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Book cover of You Can Count in the Jungle

You Can Count in the Jungle

by David Brooks

Publisher: Northword Press
Board Book
ISBN: 9781559719315

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Synopsis of You Can Count in the Jungle

This chunky board book series features bold, blackline illustrations of all the creatures and plants you can count at the lake, desert, jungle and ocean! The books count up to 10, and each page shows the numeral as well as the number spelled out. The simple rhyming text encourages children to join in. These books are a great first introduction to numbers as well as to the many plants and animals found in these habitats.

Marilyn Courtot - Children's Literature

Counting books are plentiful, so there needs to be something to make one stand out from the others. In this case, the author has chosen a jungle setting and uses the animals that live there as part of the counting lesson. When one thinks of the jungle, a rich tangle of plants and lots of animals come to mind. Kids will count to ten and along the way meet a lizard, parrots, crocodiles, jaguars, bats, and more. The jungle is a colorful place and, while hot, it can also be quite damp. In the final spread it is raining and kids are asked to count the raindrops (there are forty). The animals have more of a cartoon look than realistic depictions. There is nothing outstanding about this counting book, but it is adequate. 2005, Northword, Ages 2 to 5.

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