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Book cover of Flower to Honey

Flower to Honey

by Julie Murray

Publisher: ABDO Publishing Company
Pages: 24
ISBN: 9781596798366

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Children's Literature - Leah Hanson

Did you know that most Americans eat one pound of honey each year? Do you know where that honey comes from? As part of the "Beginning to End" series, Flower to Honey brings together bees, flowers, and nectar to explore the process of making honey. Beginning with an explanation of how and why bees collect nectar, the text follows bees from flower to hive, explaining the differences between worker bees, drones, and the queen bee. The human aspect of the honey-making process is included with a description of a beekeeper's job, followed by the bottling process in factories. From bee anatomy to beehives, this book clearly and concisely explains for young readers how humans and honeybees are intimately connected by honey. Labeled diagrams, photographs, and fun facts add visual interest to the text. Whether in the science classroom or as part of a unit on food production, this book is an excellent source for budding scientists.

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