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Book cover of American Regional Cooking Library: Mid-Atlantic Cooking

American Regional Cooking Library: Mid-Atlantic Cooking

by Joyce Libal, Culinary Institute of America

Publisher: Mason Crest Publishers
Pages: 72
Library Binding
ISBN: 9781590846186

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Reviews of American Regional Cooking Library: Mid-Atlantic Cooking

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Children's Literature

If you want some Mid-Atlantic States cookery—this book is for you. This region encompasses New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia. The Spanish and American Indians had a great influence here as well as immigrants from Germany, England, Wales and Ireland. Bleenies and other type pancakes appeared from the different country versions, German Potato Salad, Chesapeake Bay Clam Chowder, Maryland Crab Cakes, Sweet Pennsylvania Pretzels, Hush Puppies, Virginia Ham, Philly Cheese-Steak Sandwich, Delaware's Cream Cheese and Pineapple Pie represent some of the best-known dishes. Each recipe is laid out in a simple but attractive format on the page under "Ingredients and Directions." In a small insert, the "Cooking Utensils You'll Need" are listed and on the opposite page is a beautiful picture of the finished product. The size of the book is nice for laying on a counter or for propping up. The color and design of the whole book is magnificent. The front of the book contains an "Introduction"; "Mid-Atlantic Culture, History, and Traditions"; "Before You Cook" with safety tips; a "Metric Conversion Table"; "Pan Sizes"; "Useful Tools, Utensils"; a "Cooking Glossary" and "Special Flavors." At the back are further reading and information sources, an index, and credits for the author, recipe tester/food preparer, consultant, and recipe contributor and picture credits. This book is part of the "American Regional Cooking Library: Culture, Tradition, and History" series. The series' consultant is The Culinary Institute of America. Further Reading, For More Information, Index, credit to the Author, Recipe Tester/Food Preparer, Consultant, and Recipe Contributor. PictureCredits are included. 2005, Mason Crest Publishers, Ages 12 to 18.
—Naomi Butler

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