Our Comprehensive Guide to Chanel Cleeton Books in Order

Published: 24 August 2023
Written by Penny Somerset

When it comes to swoon-worthy tales, none do it quite like Chanel Cleeton, the USA Today bestselling author that has captured the hearts of readers globally. If her Cuba saga books have ever had you dancing through the streets of Havana in your imagination or the International School series transported you into a whirlwind of overseas romance, then this post will be your compass. As you may have guessed, I'll be guiding you through Chanel Cleeton books in order, ensuring every heartbeat, every whisper, and every twist is savored just as intended. Trust me, this literary journey is one you won't want to miss. Ready to dive in?

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Table of Contents

• International School Books Series
• Capital Confessions
• Wild Aces Books
• Assassins
• Cuba Saga Series
• Coming Soon - Pre-order
• Novellas
• Chanel-ing Our Final Thoughts

Frequently Asked Questions
• Who is Chanel Cleeton? Her Biography.

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International School Books Series

I See London (2014)

Book cover of I See London
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Leaving her South Carolina hometown behind, Maggie heads to a prestigious London university, diving into a world of privilege. Her life transforms when she befriends Hugh, a British fellow, and soon she's navigating high-end London in style. But it's the intriguing and wealthy Samir, of French-Lebanese descent, who truly captivates her. Even though he's clear about avoiding commitments, she's irresistibly drawn to him. Now, caught between her ideal man and the unexpected pull towards Samir, Maggie is determined to carve out her own happiness. But in a dynamic city like London, predictability is a luxury, and surprises lurk around every corner.

London Falling (2014)

Book cover of London Falling
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After a steamy encounter in England, Maggie returns to her South Carolina roots for a summer break, attempting to distance herself from the memories and from Samir, a privileged student at the International School in London. Yet, coming back to London and being near the irresistible Samir reignites those intense feelings. For Samir, a relationship with Maggie is risky as his final year in London looms and a predetermined life in Lebanon awaits, where he's expected to follow family traditions over his own desires. Their undeniable connection leads to a passionate rendezvous, challenging them both to confront the repercussions and dare to envision a shared future.

French Kissed (2014)

Book cover of French Kissed
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At the esteemed International School in London, Fleur Marceaux seems to have everything in hand, but appearances deceive. As she battles academic challenges and emotional turmoil, a sinister blackmailer lurks in the shadows. Meanwhile, Max Tucker, once just an onlooker from the outskirts of the school's elite, finds himself irresistibly drawn to Fleur, despite the heartbreak she once caused his friend. Paired for a project, their chemistry is undeniable, leading to a passionate discovery neither expected. Yet, with Fleur's secrets threatening to surface, the real question becomes whether Max will remain by her side.

Capital Confessions

Flirting with Scandal (2015)

Book cover of Flirting with Scandal
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Growing up as the unrecognized daughter of a prominent senator, Jackie Gardner is no stranger to political scandals and secrets. Now, as an intern at a leading political consultancy, she's keen to make her mark in Washington. On the flip side, William Andrew Clayton, a budding politician with sights on the Virginia State Senate, is all about maintaining a pristine image and avoiding any whiff of scandal. When a chance encounter at a hotel bar ignites undeniable chemistry between them, both face a dilemma: succumb to their burgeoning feelings or prioritize their careers. As their attraction deepens, they grapple with the decision of whether their connection is genuine love or just another clandestine affair in the world of politics.

Playing With Trouble (2015)

Book cover of Playing With Trouble
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Blair Reynolds, poised to embrace the role of a political spouse, finds her world shattered when her fiancé betrays her right before their wedding. She views law school as a chance to rebuild and move forward, but her Torts professor, Graydon Canter, throws a wrench in her plans. Once a young and thriving professional, Gray's past mistakes brought him to the brink of professional ruin, making his teaching stint in D.C. a much-needed respite. When circumstances force Blair and Gray together, the tension between them is palpable, and resisting their mutual attraction seems impossible. As Gray battles his inner demons, Blair, ever the rule-follower, confronts a dilemma: dare she defy convention for a chance at love?

Falling for Danger (2015)

Book cover of Falling for Danger
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Fresh out of college, Kate Reynolds lands her dream role as a junior political analyst at the CIA, not just for the job but for a personal mission: to unravel the mystery surrounding the night she lost her fiancé, Matt, in Afghanistan. As she inches closer to the truth, danger shadows her every step. Unexpectedly, a figure from her past emerges, offering protection and partnership in her quest. As they navigate a maze of secrets and deception, Kate faces a heart-wrenching decision: pursue the revenge she's yearned for or embrace the rekindled passion that promises a new beginning.

Wild Aces Books

Fly With Me (2016)

Book cover of Fly With Me
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While living life in the fast lane as a U.S. Air Force pilot, Noah, known by his call sign Burn, finds his world spinning in a new direction when he encounters Jordan, a gorgeous and sassy woman, and successful boutique owner, during a Las Vegas soirée. Their fiery weekend getaway doesn't remain a mere memory, as the sparks between them refuse to be contained by city limits. As they try navigating the turbulence of a long-distance relationship and the differences in their lives, Jordan quickly realizes that loving someone who dances with danger daily means embracing risks for the promise of love.

Into the Blue (2016)

Book cover of Into the Blue
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After a profound loss, Eric, known as Thor in his high-flying F-16 world, returns to South Carolina to mend past mistakes, particularly letting his love for the Air Force come before his fiancée, Becca. While Becca is initially reluctant to reopen old wounds, Thor's matured determination to win her back starts to break down her defenses. As they find themselves once more caught in a whirlwind of attraction, a lingering question remains: Is Thor's love for the skies more profound than his feelings for Becca, or can he anchor his heart on the ground with her?

On Broken Wings (2017)

Book cover of On Broken Wings
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A year after the heart-wrenching loss of her husband, Joker, a renowned squadron commander, Dani finds herself drawing closer to his best friend, Alex, known as "Easy." As they bond over home renovations, a growing, undeniable spark ignites between them. Easy is tormented by the guilt of his burgeoning feelings for Dani, struggling to balance desire with loyalty to his late friend. However, a passionate night alters their relationship, only to be challenged again when Easy is deployed. Just when they attempt to find their footing amidst the turmoil, a startling discovery upends their world, forcing them to confront the past and uncertainly chart a shared future.


Between Shadows (2016)

Book cover of Between Shadows
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In the covert corners of London, the Academy stands, molding the finest spies, tech geniuses, and assassins, with a mission they believe influences global politics. X, a product of this enigmatic institution, abides by three cardinal rules to survive: never reveal vulnerability, trust no soul, and evade capture. But as she navigates a world where secrets are lethal and memories of certain kills linger, X finds the foundation of her reality shaking. With her learned skills of combat, evasive shadow play, and swift identity changes, she must fend for her life against unseen dangers.

Cuba Saga Series

A romantic couple on a balcony in Havana

Next Year in Havana (2018)

Book cover of Next Year in Havana
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In 1958 Havana, Elisa Perez, a young Cuban exile and sugar baron's daughter, is cocooned in the luxuries of high society, blissfully ignorant of the brewing political tensions, until she finds herself entangled in a secret romance with a fervent revolutionary. Fast forward to Miami, 2017, Marisol Ferrera, a freelance writer, has grown up on Elisa's enchanting tales of Cuba. Fulfilling her late grandmother's wish to have her ashes scattered in her homeland, Marisol lands in Havana. There, she's captivated by its timeless charm yet alarmed by its precarious politics. As she unravels more of her family's mysteries and gets drawn to a man harboring his own secrets, she taps into her grandmother's legacy to grasp the essence of bravery.

When We Left Cuba (2019)

Book cover of When We Left Cuba
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Thrust into a whirlwind by the Cuban Revolution, Beatriz Perez, a former sugar heiress, finds her life upended. The CIA sees her loss as an opportunity, luring her into the treacherous world of espionage to get closer to Fidel Castro. Her yearning for vengeance is rivalled only by her pursuit of a life once stolen from her. As political tempests intensify across the Florida Strait, Beatriz teeters between her heritage and a risky love affair with a man whose aspirations could reshape her destiny. With history's unpredictable turns threatening her every move, Beatriz faces an agonizing decision: cling to the remnants of her past or embrace an uncertain future, knowing a misstep might cost her everything, including her heart's deepest desires.

The Last Train to Key West (2020)

Book cover of The Last Train to Key West
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In 1935, as one of the most ferocious hurricanes heads for the Florida Keys, the lives of three distinct women intertwine unexpectedly. Many are there to escape the grip of the Great Depression, seeking solace on Henry Flagler's iconic Overseas Railroad. Yet, for local Helen Berner, the Keys feel more like a cage than paradise. Fresh from a wedding in Havana due to her family's precarious situation post the Cuban Revolution of 1933, Mirta Perez finds herself on a honeymoon in the Keys, wrestling with her feelings for her enigmatic husband and the peril his dark business brings. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Preston, aiming to pull her family out of financial ruin, ventures into the camps of Great War veterans, aligning herself with an unexpected companion on a risky mission. As the storm approaches, the encounters among these women intensify, paralleling the imminent threat from the looming hurricane.

The Most Beautiful Girl in Cuba (2021)

Book cover of The Most Beautiful Girl in Cuba
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In the midst of a fierce rivalry between newspaper magnates Hearst and Pulitzer in Gilded Age New York, young Grace Harrington finds herself thrust into the heart of journalism's competitive scene when she secures a position at Hearst's paper. Her world tilts when she stumbles upon the story of Evangelina Cisneros, a young woman unjustly incarcerated in a notorious Havana prison, who becomes an emblem of hope and resistance against Spanish rule in Cuba after Hearst labels her "The Most Beautiful Girl in Cuba." As the call for American intervention in Cuba amplifies, Grace teams up with Marina Perez, a covert courier for the Cuban rebels, in a daring mission to liberate Evangelina. With the Cuban population suffering in reconcentration camps and the USS Maine disaster edging the U.S. closer to war with Spain, these three women find themselves risking everything in a passionate pursuit of freedom.

Our Last Days in Barcelona (2022)

Book cover of Our Last Days in Barcelona
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In 1964's vibrant Barcelona, Isabel Perez, having faced exile from Cuba, is on a relentless search for her missing sister, Beatriz. This mission sees her navigating a treacherous world of espionage alongside an unexpected companion. However, it's a discovered family secret that truly shakes Isabel's world. Flashback to 1936, Alicia Perez, Isabel's mother, reaches Barcelona with young Isabel, escaping a strained marriage. As Spain teeters on civil war's edge and fascism's shadow grows, Alicia encounters her old flame amidst Cubans rallying for the International Brigades. This tapestry of mother and daughter stories interweaves love, peril, and sacrifices, challenging both to defy familial expectations and embrace their true desires.

The Cuban Heiress (2023)

Book cover of The Cuban Heiress
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As Catherine Dohan, a New York socialite, sets sail on the Morro Castle, her polished facade is threatened by shadows from her past. Unexpectedly, she finds an ally in a dashing jewel thief, both on a mission to unearth the motives behind the dangers targeting her. Meanwhile, Elena Palacio, believed to be deceased, boards the same ship. Stripped of her former life due to a betrayal, she's fueled by revenge and sees Havana as her opportunity to reclaim justice, especially since her target is also aboard. As threats intensify, Catherine and Elena's destinies interlace, pushing them to gamble all for the ultimate reckoning.

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The House on Biscayne Bay (2024)

Book cover of The House on Biscayne Bay
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Amidst the post-Great War boom, South Florida is a magnet for fortune seekers, including the affluent Robert Barnes and his wife, Anna. They craft Marbrisa, an opulent residence by Biscayne Bay, establishing themselves as Miami's elite. Yet, in a city where facades matter, a single rumor can tip the scales. Fast forward, Carmen Acosta, reeling from her parents' sudden death in Havana, lands at Marbrisa, now inhabited by her distant sister, Carolina, and her spouse, Asher Wyatt. While the mansion radiates grandeur, it hides perilous secrets. Carmen finds herself navigating a maze of deceit, desperately seeking truths to shield her from a menacing past that threatens to strike again.


A Night at the Tropicana (2023)

Book cover of A Night at the Tropicana
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In 1939 Havana, the buzz of Tropicana nightclub's opening night fills the air. Watching keenly from the outskirts, Miami vacationer and college student Natalie Trainer feels out of place. Then, like a scene straight from a movie, a charming gentleman named Antonio extends a hand, inviting her to dance. Embracing an unusual dash of daring, Natalie accepts. This fleeting moment of spontaneity, a break from her norm, might just be a pivotal dance for her, or perhaps just a memory of one magical night.

Chanel-ing Our Final Thoughts

Navigating the enchanting world of Chanel Cleeton's novels becomes a breeze when you have a roadmap. From the intoxicating allure of her Cuba saga books to the thrilling escapades in the International School series, having them laid out in order truly amplifies the experience. Whether you're diving in for the first time or revisiting beloved tales, this ordered list ensures every emotional crescendo and twist hits just right. Enjoy the journey, fellow readers; the world of romance awaits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Chanel Cleeton? Her Biography.

A portrait photograph of author Chanel Cleeton
Photo by Chris Malpass

Born and bred in Florida, she soaked up tales of her family's dramatic exit from Cuba after the revolution. Her fascination for politics and history led her to England's educational bastions. She earned her bachelor's from Richmond American International University in London, dived deeper with a master's degree from the iconic London School of Economics & Political Science, and didn't stop till she added a Juris Doctor from the University of South Carolina School of Law to her impressive academic arsenal. Not just a scholar, she penned several bestsellers, even catching the eye of Reese Witherspoon's Book Club, and has a list of titles like "Into the Blue" and "London Falling" under her belt.

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