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Book cover of Down in the Jungle

Down in the Jungle

by Elise Squillace

Publisher: Child's Play-International
Board Book
ISBN: 9781904550617

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Synopsis of Down in the Jungle

Animals get ready for a big dance in the jungle. Features die-cut pages.

Children's Literature

Many animals in the jungle are getting ready for a mysterious event. Die-cut holes on each page allow the reader to peek at various animals, such as a lion and a crocodile, as they prepare for an upcoming festivity. This book is fun because children can read or sing the text because the words are set to a popular song. The musical score is on the back cover. The illustrations are colorful and a cute new creature is revealed with every turn of the page. By the end there is an entire menagerie and the reader finally learns what all those animals were so excited about. Children can mimic the actions of all the animals and sing as they learn. There are a lot of activities packed into this tiny book. This may be a good way to teach children to associate playtime with reading time. This book is part of the "Classic Books with Holes" series.

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