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Book cover of Ten Tiny Babies

Ten Tiny Babies

by Karen Katz

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing
ISBN: 9781616843922

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Synopsis of Ten Tiny Babies

1 tiny baby starts to run.

Along comes another... have some fun!

2 silly babies spin around.

Along comes another...

...and she falls down.

The fun continues until ten tiny babies are exhausted from the day, fast asleep in their beds! Karen Katz's bright colors and irresistably adorable babies are sure to be a hit among the learning-to-count crowd. This board book is perfect for even the youngest of readers.

Publishers Weekly

Kicking off with "1 tiny baby starts to run" and ending with 10 sleeping babies tucked into their cribs, Katz (Princess Baby) once again puts her kewpie doll crew through their paces, this time enumerating all the fun things that babies do, from toe wriggling and noisemaking to eating with abandon. Giggles, smiles (both angelic and ever-so-slightly mischievous) and wide-eyed wonder abound as the babies frolic and accumulate additional compadres in nursery-hued settings. "4 noisy babies bang and shout!/ Along comes another... to sing right out!" The second half of every couplet is split by a page turn, providing a gentle tease that encourages readers to flip the page and complete the rhyme. Ideally suited for read-aloud in both cadence and content, the book is a solid addition to Katz's extensive oeuvre of adorableness. Ages 1-5. (Sept.)

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About the Author, Karen Katz

A favorite with parents and a hit with littlest "readers," award-winning illustrator Karen Katz has created several bestselling books for babies and toddlers.

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