Your Guide to Books Like The Inheritence Games

Published: 5 July 2023
Written by Penny Somerset

If you've been drawn into the whirlwind of suspense, family drama, and high-stakes battles that define "The Inheritance Games," you're in good company. This book by New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Lynn Barnes has left readers on tenterhooks, yearning for more books like "The Inheritance Games."

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Our Ultimate List of Books Like The Inheritance Games

If you're on the lookout for young adult novels brimming with suspense, drama, and unexpected plot twists, then you're in the right place. This blog post will guide you through a selection of books that will keep you riveted, just like "The Inheritance Games."

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder

Book cover of A Good Girl's Guide to Murder

by Holly Jackson

In the small town of Fairview, the tale of Andie Bell's tragic end is etched in everyone's memory. The beautiful and beloved high school senior was reportedly killed by her boyfriend, Sal Singh, who subsequently took his own life. Even half a decade later, the town remains under the shadow of this chilling incident. However, Pip, who knew Sal as a gentle soul from her childhood, finds it hard to reconcile with the narrative of him being a murderer.

Now in her senior year, Pip embarks on a mission to revisit the closed case for her final project, initially aiming to question the integrity of the initial investigation. As she delves deeper, she uncovers a labyrinth of sinister family secrets that could potentially exonerate Sal. But as the boundaries between the past and present start to blur, Pip realizes that her quest for truth is not welcomed by everyone in Fairview. Her relentless pursuit of answers puts her own life in jeopardy, as someone in town is determined to keep the past buried.

Shatter Me

Book cover of Shatter Me

by Tahereh Mafi

Juliette Ferrars possesses a power that's as terrifying as it is unique - a single touch from her can snatch the breath from a grown man, even end his life. The origins of her extraordinary ability remain a mystery, and to Juliette, it feels more like a curse than a gift, an unbearable burden that she must carry alone. However, The Reestablishment, the ruling power, views her not as a cursed individual but as a potential weapon of lethal capacity. Juliette, who has never stood up for herself, finds herself at a crossroads when she reunites with the only person who ever showed her kindness. This unexpected reunion sparks a newfound strength within her, a resilience she didn't know she possessed.

Truly Devious

Book cover of Truly Devious

by Maureen Jackson

Nestled in Vermont, Ellingham Academy is a renowned private institution, a haven for the most brilliant minds, innovators, and creatives. The brainchild of early 20th-century magnate Albert Ellingham, the academy was designed to be a delightful labyrinth of riddles, winding paths, and gardens, where education is as thrilling as a game. However, the school's reputation was marred when, shortly after its inauguration, Ellingham's wife and daughter were abducted. The only lead was a taunting riddle detailing murder methods, signed ominously as "Truly, Devious." This incident went down as one of America's most baffling unsolved crimes.

Enter Stevie Bell, a true-crime enthusiast about to embark on her first year at Ellingham Academy. She's on a mission: to crack this decades-old case. Of course, she'll have to juggle this with navigating her new academic life and eclectic housemates - the inventor, the writer, the actor, the artist, and the prankster. But as Stevie settles in, the academy is once again plagued by the ominous presence of "Truly, Devious," and death makes an unwelcome return. The past, it seems, has clawed its way back, and a murderer may have been hiding in plain sight all along.

If We Were Villains

Book cover of If We Were Villains

by M.L Rio

The day Oliver Marks is freed from prison, Detective Colborne, the man responsible for his incarceration, is there to greet him. After a decade, Oliver is prepared to unveil the truth. Ten years prior, Oliver was part of a group of seven aspiring Shakespearean actors at the Dellecher Classical Conservatory, a hotbed of ambition and intense rivalry. In this cloistered environment, illuminated by firelight and filled with leather-bound classics, the roles they played on stage bled into their off-stage personas: heroes, villains, tyrants, temptresses, ingenues, and supporting roles.

However, their final year saw friendly competition morph into something sinister. On the opening night of their final performance, the line between fiction and reality blurred as actual violence intruded upon their theatrical world. The following morning, the senior students found themselves in the midst of their own real-life tragedy, facing the most daunting performance of their lives: convincing the police, each other, and even themselves, of their innocence.

A Study in Charlotte

Book cover of A Study in Charlotte

by Brittany Cavallaro

A Study in Charlotte" by Brittany Cavallaro introduces us to a fresh, thrilling series featuring a dynamic crime-solving duo: the teenage descendants of the legendary Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.

Jamie Watson has always been fascinated by Charlotte Holmes, given their ancestors' renowned partnership. However, the Holmes lineage is known for its eccentricities, and Charlotte is no different. She's inherited Sherlock's unpredictable temperament and a few of his habits. When they both land at the same Connecticut boarding school, Charlotte makes it abundantly clear that she's not in the market for companionship.

However, when a fellow student with whom they both share a past dies under circumstances eerily reminiscent of the most chilling Sherlock Holmes stories, Jamie realizes he can no longer maintain his aloofness. As danger escalates and safety becomes elusive, they find that the only ones they can truly rely on are each other.

The Naturals

Book cover of The Naturals

by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

At seventeen, Cassie possesses an uncanny knack for reading people. She can discern your identity and desires from the minutest details, a talent she's never really valued until the FBI comes calling. They've initiated a classified program that employs extraordinary teenagers to solve notorious cold cases, and they believe Cassie is a perfect fit.

However, Cassie soon discovers that there's more at stake than just a handful of unresolved murders. She's sent to live with a group of teenagers who, like her, possess unique abilities. As she settles in, it becomes apparent that nothing and no one in the Naturals program is as they appear. When a fresh killer emerges, the threat level escalates. Engaged in a deadly game of wits with a murderer, the Naturals must harness their unique talents to survive.

The Hawthorne Legacy

Book cover of The Hawthorne Legacy

by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

"The Hawthorne Legacy," a riveting sequel to the popular bestseller "The Inheritance Games," is a whirlwind of mystery, wealth, and romance. The story picks up after the explosive ending of the first book, with Avery Grambs trying to piece together the puzzle left behind by Tobias Hawthorne. Despite leaving his vast fortune to Avery, a relative stranger, rather than his own progeny, a DNA test confirms she's not a Hawthorne by blood. However, a mounting pile of clues suggests a deeper link to the family than she could have ever anticipated.

As the enigma deepens and the plot intensifies, Avery finds herself torn between Grayson and Jameson, the captivating Hawthorne grandsons. Meanwhile, danger lurks in the shadows, with adversaries emerging who are determined to eliminate Avery from the picture, by any means necessary. "The Hawthorne Legacy" is a rollercoaster of nonstop action, glamorous jet-setting, family intrigue reminiscent of "Knives Out," heart-fluttering romance, and a multi-billion-dollar fortune at stake, promising to captivate both fans of Jennifer Lynn Barnes and newcomers alike.

The Westing Game

Book cover of The Westing Game

by Ellen Raskin

A peculiar sequence of events unfolds as an eclectic group of sixteen unlikely people assemble for the reading of the will of Samuel W. Westing, a millionaire known for his love of games. The mystery deepens as it becomes apparent that Westing has left his enormous wealth to a seemingly random individual, who might even be a killer. One thing is certain: even in death, the enigmatic Sam Westing is not done playing his games.

We Were Liars

Book cover of We Were Liars

by E. Lockhart

E. Lockhart's compelling novel "We Were Liars" immerses readers in a complex universe of privilege, hidden truths, and the shadowy side of camaraderie. The narrative orbits around a distinguished family, epitomizing grace and prominence, who inhabit their private island near Martha's Vineyard. We're introduced to a brilliant but troubled girl and her best friend, a young man filled with zeal and political aspirations. Together with two cousins, they form a close-knit group known as the Liars. Their bond, however, veers towards a dark path, leading to their eventual downfall. In the midst of the turmoil, a rebellion ignites, an accident happens, and a secret is concealed, enveloping everything in a web of deceit. Yet, amidst these falsehoods, authentic love strives to endure, battling its way towards the one element that can rectify everything: the truth.

They Wish They Were Us

Book cover of They Wish They Were Us

by Jessica Goodman

In the affluent town of Gold Coast, Long Island, where pristine beaches and high-end shops abound, Jill Newman and her friends' lives appear picture-perfect. However, Jill discovered three years ago that appearances can be deceiving. During her freshman year, her best friend, the radiant and intelligent Shaila Arnold, was murdered by her boyfriend. After Graham confessed to the crime that fateful night on the beach, the case was closed, and Jill attempted to move forward.

Now, in her senior year, Jill is a Player, a member of Gold Coast Prep's elite, semi-covert society. As a senior Player, she enjoys the best parties, top grades, and the admiration of her peers. Jill is convinced that this will be her year. But when she starts receiving messages asserting Graham's innocence, her dreams of an ideal senior year begin to unravel. If Graham didn't murder Shaila, then who would do such a thing? Determined to uncover the truth, Jill risks jeopardizing her friendships and her future as she delves deeper into the mystery.

One of Us is Lying

Book cover of One of Us is Lying

by Karen McManus

On a typical Monday afternoon, five students from Bayview High find themselves in detention. There's Bronwyn, the academic powerhouse with her sights set on Yale, who never steps a foot out of line. Addy, the quintessential beauty queen and homecoming princess. Nate, the resident bad boy on probation for dealing. Cooper, the star baseball pitcher and athletic prodigy. And then there's Simon, the school's pariah, notorious for creating Bayview High's infamous gossip app.

However, Simon doesn't survive that detention session. His death, according to investigators, was no accident. He died on Monday, but he had planned to leak scandalous secrets about his four high-profile classmates on Tuesday. This makes all four of them murder suspects. Or are they merely convenient scapegoats for a killer who remains at large?

Everyone harbors secrets, don't they? The real question is, to what lengths would you go to keep them hidden?

Where the Crawdads Sing

Book cover of Where the Crawdads Sing

by Delia Owens

For a long time, the whispers of the "Marsh Girl" have lingered in the quiet coastal town of Barkley Cove, North Carolina. So, when the charming Chase Andrews is found dead in late 1969, the townsfolk instantly point fingers at Kya Clark, the infamous Marsh Girl. However, Kya is far from the rumors that surround her. She's a sensitive and intelligent woman who has managed to survive on her own in the marsh she considers home, befriending the seagulls and learning from the sand. A time comes when she craves human connection and love. When two town boys become captivated by her untamed allure, Kya allows herself to embrace a new chapter in her life - until an unthinkable event occurs.

Not a Happy Family

Book cover of Not a Happy Family

by Shari Lapena

Brecken Hill in upstate New York is an exclusive enclave, where only the wealthy can afford to reside. Fred and Sheila Merton, undeniably affluent, are among its residents. However, their wealth offers no protection when a murderer pays a visit. The Mertons meet a brutal end following a tense Easter dinner with their three adult children, who are ostensibly devastated by the loss.

But are they truly? Each stands to gain a fortune from their parents' demise. The Mertons were far from a harmonious family, with a spiteful father and an indifferent mother at its helm. It's possible that one of the siblings harbors deeper issues than anyone realized. Could the tension of that terrible dinner have pushed someone over the edge? Or did an outsider with malicious intent arrive later that night? Surely, if a family member were capable of such a horrific act, it would be obvious.

The Final Puzzle Piece: Wrapping Up Our Journey Through Books Like 'The Inheritance Games'

As we wrap up our literary expedition through the captivating universe of books akin to the "Inheritance Games" trilogy, we're left with the lingering echoes of the intricate narratives, the enigmatic personas, and the tantalizing enigmas that have kept us riveted. The "Inheritance Games" series has whisked us away on a whirlwind of suspense and intrigue, and the novels we've encountered on this journey have each added their own unique flavor to these themes. Whether you're a mystery connoisseur or a novice to the genre, these books serve up a captivating voyage into realms where the expected is constantly upended, and every secret unearthed leads to another bend in the road. So, immerse yourself, let these narratives whisk you away to realms where the expected is constantly upended, and every secret unearthed leads to another bend in the road. Here's to the joy of reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Inheritence Games about?

The story centers around the main character, Avery Grambs, a high school student with a straightforward plan for a better future: survive high school, secure a scholarship, and escape her current circumstances. However, her life takes an unexpected detour when billionaire Tobias Hawthorne dies, leaving her virtually his entire fortune, a development as bewildering as it is transformative.

Avery's sudden windfall necessitates her move into the expansive, labyrinthine Hawthorne House, where every room resonates with the late Tobias Hawthorne's penchant for puzzles, riddles, and codes. But Avery isn't alone in this mansion. It's also inhabited by the family Tobias Hawthorne just disinherited, including his four grandsons: dangerous, charismatic, and intelligent young men who were raised with the expectation of inheriting billions. As Avery navigates this new world of wealth and privilege, she uncovers secrets, with danger lurking at every turn.

If you love mystery novels, you might enjoy the novels of Lucy Foley.

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