The Complete List of Stone Barrington Books in Order of Publication

Published: 25 February 2023
Written by Chris Beach

If you love thrills and adventure, it's always a pleasure to pick up a Stone Barrington book. We've compiled the comprehensive list of Stone Barrington books in order.

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• Who is Stone Barrington?
• Publication Order of Stone Barrington Books

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Who is Stone Barrington?

Stone Barrington is the quintessential rebel character, created by author Stuart Woods. Stone's parents were disinherited from wealthy families for refusing to conform, a trait he inherited. He attended public school and graduated with a law degree from New York University, but instead of joining a law firm, he joined the New York City Police Department. Despite people telling Stone Barrington that he's too smart to be a cop, after experiencing a ride-along in a police car, he was hooked and followed his calling. Eventually, he was forced out of the NYPD and pursued the bar exam; after passing it he became "of counsel" at a prestigious law firm. This resulted in Stone becoming a wealthy man with expensive tastes, including traveling the world and having a very active love life.

In many ways Stone Barrington is an extension of author Stuart Woods' life; from his jet-setting lifestyle to knowledge of wines and food - it's quite clear that Woods sees himself in Stone. A large part of what makes Stone such an admirable character is his dislike for authority, combined with his intelligence and sense of humor which make him perfect for getting into trouble!

Publication Order of Stone Barrington Books

1. New York Dead (1991)

New York Dead

Stone Barrington's perfectly ordinary night of patrol takes a turn for the extraordinary when he stumbles upon a shocking incident that will soon send his life spiraling out of control. What starts as a newspaper headline soon leads him into an ever-deepening web of crime, corruption, and unspeakable depravity connected to the country's most glamorous TV personality Sasha Nijinsky. As each turn brings even more danger and mystery, Stone must rely on his wits to unravel the secrets behind Sasha's disappearance and uncover the truth in this thrilling novel from bestselling author Stuart Woods.

2. Dirt (1996)


Her no-nonsense persona and "poison pen" have earned Amanda Dart many enemies, but nothing could have prepared her for the faceless, anonymous gossipmonger who is faxing her personal and private peccadilloes to anyone who can read. Desperate to save her reputation, she turns to New York lawyer and private investigator Stone Barrington for help. As the search for the identity of the faxer intensifies, it becomes clear that even respected members of society will go to any lengths - including homicide - to clear their names. With more leads than he can handle, Stone must unravel a web of lies and deceit before it's too late.

3. Dead in the Water (1997)

Stone Barrington, lawyer and ex-cop, sets off to St. Mark's, a Caribbean paradise, looking to get away from the winter chill of New York. However, his plans are quickly foiled when Stone is given the chance to defend Allison Manning who faces trial for the death of her husband on their luxurious yacht. Not familiar with St. Mark's law system, and dealing with a potentially malicious Minister of Justice, Sir Winston Sutherland, Stone does everything he can to fight for her innocence including getting media attention and conducting an investigation beyond what money can buy. All is going well until a shocking turn of events puts Allison's fate in jeopardy, changing a sure thing into something that looks more like a death sentence.

4. Swimming to Catalina (1998)

Stone Barrington never expected to hear from his ex-girlfriend Arrington again, especially after she left him for Hollywood's hottest star Vance Calder. But when a panicked call comes in from Calder that Arrington has gone missing, Stone is thrown into an LA mystery. In a town where the rich and powerful hide dark secrets, Stone frantically searches for clues from Bel Air to Malibu and Rodeo Drive. With his own life on the line, he'll have to move fast to find Arrington or risk getting taken down with her.

5. Worst Fears Realized (1999)

Stone Barrington is in a race against time to discover who is behind the untimely deaths of those closest to him. With no clues and the suspicion that it might be someone he once knew, Stone is forced to look back into his past. To complicate matters, Stone's ex-partner Dino Bacchetti is now head detective at the nineteenth precinct, and his former love Arrington resurfaces - forcing Stone to confront his latest flame, a Mafia princess as beautiful as she is dangerous. Torn between these two women and pushed to find a killer with an appetite for vengeance before it's too late, Stone embarks on a riveting journey where his worst fears might become realized.

6. L.A. Dead (2000)

Upon receiving a jarring phone call from across the world, Stone's vacation with a fiery Mafia princess must come to an abrupt end. He is needed in Los Angeles, where a celebrity murder has left the city in an uproar. There, he reunites with former love, who is desperate for his assistance in more than one way. It is amidst Hollywood's sun and excess that Stone must sift through the entertainment world to identify the killer before it's too late and he no longer has a hope of getting what he once wished for.

7. Cold Paradise (2001)

Stone's winter getaway to luxury Palm Beach is interrupted when he recognizes an old client, Allison Manning, who he had assumed was dead. Allison is now in need of his help to clear an insurance fraud charge hanging over her head and get rid of a stalker. As Stone dives into the mystery, he finds an eclectic cast of suspicious characters who are all connected in some way to the millions of dollars involved - and the deadly web of a crafty killer. It's now up to Stone to discover and unravel the truth before it's too late.

8. The Short Forever (2002)

Head to the city of London with Stone Barrington on a mission to locate an enigmatic client's niece. But what he finds is murder, love, former lovers and more! With the espionage services of three countries wrapped up in the equation, it's a veritable rollercoaster ride that Barrington has to hang on tight for if he wants to come out of this alive.

9. Dirty Work (2003)

Stone Barrington gets a wild ride when he dives headfirst into the treacherous waters of New York City's upper-class. Hired to uncover evidence of extramarital activity in an heiress' marriage, Stone quickly finds himself in over his head when the errant husband is found dead and the other woman gone without a trace. It's up to Stone to clear his name and uncover a killer in the depths of high society - will he be successful? Join him in this sleek, engaging mystery right now!

10. Reckless Abandon (2004)

Set in lively New York City, "Reckless Abandon" is a thrilling ride full of action and suspense. Stone Barrington and Holly Barker team up to hunt down a mobster who is on the run from the witness protection program. With Holly's tenacity and Stone's savvy skills, they attempt to bring justice and order to the case, but when their pursuit puts them in danger, Holly becomes the hunted instead of the hunter. Follow this dynamic duo on their mission to catch a criminal!

11. Two-Dollar Bill (2005)'

Stone Barrington's life takes a wild turn in the smash hit bestselling thriller, "Two Dollar Bill"! Stone - a former cop-turned-lawyer - is suddenly caught between a wealthy conman, a beautiful prosecutor and a murder investigation that threatens to ruin them all. But it all started when Stone and his ex-partner Dino met Billy Bob - an enigmatic Texan carrying a bundle of rare two-dollar bills. When they offer him an unwise night of shelter, things quickly take an unexpected turn. Now it's up to Stone to unravel this twisted mystery and save them all.

12. Dark Harbor (2006)

Stone Barrington is the go-to guy when it comes to suspense and intrigue. Stone finds himself investigating the suspicious deaths of his own family. After getting a call from the CIA telling him that his cousin, Dick Stone, has committed suicide, Stone is appointed executor of Dick's will and investigates to see if it really was a suicide - or something else? With the help of his ex-partner Dino and friend Holly Barker, they unravel the truth as they navigate through Dick's mysterious life in the CIA. This story will have you guessing at every turn as you try to figure out who really killed his family - was it really suicide?

13. Fresh Disasters (2007)

When a late evening at Elaine's turns into something much more, Stone Barrington finds himself in the midst of New York City's mafia underworld. He is forced to defend an untrustworthy con artist, leading him straight to the notorious Carmine Datilla. With the help of his ex-partner Dino, Stone delves deeper and deeper into Datilla's life, uncovering intrigue and danger every step of the way. Will this daring quest leave Stone victorious or will he be swept away in Sheepshead Bay?

14. Shoot Him If He Runs (2007)

Sending Stone Barrington and Holly Barker on an adrenaline-packed mission for the CIA, "Shot Him if He Runs" takes the reader to the luxurious Caribbean island of St. Marks to hunt down a master spy and murderer. Uncovering a web of secrets on the stunning holiday paradise, from corrupt politicians to American expats with murky pasts, Stone and Holly must rely on their wits to find Teddy Fay - who may well have been hiding in plain sight all along!

15. Hot Mahogany (2008)

In "Hot Mahogany", Stone Barrington is hired to protect a former top-secret intelligence agent, Barton Cabot, whose memory is full of state secrets following a violent encounter - and who also has a very unique hobby. Stone soon finds himself entering into the genteel world of antiques and coin dealers. As he begins to uncover Barton's past, Stone discovers that an event from the past is coming back to haunt his present - in ways he'd never expected.

16. Loitering With Intent (2009)

Stone Barrington is on the hunt in Stuart Woods' #1 New York Times bestselling novel, "Loitering With Intent". After his glamorous Russian girlfriend dumped him during dinner at Elaine's and he's running low on cash, Stone gets hired to track down the missing son of a wealthy man in the tropical paradise of Key West. But when he and his buddy Dino arrive in sunny Keys, Stone discovers that someone is lying in wait for them. After being blindsided in a local bar, Stone realizes that the missing son may have legitimate reasons for staying hidden. Suddenly things aren't looking so Margaritaville-y anymore!

17. Kisser (2009)

Stone Barrington is back in town, working his usual cases when he meets an intriguing Broadway actress with a mysterious past. His investigation leads him deep into the opulent Upper East Side and art galleries hung with multimillion-dollar paintings where financial fraud and family scandals are never far away. With his experience in high society and a knack for uncovering the truth, Stone unravels the web of lies surrounding this case and discovers that sometimes beauty and wealth come at a steep price. Don't miss out on this intense page-turner from Stuart Woods' bestselling series!

18. Lucid Intervals (2010)

The unflappable Stone Barrington, the protagonist of Stuart Woods' "Lucid Intervals", is in for a wild ride when a beautiful new client enters his life. Not only does Stone have to fend off Herbie Fisher, a former client who's looking for legal help - he also has to deal with a mysterious woman seeking someone to take on a dangerous job. As Stone helps her navigate the world of embassy soirees and government intrigue, things get even crazier when trouble follows him from Manhattan all the way to his summer home in Maine. With an explosive secret on his hands, it's up to Stone to decide how to handle it!

19. Strategic Moves (2011)

Stone Barrington, the "of counsel" at the Woodman & Weld law firm, is handed a million dollar check from his boss at dinner one night. His undercover dealings with MI6 had attracted a new client to their firm and he was on his way to becoming a partner. Unfortunately, things take a turn when he discovers the new client may be more sinister than they appear. With his big payday and promotion on the line, Stone must confront this scandal and make strategic moves to protect not only himself but the future of his firm.

20. Bel-Air Dead (2011)

Stone Barrington finds himself in the glamorous world of Bel-Air, getting pulled into a high-stakes game with some of the most powerful players around. He's helping a wealthy widow gain even more wealth from a sale of her investment in Hollywood's Centurion Studios. But when Stone arrives to finalize the deal, he discovers that one of LA's most ruthless power brokers has their sights set on the studio. The stakes are high and Stone must use all his skills and savvy to win this game - and make it out alive.

21. Son of Stone (2011)

Stone Barrington is back in his element, soaking up the Manhattan life as a partner at Woodman & Weld, and content with being a confirmed bachelor - but then he reunites with sophisticated (and very wealthy) Arrington Calder. With plans of her own for Stone, things a turn he never expected and he's now facing the biggest challenge of his life.

22. D.C. Dead (2011)

When Stone Barrington is called to Washington D.C. by President Will Lee, it's a welcome reprieve: a mission that reunites him with his old crime-fighting partner, Holly. In this explosive thriller, Stone is thrown into a special operation that requires his unique set of skills and allow him to put the shocking loss he experienced behind him. So get ready for an action-packed adventure as these old friends team up in D.C. Dead!

23. Unnatural Acts (2012)

Stone Barrington, the hero in Stuart Woods' bestselling book "Unnatural Acts", takes on a risky job when he agrees to help a wealthy hedge fund billionaire talk sense into his wayward son. But as Stone and his protégé, Herbie Fisher, investigate the case, they uncover more than they bargained for - hidden sins and dark secrets that some people will go to extreme lengths to conceal. With past mistakes coming back to haunt him, Stone must persevere in his mission, no matter how far-reaching or dangerous it may become.

24. Severe Clear (2012)

Stone Barrington is in Bel-Air, overseeing the grand opening of The Arrington, a luxurious hotel built on the grounds of his late wife's mansion. However, the star-studded event has caught the attention of international terrorists, according to intercepted phone calls! To make sure the partygoers are safe and secure, Stone enlists help from his CIA friends to make sure that no one crashes the bash. Get ready for a thrilling journey into suspense with "Severe Clear"!

25. Collateral Damage (2013)

Stone Barrington is back in New York and ready for some upscale living! But his plans change abruptly when his friend and occasional lover Holly Barker, assistant director of the CIA, shows up asking for help. Together they must face a powerful enemy who's up to no good, as they use their smarts, last-minute heroics, and exciting action to protect the Big Apple in this thriller!

26. Unintended Consequences (2013)

Stone Barrington finds himself embroiled in a treacherous mystery full of billionaires, spies, and murder while on an unexpected journey abroad. In this gripping thriller from author Stuart Woods, our protagonist discovers that unparalleled wealth and privilege come with a deadly price when he travels to Europe for two highly unusual invitations. As an attorney for the esteemed Woodman & Weld law firm, Stone must investigate intricate clues to unravel the strange happenings in this international arena of power and corruption.

27. Doing Hard Time (2013)

Stone Barrington is in for a wild ride when a west coast business trip takes a dangerous turn! While expecting some R&R in Bel-Air, Stone finds himself entangled in a case with lethal consequences and an unexpected ally: Teddy Fay, the former CIA operative who specializes in staying off the grid. The #1 New York Times bestselling series returns with this riveting novel, proving that trouble never takes a vacation - and neither does Stone Barrington!

28. Standup Guy (2014)

When Stone Barrington meets his new client, John Fratelli, he thinks this is just another day of giving sound legal advice. Little does he know that John's activities will ignite a cutthroat competition to uncover a long-ago crime - and Stone finds himself smack dab in the middle! From sunny Florida beaches to the luxurious Northeast, Stone must outwit ambitious authorities and seedy lowlifes who all want the same thing. It's an edge-of-your-seat adventure with Stone's cunning and resourcefulness being pushed past their limits as he strives to be the last man standing!

29. Carnal Curiosity (2014)

Stone Barrington is a high-end attorney and former police officer with a penchant for women. When he meets the attractive Crane Hart, he offers to help her through her divorce but quickly realizes he might have made a big mistake. Not only are Crane and her soon-to-be-ex husband Don Dugan still together, but their involvement in multiple thefts becomes more and more apparent. Stone doesn't have much time to dwell on it because he is drawn into the First Lady's presidential campaign when rumors of an affair ignite. With the help of his old partner Dino Bachetti, Stone finds himself on a wild ride involving jewel thefts, art robberies, and even his own missing paintings. In the end, he manages to recover the missing artwork and traps Dugan and his crew just as they attempt another jewelry heist! It's definitely business as usual for Stone Barrington in Stuart Woods' thrilling novel "Carnal Curiosity".

30. Cut and Thrust (2014)

Stone Barrington faces a dangerous political chess match in the thrilling novel "Cut and Thrust" by Stuart Woods. As Stone travels to Los Angeles for the biggest political convention of the year, he discovers an unexpected newcomer vying for power and forming key alliances, along with sinister plots lurking beneath the chaotic events. With cunning strategy and sharp wit, can Stone outplay his opponents and come out on top?

31. Paris Match (2014)

Stone Barrington jets off to Europe and finds trouble waiting for him on both sides of the pond. In Paris, an old enemy is back with help from a powerful man who has a grudge against Stone. Meanwhile back in the US, rumors are threatening to sabotage an important national project. With his life and reputation on the line, Stone must move quickly from the City of Light to the halls of power in Washington D.C. in this thrilling international story from Stuart Woods's bestselling series.

32. Insatiable Appetites (2015)

Stone Barrington is back in action as he takes on unexpected change, a scheming foe, and a stunning beauty from his past in Stuart Woods' Insatiable Appetites. Juggling secrets and seduction, Stone embarks on a journey of distributing the estate of a respected friend and mentor which reveals a range of surprising and alarming truths. With plenty of suspense, intrigue, and thrills along the way, this novel will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

33. Hot Pursuit (2015)

Stone Barrington and his new love are jet-setting around the world, with an unstable criminal ex-boyfriend in pursuit! Stone is surprised to meet a pilot whose life mirrors his own - but the romance is cut short when they're targeted by international enemy operatives. As Stone works to protect his new lady love from her dangerous ex, he must also race against the clock to thwart a deadly plot before it's too late.

34. Naked Greed (2015)

Stone Barrington finds himself in the thick of some exciting and high-stakes business dealings. After stepping in to help out a tricky situation, he begins a mutually beneficial partnership with a prominent gentleman that leads to trouble. Suddenly, Stone is targeted by a band of criminals who don't want his interference. From Maine to Key West, the thrills keep coming as he follows the trail of theft and murder - culminating in a dangerous confrontation. Dare you follow his story?

35. Foreign Affairs (2015)

Join #1 NYT bestselling author Stuart Woods as Stone Barrington embarks on an exciting journey of business and pleasure in Europe. But when strange accidents and mysterious events begin to plague his trip, Stone soon discovers that what appeared to be bad luck may have been a warning. From the chic streets of Paris to the spectacular Amalfi Coast, Stone finds himself pursued from all sides. Will he be able to turn the tables and become the hunter? Find out in this thrilling page-turner!

36. Scandalous Behavior (2016)

Stone Barrington is in for the surprise of a lifetime as he finds himself embroiled in a scandalous situation during his British vacation. From an outrageous demand made by a beautiful woman to a relentless adversary with malicious intent, Stone must navigate complex relationships and mysterious intrigue while trying to keep his cool. Thankfully he has help from some friends and his tireless aplomb to rely on in this addictive thriller, where nothing is as it seems and danger lurks around every corner.

37. Family Jewels (2016)

Just when Stone Barrington thought he'd seen it all as a top-notch New York lawyer, he takes on a wealthy heiress client and finds himself navigating trouble on a glamorous, modern detective story level. Stone helps her ward off a tenacious admirer only to uncover two lethal crimes - with plenty of suspects to boot. As he digs deeper, the answer may lie in the form of a stunning and valuable relic from the past. From buried skeletons to untold secrets and value, it'll take all of Stone's powers of investigation to figure out who's harmless and who's deadly.

38. Dishonorable Intentions (2016)

In "Dishonorable Intentions", Stone Barrington finds himself with an inescapable foe. His new female companion, who brings both joy and danger, reveals her complicated past and her temperamental nemesis that views Stone as a hindrance. With their pursuer hot on their heels, Stone and his pal must outsmart their adversary in a thrilling adventure from Bel-Air to Europe and Santa Fe to stay one step ahead - but it might not be enough when their enemy refuses to be thwarted.

39. Sex, Lies, and Serious Money (2016)

Stone Barrington is thrown into a thrilling adventure in Stuart Woods' novel "Sex, Lies & Serious Money"; a client steps onto Stone Barrington's doorstep, seeking his help and knowledge - however, nothing is as it seems and the client reveals the remarkable value of his recent turn of fortune. With the pursuit coming from all angles, Stone discovers that easy money isn't as easy as it seems to be as he takes on this high-stakes case and navigates between luxurious New York high-rises and the vast New Mexico desert.

40. Below the Belt (2017)

Stone Barrington finds himself unexpectedly drawn into a situation of national importance. When an old friend calls asking him to handle a delicate favor, Stone discovers one man's ambition could have serious consequences for the country as a whole. With his experience in espionage and diplomacy, Stone must act quickly to prevent things from escalating and protect his nation from danger.

41. Fast & Loose (2017)

In Stuart Woods' explosive novel, "Fast and Loose", Stone Barrington's clash with a prestigious family presents a unique business opportunity - one that will soon collide with his adversary's hair-trigger temper. When Stone's cunning meets his enemy's anger, the results could be electrifying. Boating off the Maine coast, Stone finds himself in a sticky situation after an unexpected encounter. Luckily, he discovers that this same family is facing challenges of their own - and they need someone like Stone to come to their aid. An epic battle awaits, as Stone uses all his skills to outsmart his competition in this thrilling tale of force versus finesse.

42. Indecent Exposure (2017)

Stone Barrington, the eligible bachelor and man-about-town, finds himself in a pickle when he is unexpectedly thrust into the public spotlight. With a series of pesky nuisances and one particularly tenacious woman on his tail, privacy and security seem impossible to come by. But with the wit and intelligence bestselling author Stuart Woods, this becomes an action-packed adventure where Stone Barrington must outsmart these threats in order to protect his reputation - and his life!

43. Quick & Dirty (2017)

When Stone Barrington takes on the case of a beautiful new client, he's pulled into the mysterious and exclusive world of art - a business where one rare find could make or break a career. Though there's an air of genteel sophistication, under the surface lies an assortment of criminals and grifters ready to take advantage. In New York City's luxury penthouses and Hamptons estates, Stone has to navigate carefully to find the truth and avoid ruffling feathers - because as Stuart Woods' thriller "Quick & Dirty" reveals, when it comes to priceless works of art, money and reputations are worth killing for.

44. Unbound (2018)

When tragedy strikes, former CIA operative and successful film producer Billy Barnett takes a leave of absence to travel and grieve. On his journey, Billy is joined by friends Stone Barrington and Ed Eagle. When fate presents an opportunity for Billy to gain revenge for his recent loss, Stone must use all his diplomatic savvy to help his friend. But things quickly escalate when the enemy catches wind of their machinations. From the arid splendor of New Mexico, to the glamourous hills of Hollywood, join the trio on their wild ride as they try to stay out of danger in Stuart Woods' "Unbound"!

45. Shoot First (2018)

Stone Barrington is back and ready to take on a new mission: defend the beautiful businesswoman whose life and cutting-edge technology startup are under threat. After an unexpected golf game interruption in Key West, Stone embarks on a mission to protect his new companion and stop the mastermind behind this deadly scheme. From sun-soaked Florida shores to a peaceful English country retreat, Stone must use all his resources to outwit this resourceful and dangerous enemy!

46. Turbulence (2018)

Stone Barrington's fun Florida getaway is interrupted by a powerful and nefarious politician, who presents Stone with an incredible challenge. With the fate of nations in his hands, Stone must use all his daring and wit to stop an audacious plot created by the politician's shady associates. From #1 New York Times-bestselling author Stuart Woods comes "Turbulence", an electrifying thriller that pits Stone against both man and nature.

47. Desperate Measures (2018)

Stone Barrington is back and ready for action in Stuart Woods' latest thrilling novel! After returning from a European adventure, Stone meets a beautiful woman who could be the perfect fit for his professional and personal needs. Unfortunately, his plans are quickly derailed when New York City is rocked by a series of dangerous crimes, and the woman may be next on the list. With enemies lurking around every corner, Stone must summon his best detective skills and draw on his luck in order to protect her. In this relentless city, only vigilance and a bit of luck will bring them through this unscathed.

48. A Delicate Touch (2018)

Stone Barrington embarks on a thrilling journey in Stuart Woods' novel, "A Delicate Touch". An old acquaintance reaches out to Stone, asking for help with an obscure problem. Little does Stone know that his help will uncover a decades-long scandal involving powerful New Yorkers who'd rather stay hidden. Now caught between two difficult choices, Stone must decide whether to risk exposing the truth or protect those implicated. With danger lurking around every corner and no easy decision in sight, one thing is certain - Stone won't be taking the safe route!

49. Wild Card (2019)

Stone Barrington, the unstoppable protagonist from Stuart Wood's bestselling series, is back in action! While enjoying a cozy country getaway with his paramour, Stone is rudely interrupted by a powerful enemy who has come to settle a vendetta. With unlimited funds and limitless ambition, this adversary won't stop until Stone is silenced. But Stone is no easy target and as one scheme after another fails, the stakes grow bigger and bigger - until the consequences of this final plan could reverberate across the nation. With the fate of the country hanging in the balance, it's up to Stone to use all his cunning to put an end to his nemesis once and for all!

50. Contraband (2019)

Stone Barrington finds himself embroiled in a high-stakes smuggling operation in the newest thrice-packed novel from famed author Stuart Woods! Instead of a relaxing holiday in the Florida sun, Stone is instead faced with trouble literally falling from the sky. With his alluring ally, a sharp-witted detective, they set off to investigate - but find that evidence keeps disappearing. From the chilled vibes of Key West to the hustle and bustle of Manhattan streets, Stone sets out to figure out the connections between old and new acquaintances. But as he'll soon discover, answers and enemies might be hiding right under his nose.

51. Stealth (2019)

In the 51st installment of Stuart Woods' Stone Barrington series, Stone is in England, enjoying a much needed solo vacation. His peace is quickly broken by the enchanting Dame Felicity, who shows up with guests and toothbrush in tow. Before Stone knows it he's participating in a week-long boot camp in the Scottish Highlands, driving Felicity's car back home only to have it shot out from under him by the Russians - no accident. With a beautiful doctor by his side and CIA head Lance offering him a new position, Stone has to figure out what the Russians want with Dame Felicity before it's too late. As always, he manages to make some quality time for himself with Holly - making this novel full of adventure and three women along for the ride!

52. Treason (2020)

Stone Barrington is back and ready for action in this new thrilling novel from Stuart Woods! After his British excursion, Stone gets a call to help out a friend in a top secret government agency. The problem? A rebel has infiltrated the agency and Stone needs to use all his skills and courage to bring them down. With danger around every corner, Stone must race around the world from London to Maine if he hopes to save the intelligence and finally catch the slippery traitor. Will he be able to use his wit and bravery or will the enemy prevail? Find out in Treason!

53. Hit List (2020)

Stone Barrington is in for the fight of his life after discovering his name on a hit list! Revving up his sleuthing skills, Stone joins forces with his savvy connections to hunt down the vengeful miscreant before it's too late. But this foe is an expert at evasion, and it quickly becomes a global game of cat-and-mouse. With danger lurking around every corner, Stone finds himself questioning if he's the hunter or the hunted. Will he succeed in taking down the perp or will he become their next target?

54. Choppy Water (2020)

Holly Barker, the President-elect of the United States, is in grave danger before even taking office thanks to a white supremacist cabal led by former Army Colonel Wade Sykes. She's being targeted for assassination, but luckily she has an ally in Stone Barrington - a lawyer and sometime lover who recently survived his own attempt on his life. Holly and Stone are now up against Sykes' dangerous plot, an FBI agent undercover in his inner circle, and their own reflection that they may be facing this life-threatening danger for the next eight years. Will they be able to survive?

55. Shakeup (2020)

After narrowly surviving a daring coastal mission, Stone Barrington is looking forward to some well-deserved R&R only to be thrown into a new and potentially lethal situation, courtesy of a criminal mastermind wreaking havoc in both NYC and Washington D.C. With no allies in sight, Stone turns to alluring friends for help as he finds himself facing dead-end after dead-end. But with determination and the resources of powerful people at his disposal, will Stone emerge victorious?

56. Hush-Hush (2020)

Stone Barrington has been forced to face his toughest enemy yet! In this thrilling bestseller from Stuart Woods, Stone must use every tactic in his toolbelt to prevent his mysterious enemy from enacting a deadly agenda. With the help of old friends and a tech-savvy acquaintance, Stone must race against time to find the mastermind before he or any of those closest to him become their next victim. It's an electrifying read that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

57. Double Jeopardy (2021)

Stone Barrington must act fast in the latest Stuart Woods thriller! When an old family matter resurfaces in Maine, Stone must head there to face a dual-pronged threat hiding in plain sight among the stately homes and exclusive coastal clubs. With enemies that have friends in high places and funds to spare, it's up to Stone to come up with the cleverest plan to draw them out - or else these luxuriously renovated homes and choppy ocean waters will lead to an explosive end.

58. Class Act (2021)

Stone Barrington is once again taking on foes - old and new - when an ex-client from the past needs help in Stuart Woods' latest thriller. Uncovering a web of secrets, Stone must navigate the underbelly of New York as reputations are at stake. But when he meets someone irresistible, Stone discovers that history has a way of repeating itself as everyone has something to hide.

59. Foul Play (2021)

Stone Barrington is back and better than ever! When he returns to NYC, he stumbles upon a plot that can threaten the safety of the city and his new client's life. As Stone dives into the investigation, he has to rely on his intelligence and contacts to get to the bottom of this complex plan. He's determined to outsmart his unknown rival from luxurious Manhattan high-rises all the way to the peaceful Connecticut countryside. With stakes this high, there can be only one victor - will Stone come out on top?

60. Criminal Mischief (2021)

Take a ride along with Stone Barrington as he takes on an enemy on the run. In this new thrill ride from Stuart Woods, Stone is enjoying some downtime in his Turtle Bay townhouse until he gets tipped off to a shady scheme occurring in the city; determined to right the wrongs, he embarks on an international chase filled with old friends, new surprises, and unpredictable foes. Join him as he attempts to uncover the mastermind behind it all and see justice be served!

61. A Safe House (2022)

Treat yourself to a thrilling ride with Stone Barrington in this edge-of-your-seat novel by Stuart Woods! When Stone is asked to carry some valuable cargo overseas, little does he know that dangerous forces will come after him and his new companion. Follow Stone on the adventure of a lifetime as he races against the clock from NYC to London, then all the way to Key West in an effort to protect those closest to him! With plenty of suspense and drama, A Safe House will have your heart pounding and keep you turning pages until the very end.

62. Black Dog (2022)

Stone Barrington is back and ready for an action-packed battle in Stuart Woods' "Black Dog". After returning home from a dangerous mission, Stone expects to enjoy some peace and quiet in his urban New York City abode, only to be thrown into the mix again when meeting a wealthy socialite with staggering inheritance. Unfortunately, his new acquaintance has some familiar ties that are less than desirable, as well as a menacing enemy that gets closer than anyone would like. With this villain willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants, Stone must leap in and protect those he loves before all of NYC experiences the consequences.

63. Distant Thunder (2022)

Stone Barrington finds himself in a whirlwind of trouble and thrills in Stuart Woods' novel, "Distant Thunder"! During a stormy night in Dark Harbor, Maine, a murder victim is left on Stone's doorstep igniting an investigation involving the CIA and foreign forces. Stone takes it upon himself to uncover the truth from a complex network of lies and deceptions and he even meets a mysterious companion along the way. However, when an old enemy takes notice and sets out to prevent Stone from achieving his goal, Stone must dig deep to defeat the formidable opponent.

64. Near Miss (2022)

Stone Barrington is back in action for another exciting adventure! Stone finds himself in the middle of all the drama again after a chance encounter with an ex-boyfriend intent on seeking retribution. Known for his clever tactics, Stone must enlist the help of his old friends to make sure danger doesn't catch him off guard. With long-standing grudges resurfacing and more nefarious villains possibly lurking, Stone must use all of his skills to escape this complex web of deception before it's too late!

65. Untitled (2022)

Stone Barrington takes on a thrilling, edge-of-your-seat task in Stuart Woods' final novel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Stone Barrington Books Need To Be Read In Order?

The Stone Barrington series is a great read that you can enjoy in any order - but if you're new to it, make sure to start with "New York Dead". It introduces Stone's back-story, and helps explain future references. Plus, if you want to check out 2004's Reckless Abandon, make sure you first read Wood's Holly Barker series novel, "Blood Orchid", for full enjoyment! So, no, you generally don't need to read Stone Barrington books in order!

About the Author - Who is Stuart Woods - Biography & Obituary

Stuart Woods
Stuart Woods
(photo courtesy of Mark Coggins)

Stuart Woods was an accomplished author, best known for his Stone Barrington crime and thriller series. He was born in Manchester, Georgia and attended college at the University of Georgia before moving to New York in search of a writing job. In 1960 he joined the Air National Guard and went to Germany for 10 months. After living in London for several years, he finally returned to Ireland to write the novel he was dreaming of since he was ten. It was there where he also discovered sailing and moved to a gamekeeper's cottage nearby a boatyard. In 1976 he decided to compete in the Observer Single-handed Trans-Atlantic Race (OSTAR) and finished middle of the fleet with his 30-foot yacht Golden Harp.

After his transatlantic adventure, Woods wrote two nonfiction books until finally publishing his debut novel Chiefs which won him an Edgar Allan Poe prize from the Mystery Writers of America as well as France's Grand Prix de Littérature Policière. Since then, Stuart began writing more than ninety novels including fifteen on the New York Times best seller list. His passion for sailing and flying led him to own a Hinckley T38 power boat and become partner in an 85-foot 1935 Trumpy motor yacht, Enticer. Sadly, Stuart Woods passed away at the age of 84 on the 22nd of July 2022 at his home in Connecticut, leaving behind an amazing legacy.

Portrait of the article author, Chris Beach
Chris Beach

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