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Book cover of Fireflies


by Cari Meister

Publisher: ABDO Publishing
Pages: 24
Library Binding
ISBN: 9781577654629

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Children's Literature

About one million insects have been identified and named, which makes them the most populous animal on earth. Cari Meister has written a series of books about insects that are part of the "Checkerboard Science and Nature Library." She has focused on the more common insects, and her selection and titles in the series include Butterflies, Crickets, Dragonflies, Fireflies, Ladybugs and Mosquitoes. Each book has a table of contents followed by a description of the insect and interesting facts—the firefly is Pennsylvania's state insect. Body parts are clearly described and identified with full color pictures and drawings. The text describes what fireflies eat, where they live, their enemies and how they relate to humans. In Japan and in South America fireflies are used in lanterns to help light the way for people. Each book contains a fun facts section, a glossary, a list of web sites and an index. Targeted for grade three, this book will be of interest to readers in grades K-5. 2001, ABDO, $18.60. Ages 7 to 8. Reviewer: Marilyn Courtot

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