Our Complete Guide to the Arcane Society Books In Order

Published: 1 April 2023 | Last updated: 29 July 2023
Written by Penny Somerset

Hold onto your hats, fellow bibliophiles, as we plunge into the alluring realm of Jayne Ann Krentz's Arcane Society series! Are you a sucker for a good mystery, a dash of romance, and a sprinkle of the supernatural? You've come to the right place! This post is your one-stop shop for navigating the Arcane Society books in order, ensuring that you savor every delicious twist and turn of the tales.

The Arcane Society

Jayne Ann Krentz, has conjured up a bewitching world teeming with clandestine societies, psychic phenomena, and historical suspense. The Arcane Society books transport you across time, where enigmatic characters possessing extraordinary gifts tangle with hidden agendas, love, and high-stakes escapades. So, prepare to be ensnared by her vivid storytelling and unforgettable narratives that will have you clamoring for more!

Table of Contents

• The Arcane Society Series
  • The Dreamlight Trilogy
  • The Looking Glass Trilogy

• Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who is the author of the Arcane Society books?
  • What is The Arcane Society?

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The Arcane Society Series

1. Second Sight

Second Sight
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written as Amanda Quick

Embark on a riveting journey filled with ancient mysteries and smoldering passions in the Victorian era, as Amanda Quick delivers her first captivating Arcane Society novel. Venetia Milton reminisces about a magical night with Gabriel Jones, a descendant of an alchemist, only to have her memories shattered by the news of his untimely death. Embracing the role of his widow, Venetia launches a new career as a fashionable photographer in London, her unparalleled ability to "see" beyond her subjects earning her photos widespread acclaim.

However, her romantic escapade takes an unexpected turn when the presumed dead Gabriel reappears, alive and well. Moreover, someone Gabriel has been tracking is hell-bent on acquiring a long-lost, remarkable secret, even if it means committing murder. This dangerous individual firmly believes that Venetia, as Gabriel's supposed "wife," holds the key to unveiling this enigmatic treasure.

2. White Lies

White Lies
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written as Jayne Ann Krentz

Clare Lancaster, a level-ten parasensitive, has come to terms with the possibility that, as a human lie detector, she may never find a compatible partner, as her unique ability to detect lies makes any form of deceit, no matter how minor, send her pulse racing. She recognizes that most people conceal their true selves behind a façade, which poses a challenge for her in forming genuine connections.

Enter Jake Salter, her business magnate father's new consultant, who carefully navigates the thin line between honesty and deception in conversation, both revealing and concealing information. With Jake's assistance, Clare starts to uncover a tangled web of conspiracy and murder tied to the influential Arizona family she joined merely seven months ago. Amid a whirlwind of secrets, lies, and half-truths, Clare and Jake embark on an investigation that demands the full extent of their extraordinary abilities while an electric chemistry ignites between them, hinting at something much deeper than mere attraction.

3. Sizzle and Burn

Sizzle and Burn
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written as Jayne Ann Krentz

Raine Tallentyre has always strived to follow her late Aunt Vella's counsel by concealing her supernatural abilities. However, while settling her aunt's estate in Shelbyville, Washington, Raine's heightened sensitivity leads her to a gruesome discovery: a young woman held captive in a basement storage unit, with her abductor still at large.

As Raine's life takes an unexpected turn with the entrance of investigator Zack Jones, she finds herself drawn to him in a way she never anticipated. Raine hears voices, while Zack experiences visions, but their newfound connection is complicated by Zack's affiliation with the secret Arcane Society. This organization, dedicated to studying paranormal abilities, had previously betrayed Raine's family and lost her trust. Now, with a ruthless killer targeting Raine and a shadowy psychic criminal group called Nightshade lurking nearby, Raine and Zack must not only rely on their exceptional abilities but also on each other to survive the impending danger.

4. The Third Circle

The Third Circle
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written as Amanda Quick

Determined to retrieve a long-lost relic stolen from her family, skilled crystal worker Leona Hewitt clandestinely enters Lord Delbridge's private museum. However, she unexpectedly encounters Thaddeus Ware, a mesmerist with potent psychic energy, who seems to be mysteriously unaffected by her presence. Instead, Leona appears to hold a hypnotic sway over the hypnotist himself. After outwitting Thaddeus and escaping with the recovered crystal, he grows concerned for her well-being.

Thaddeus is on a mission for the enigmatic Arcane Society and is well aware that the crystal possesses the power to cause immense destruction. The relic is the key to Lord Delbridge's membership in the sinister Third Circle, a covert group with ominous intentions. The ruthless nobleman has previously committed murder to obtain the crystal, and Thaddeus is convinced that he would not hesitate to kill again to reclaim it.

5. Running Hot

Running Hot
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written as Jayne Ann Krentz

Luther Malone, an ex-cop and member of a highly secretive paranormal society, forms an unlikely partnership with quirky librarian Grace Renquist. Hired as an aura-reading consultant to track down a murder suspect, Grace lacks field experience, while Luther, her bodyguard, walks with a cane and is ill-equipped with firearms. As they pose as honeymooners at a luxury resort in Maui, the duo is surprised by the romantic sparks flying between them. However, they must quickly suppress their attraction when they encounter rogue operatives from an underground group at the resort.

Grace recognizes the ominous spikes in the operatives' auras, a pattern she has seen before, and understands the threat these individuals pose. As their employers scramble to send backup, Luther and Grace must rely on their wits to survive. The criminals they face are not only high-level sensitives, but have also augmented their abilities with a powerful and unpredictable drug. Grace is all too aware that if they don't control their powers, their powers will control them, which makes their adversaries even more dangerous.

6. The Perfect Poison

The Perfect Poison
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written by Amanda Quick

Haunted by rumors of poisoning her fiancé, Lucinda Bromley manages to survive on the outskirts of polite society, nurturing her cherished plants and occasionally offering her expertise in murder investigations. As a notorious botanist, she possesses a rare talent for detecting almost any kind of poison. However, the murder of a lord deeply disturbs her, as she discovers traces of a poison containing an extremely rare fern species at the crime scene - stolen from her conservatory just a month prior.

To clear her name and find the killer, Lucinda enlists the help of Caleb Jones, a fellow Arcane Society member. As a powerful attraction blossoms between them, they become entangled in a lethal conspiracy tracing back to the early days of the Arcane Society and a legacy of madness that threatens to consume Caleb in the depths of his own tormented soul.

The Dreamlight Trilogy

7. Fired Up

Fired Up
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The Dreamlight Trilogy Book 1

written as Jayne Ann Krentz

Over three centuries ago, Nicholas Winters forever altered his genetic makeup in a fierce rivalry with alchemist and Arcane Society founder Sylvester Jones. Their obsessive quest to control psychic abilities has left a lasting impact on their descendants, bestowing some with unimaginable powers while cursing others to lives plagued by madness and hallucinations. Jack Winters, a descendant of Nicholas, experiences nightmares and blackouts, believing them to be the first signs of the dreaded Winters family curse. According to legend, he must locate the Burning Lamp or face becoming a monster, but he cannot accomplish this feat alone - he needs the assistance of a woman capable of reading the lamp's dreamlight.

Jack becomes convinced that private investigator Chloe Harper is the woman he needs, as her abilities to locate objects and access dream energy are crucial to his salvation. However, their sudden and intense sexual attraction threatens to overwhelm them both. Danger lurks around every corner, but Chloe swiftly picks up the trail of the elusive lamp. As they edge closer to their goal, the immense power residing within the Burning Lamp menaces to engulf them in a whirlwind of psychic power.

8. Burning Lamp

Burning Lamp
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The Dreamlight Trilogy Book 2

written as Amanda Quick

In this captivating second installment of the Dreamlight trilogy by New York Times bestselling author Amanda Quick, an extraordinary curse sparks an intense, perilous passion as psychic abilities intertwine with burning desire. The Arcane Society's inception was marred by conflict, as the friendship between its founders disintegrated into a bitter rivalry. Nicholas Winters's pursuits resulted in the creation of the enigmatic Burning Lamp, a device with mysterious powers. Each male inheritor of the lamp develops multiple talents, as well as the curse of madness.

Notorious crime lord Griffin Winters, tormented by hallucinations and nightmares, believes he is afflicted by the Winters Curse. Unbeknownst to him, his fate is closely intertwined with the enigmatic Adelaide Pyne, who possesses the elusive lamp. As they engage in a treacherous psychic experiment, they find themselves targeted by forces both within and outside the Arcane Society. While their intense desire amplifies their power, their divergent lives threaten to separate them - if death doesn't claim them both first.

9. Midnight Crystal

Midnight Crystal
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The Dreamlight Trilogy Book 3

written Jayne Castle

Throughout numerous earthly centuries, the Winters family has been haunted by a legendary curse, originating from the tumultuous founding of the Arcane Society. The enigmatic curse is now poised to reveal its final secret on the futuristic world of Harmony, where the head of the ghost hunters guild, Adam Winters, and the exceptional dreamlight reader, Marlowe Jones, must confront the curse, protect Harmony's underworld, and resist a passion that could be their undoing.

Adam Winters, already burdened with the responsibility of leading the local ghost hunters' guild, fears that his recent nightmares and hallucinations will transform him into a psychic rogue, unless he can locate a stolen relic and a woman skilled in reading dreamlight. Marlowe Jones, a descendant of the rival Arcane family, unexpectedly enters his life, bringing her unparalleled abilities as a psychic private investigator and dreamlight reader. As the two navigate the luminous catacombs and sultry subterranean jungles of Harmony, they must work together to break the curse, save the entire underworld, and resist a passion that threatens to consume them both.

9.5 The Scargill Cove Case Files

The Scargill Cove Case Files
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written as Jayne Ann Krentz

Fallon Jones, director of Jones & Jones, a psychical investigation agency, tackles unique criminal cases in a captivating novella by New York Times bestselling author Jayne Ann Krentz, known for "In Too Deep" and the Arcane Society novels. In his latest case, Jones confronts the mystery of a body discovered in the basement vault of a local bookstore, accompanied by enigmatic scratchings on the door's interior that appear to be a coded message. As he delves deeper into the case, Jones must use his unique skills and expertise to uncover the truth behind the puzzling message and solve the crime, drawing readers into the intriguing world of psychical investigation and the mysteries it uncovers.

The Looking Glass Trilogy

10. In Too Deep

In Too Deep
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The Looking Glass Trilogy Book 1

written as Jayne Ann Krentz

Scargill Cove, a convergence point for unusually potent energy currents, is the ideal location for Fallon Jones, a reclusive paranormal investigator. This mysterious place attracts misfits and drifters like moths to a flame. Isabella Valdez, fleeing from dangerous men, finds herself drawn to the cove as well. As she begins to work as Fallon's assistant, she not only brings order to his chaotically cluttered office but also accepts the psychic aspect of his profession without hesitation. Isabella becomes a kindred spirit for Fallon, offering a sanctuary in a world that sees his abilities as madness.

However, when a routine investigation uncovers an antique clock filled with dark energy, Fallon and Isabella are plunged into Scargill Cove's hidden history and forced to battle for their lives. They must untangle a ruthless conspiracy that has roots in both the Jones family business and Isabella's own ancestry.

11. Quicksilver

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The Looking Glass Trilogy Book 2

written as Amanda Quick

Virginia Dean, a Victorian glass-reader, and Owen Sweetwater, a psychic investigator, find themselves in a perilous cat-and-mouse game with a murderer. Virginia awakens at midnight next to a lifeless body, a bloodstained knife in her hand, and no recollection of the night's events. The room, lined with mirrors, emits a powerful dark energy that overwhelms her. Trapped and desperate, she is rescued by Owen Sweetwater, a man she has encountered only once but will not soon forget.

Owen inherited his family's gift for tracking down psychical monsters preying on London's women and children. His investigation into the deaths of two glass-readers has brought him to Virginia's aid. Members of the exclusive Arcane Society might view her as an illusionist, a charlatan, or even a criminal, but Owen knows better. Virginia's powers are genuine, and her mere presence has a profound effect on him. If she can rely on her abilities amidst the looming danger, they might hold the key to solving Owen's investigation.

12. Canyons of the Night

Canyons of the Night
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The Looking Glass Trilogy Book 3

written as Jayne Castle

On the world of Harmony, there are just as many enigmas above ground as there are below. The island of Rainshadow holds one of the greatest secrets: the privately-owned, mysterious woods known as the Preserve. Growing up on the island, Charlotte Enright was always warned against entering the Preserve, but a memorable night with Slade Attridge changed everything, leaving an indelible mark on both of their lives.

Fifteen years later, Charlotte returns to Rainshadow to take over her late aunt's antiques shop, while Slade assumes the role of police chief. As an aura reader, Charlotte senses an unsettling change in Slade, but her attraction to him remains strong despite the interference of his dust bunny "deputy." Concealing a psi injury, Slade fears the intensity of his feelings for Charlotte. However, a series of increasingly violent crimes brings them closer together, leading them to confront the darkness that lies at the heart of the Preserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the author of the Arcane Society books?

Jayne Ann Krentz

Jayne Ann Krentz, a New York Times bestselling author, skillfully navigates three distinct literary realms by employing a unique pen name for each. Under her married name, Krentz, she crafts contemporary romantic-suspense novels, while her historical romantic-suspense works are penned as Amanda Quick. For her futuristic and paranormal romantic-suspense stories, she uses her birth name, Jayne Castle. This approach ensures that readers can easily identify the specific genre of each of her books.

Krentz's dedication to the romance genre is unwavering, as she appreciates how it consistently places heroines at the heart of the story, celebrating virtues like courage, honor, and determination, as well as the healing power of love. She holds a B.A. in History from the University of California at Santa Cruz and a Masters degree in Library Science from San Jose State University. Before becoming a full-time writer, Krentz worked as a librarian in both academic and corporate settings. Currently, she resides in Seattle, Washington with her husband, Frank.

What is The Arcane Society?

The Arcane Society, founded in the late 17th century by the reclusive and paranoid alchemist Sylvester Jones, has a rich history steeped in secrecy and the paranormal. Jones, gifted with unique psychic abilities, dedicated his life to conducting clandestine research within the confines of his fortress-like laboratory, which ultimately became his final resting place. His descendants, Gabriel and Caleb Jones, uncovered the hidden laboratory-tomb during the Late Victorian era, unearthing a dangerous secret: a formula Sylvester believed could amplify psychic powers, but with terrifying side effects, as Gabriel Jones discovered in "Second Sight."

The Society, over the years, has gone to great lengths to protect the secret of Sylvester's formula, though it continues to haunt both the organization and the Jones family. The Arcane Society harbors additional mysteries, such as a network of eerie museums displaying arcane artifacts and relics linked to the paranormal. Additionally, a dedicated research facility conducts studies and experiments focused on psychic phenomena, furthering the Society's enigmatic reputation.

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