moon, Apple Moon

In this delightful bedtime rhyme a young child bids good night to the moon, recalling all the familiar things surrounding her, from her pillow, her book, and her kitten to the swing outside, the robins in the trees, and the starry night. Written by award-winning novelist and poet Pamela Porter, the book is complemented by the swirling, joyful, and whimsical illustrations of Matt James. The words and music for “At the Gate of Heaven” (“A la puerta del cielo”), a New Mexican lullaby, are included.

Children's Literature

AGERANGE: Ages 6 mo. to 3.

This bedtime rhyme for young children has an interesting structure. Most of the book is a poem in which a young child says good night to the moon as she identifies the familiar items inside and outside her room: "Here's my pillow, Here's my head./ Here's the book my daddy read." Then, as the child mentions her mother saying good night, the mother breaks into a few lines from a traditional lullaby: "At the Gate of heaven." The last few pages repeat the poem's opening lines and show the child falling asleep under a very golden delicious apple full moon. At the end of the book, both the English and Spanish versions of the song are given. The cozy feel of the book is enhanced by the illustrations. Matt James' whimsical style is a bit reminiscent of Matisse and so are his color tones of chartreuse and reds. It is easy to imagine a child deciding this book and the full lullaby are a perfect ritual to go to bed with. Reviewer: Mary Hynes-Berry

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