Bewitching Reads: Bailey Cates Books in Order

Published: 30 April 2023
Written by Penny Somerset

Are you on the lookout for captivating mystery novels infused with a dash of magic? Then you've come to the right place! I will guide you through the fascinating realm of Bailey Cates' books. Famed for her alluring Magical Bakery Mysteries and Enchanted Garden Mysteries, Cates masterfully intertwines magical elements into her narratives, providing a one-of-a-kind reading adventure that will keep you hooked. I've catalogued Bailey Cates' books in order to make it a breeze for you to immerse yourself in her bewitching world of mystery and enchantment.

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• Home Crafting Mystery Books in Order
• Magical Bakery Mystery Series in Order
• Enchanted Garden Mystery Books in Order
• Stand Alone Novels

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Setting foot into Bailey Cates' literary domain is a truly delightful and engaging experience. Her adept storytelling and richly drawn characters make her novels unforgettable. As you explore her Magical Bakery Mysteries and Enchanted Garden Mysteries, you'll be transported into a cozy world brimming with intrigue, magic, and warm connections. So why not make yourself a cup of your favorite tea, find a comfy spot to read, and join us as we unravel the spellbinding world of Bailey Cates' books.

Home Crafting Mystery Books in Order

written as Cricket McRae

Lye in Wait (2007)

Lye in Wait
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Sophie Mae Reynolds, a thirty-something widow who creates and sells beauty products, stumbles upon the dead body of her neighborhood handyman, Walter Hanover, in her workroom. Walter's death, caused by drinking lye, is deemed a suicide by the police, despite his recent lottery winnings and loving fiancée. Undeterred by the skepticism of her best friend Meghan and the irritating yet intriguing Detective Ambrose, Sophie Mae follows a peppermint-scented trail to uncover the truth behind Walter's death, leading her to a shocking family secret, arson, and bigamy.

Heaven Preserve Us (2008)

Heaven Preserve Us
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Sophie Mae Reynolds, a thirty-something crafting enthusiast, juggles her daytime preserves-making business with her nighttime gig answering calls at a crisis center. On her first night, she receives a suicide threat from a man who also threatens her. Dismissing the call as a prank, her boss Philip Heaven disconnects the line, only to die from botulism days later. Now, Sophie Mae faces a stalker and is haunted by Philip's final words, "Threat. Meant it." As rumors of murder by preserves spread through the town, Sophie Mae and her charming detective boyfriend, Barr Ambrose, must work together to thwart the sinister intentions of a deadly killer. This enticing second installment in the Home Crafting Mystery series also includes recipes for preserves and beauty products.

Spin a Wicked Web (2009)

Spin a Wicked Web
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Sophie Mae's relationship with Detective Ambrose becomes more serious, while she also discovers a passion for spinning. She enjoys her new hobby until she stumbles upon the strangled body of Ariel, a fellow co-op member, with Sophie Mae's very first skein of yarn used as the murder weapon. Known for seducing married men, Ariel's reputation raises the question of whether she was a manipulative gold digger or simply a troubled individual who met a tragic fate. As Sophie Mae navigates a complex web of suspects and deals with Barr's ex reappearing, she must unravel the intricacies of this tightly wound mystery without losing herself in the process.

Something Borrowed, Something Bleu (2010)

Something Borrowed, Something Bleu
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Sophie Mae and Barr are engaged, but they struggle to keep Sophie's mother, Anna Belle, from taking control of their simple wedding plans. When Anna Belle discovers a mysterious suicide note written by Sophie Mae's brother two decades ago, she finds herself returning to her hometown of Spring Creek, Colorado, to investigate. As she delves into other people's affairs and learns the art of artisan cheese making, a murder occurs involving a glass milk bottle. Sophie Mae soon realizes that not only is the cheese aging in Spring Creek, but something else in the town doesn't pass the smell test.

Wined and Died (2011)

Wined and Died
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Sophie Mae finds herself captivated by a recently uncovered cassette recording, where a therapist expresses fear over a client's threatening behavior. When the therapist winds up dead, Sophie Mae is drawn into a thrilling investigation that delves into the ancient craft of mead and wine making, unraveling the mysteries and secrets hidden within the quaint town of Cadyville.

Deadly Row to Hoe (2012)

Deadly Row to Hoe
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Sophie Mae Ambrose is volunteering at a local organic farm in Cadyville, Washington, while trying to start a family with her police detective husband, Barr. When a corpse is discovered in the farm's compost heap, Sophie Mae's cheerful disposition is clouded, and she reluctantly assists in identifying the body. As a farmworker is later found unconscious with a suspicious head injury, Sophie Mae and Barr sift through a field of suspects to unearth the culprit. The couple races against time to prevent another tragedy from taking root.

Magical Bakery Mystery Series in Order

Written as Bailey Cates

Bailey Cates mystery books in order

Brownies and Broomsticks (2012)

Brownies and Broomsticks
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Eager to escape her mundane life as an assistant manager at an Ohio bakery, Katie Lightfoot seizes the opportunity to join her Aunt Lucy and Uncle Ben at their new bakery venture in Savannah's charming downtown. As she works at the Honeybee Bakery, named after her aunt's feline companion, Katie discovers Aunt Lucy's recipes are infused with peculiar herbs, revealing that she's actually a witch casting spells through her baked goods! However, when a grumpy customer is found dead outside the bakery, Uncle Ben is wrongfully accused of the crime. Teaming up with the dashing journalist Steve Dawes and charismatic firefighter Declan McCarthy, Katie and Aunt Lucy whip up a blend of magic and mischief to exonerate Ben and unmask the true culprit.

Bewitched, Bothered, and Biscotti (2012)

Bewitched, Bothered, and Biscotti
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Katie Lightfoot, a budding witch and owner of Savannah's most captivating bakery, is still adapting to her newfound magical abilities. Amidst her spell-casting and potion-brewing, she finds time to enjoy a picnic with firefighter Declan McCarthy, only for their leisurely outing to be interrupted by the discovery of a dead body. The corpse's tattoo unveils the man's membership in a secretive organization, and it becomes apparent that a crucial object belonging to the group has gone missing. With the realization that the murderer's motives run deeper than just taking a life, Katie and Aunt Lucy put their baking on hold and embark on a thrilling quest to catch the culprit.

Charms and Chocolate Chips (2013)

Charms and Chocolate Chips
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Katie juggles her time between brewing magically spiced treats at Honeybee Bakery and volunteering for a local conservation group, leaving little room to spend with her firefighter boyfriend, Declan McCarthy, or to explore her witch destiny further. However, fate refuses to be sidelined when a fellow conservation volunteer turns up dead, and Katie's supernatural instincts detect more beneath the surface. As members of her coven become targets, Katie must quickly embrace her powers to prevent herself from falling victim to the sinister forces of dark magic lurking in the shadows.

Some Enchanted Éclair (2014)

Some Enchanted Éclair
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In Bailey Cates's "Some Enchanted Éclair," Savannah's historic district is abuzz with excitement as Hollywood arrives to film a Revolutionary War movie. Katie Lightfoot and her fellow witches from the Spellbook Club take a break from weaving magic to dabble in the film world, with one securing an extra role while her firefighter boyfriend, Declan, provides on-set security. Although Katie and her Aunt Lucy initially choose to stay out of the spotlight, they're thrust into it when the Honeybee Bakery is called upon to cater after the original caterer is dismissed. However, when the movie's fixer meets an untimely end and a mysterious psychic predicts Katie's involvement in solving the murder, she and her coven must sift through a myriad of suspects to prevent another tragedy from unfolding on set.

Magic and Macaroons (2015)

Magic and Macaroons
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Magical baker Katie Lightfoot strives to keep her Honeybee Bakery customers cool during Savannah's sweltering summer. However, when a stranger stumbles into her shop, gasping about a voodoo talisman before collapsing, Katie's focus immediately shifts to investigating the mysterious incident. Her quest for the truth leads her through a treacherous maze of Savannah's notorious voodoo queens, a potent missing charm, and a dangerous witch targeting the city's magical inhabitants. With time running out and the stakes rising, Katie must work swiftly to uncover both the talisman and the killer before it's too late.

Spells and Scones (2016)

Spells and Scones
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Katie happily provides scrumptious treats for a book signing event at the store next to her Honeybee Bakery. The event features a local radio personality's new self-help book, drawing the interest of Katie's spellbook club members. However, the gathering takes a tragic turn when the author is discovered dead. The primary suspect, Angie Kissel, is a former witch whose familiar, Mungo the terrier, now belongs to Katie. Initially reluctant to intervene for fear of losing Mungo, Katie decides to pursue the truth after a gentle nudge from the terrier himself, determined to unmask the real murderer before Angie takes the fall.

Potions and Pastries (2017)

Potions and Pastries
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Katie celebrates the two-year anniversary of the Honeybee Bakery, which she runs with her aunt and uncle, serving bewitching treats to Savannah's residents. After a commemorative dinner, they encounter Aunt Lucy's friend Orla, a vibrant fortune-teller known for her readings to locals and tourists alike. When Orla suffers what appears to be a tragic accident the following day, Katie's witchy instincts sense a darker force at play. Joined by her dependable coven and firefighter boyfriend, Katie races against time to unravel the truth behind the ill-fated fortune-teller's demise before the trail goes cold.

Cookies and Clairvoyance (2019)

Cookies and Clairvoyance
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Hedgewitch Katie Lightfoot works at the Honeybee Bakery, where she and Aunt Lucy infuse their delectable treats with magical properties. She finds herself balancing wedding preparations, her father's visit, home renovations, and her work. When firefighter Randy Post is accused of murder, Katie can't help but intervene. Randy, a coworker of Katie's fiancé and boyfriend to fellow witch and spellbook club member Bianca Devereaux, has the unwavering support of his loved ones, including Katie. Determined to clear his name, she must collaborate with the difficult Detective Peter Quinn, who now knows that her abilities extend far beyond baking.

Witches and Wedding Cake (2020)

Witches and Wedding Cake
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Katie is set to marry firefighter Declan McCarthy in less than a week, all while managing the Honeybee Bakery, where she creates enchanting sweets infused with spells and charms. However, her dream of a smooth wedding is disrupted when Declan's family arrives early in Savannah and his youngest sister stumbles upon her ex-husband's dead body in a hotel room, just hours after they had argued. With the ex known as a scam artist, there are numerous potential suspects, but Declan's sister finds herself under scrutiny. As Katie juggles dress fittings and baking, she and her spellbook club witch friends must unravel the mystery behind the con man's murder, or the wedding might not happen at all.

Spirits and Sourdough (2022)

Spirits and Sourdough
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In Bailey Cates's "Spirits and Sourdough," hedgewitch Katie Lightfoot is eager to explore Savannah's rich supernatural history, so she embarks on a ghost tour. During the tour, the psychic guide informs Katie that a recently murdered woman's ghost is following her, a woman Katie had met just before her death. Determined to bring the killer to justice, Katie dives into investigating the haunting mystery. Simultaneously, she faces another puzzle: her new husband, Declan McCarthy, has lost his protective guardian spirit, putting him at potential risk. With pressure from both the living and the dead, Katie must employ her magical skills to unravel these perplexing cases and ensure that the murderer doesn't escape justice.

Enchanted Garden Mystery Books in Order

Written as Bailey Cattrell

Bailey Cates mystery books in order

Daisies For Innocence (2016)

Daisies For Innocence
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Elliana Allbright's Enchanted Garden, located behind her perfume shop in Poppyville, California, attracts visitors with its captivating flowers and greenery. Ellie's custom-made perfume store, Scents & Nonsense, thrives thanks to her seemingly supernatural talent for crafting fragrances that evoke emotions and bring happiness. However, trouble arises when Ellie discovers her part-time assistant, Josie, is dating her ex. Before Ellie can warn Josie, she finds her dead in the Enchanted Garden. As the prime suspect, Ellie must delve into Josie's past to uncover the true murderer and clear her name, hoping for a miracle to resolve the situation.

Nightshade For Warning (2017)

Nightshade For Warning
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Elliana Allbright's custom perfume shop and enchanted garden in Poppyville, California, are attracting attention. Ellie's perfumes, which have an almost magical ability to ease heartache, inspire change, and bring joy, draw customers to relax in her lovely garden alongside her corgi, Dash, and cat, Nabokov. Excited about an upcoming feature in a national magazine about her tiny house and garden, Ellie's world is disrupted when the journalist is found dead. Suspicion falls on Ellie's brother's girlfriend, who was the last person to see him alive. Determined to find the truth, Ellie must use her observational skills and other abilities to identify the real killer from a growing list of suspects before everything falls apart.

Marigolds For Malice (2018)

Marigolds For Malice
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Elliana Allbright finds joy in running her perfume shop, Scents & Nonsense, in the quaint town of Poppyville, California. With her inherited abilities, she crafts perfumes that provide relief and solutions for her customers. Ellie and her women's business group, the Greenstockings, collaborate to open a new local history museum. While sorting through artifacts, they discover a Gold Rush-era time capsule containing a rare and valuable botanical manuscript. When local history professor Eureka Sanford is found dead in the museum, Ellie is compelled to uncover the murderer, realizing this case may have roots as ancient as Poppyville itself.

Stand Alone Novels

Shotgun Moon (2013)

Shotgun Moon
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Written as K.C. McRae

Merry McCoy returns to her family ranch in Hazel, Montana, after serving prison time for killing her rapist. Determined to avoid trouble, Merry finds herself drawn back in when her cousin Lauri is accused of murdering an ex-boyfriend. Convinced that Lauri is being unjustly targeted, Merry sets out to prove her innocence. Teaming up with her former love, trustworthy Officer Jamie Gutierrez, and a no-nonsense parole officer, Merry uncovers the town's rough side, where both men and women still play by their own rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Bailey Cates Cattrell?

Bailey Cates

Bailey Cates, a talented mystery author, hails from the West and holds degrees in philosophy and English from Colorado State University. After spending twenty years in the Pacific Northwest and exploring various career paths, including driver's license examiner, bookseller, newspaper ad manager, and localization program manager for Microsoft, she returned to Colorado. Currently, Cates writes the captivating Magical Bakery Mysteries and Enchanted Garden Mysteries, while sharing her life with her significant other and their adorable tabby, Cheesecat the Orange.

Cates strongly believes in the magic that surrounds us, similar to her cozy mystery characters. She apprenticed with a master herbalist for a year, and now enjoys creating teas and tinctures for loved ones using her collection of herbs. In addition, she managed her own soap-making business for two years, where aromatherapy played a significant role. Although she doesn't distill her own essential oils like the protagonist in her Enchanted Garden Mysteries, she hasn't ruled it out. When not writing, Cates loves to cook, explore cookbooks, garden, read, and enjoy the great outdoors by biking and hiking through the stunning Colorado landscape.

Bailey writes her series under different pen names; She writes as Cricket McRae for the Home Crafting mysteries, M.C. McRae for her standalone novels "Shotgun Moon", Bailey Cates for her Magical Bakery Mystery series, and Bailey Cattrell for the Enchanted Garden Mystery books.

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