The Ultimate List of Diane Saxon Books in Order

Published: 22 July 2023
Written by Penny Somerset

Welcome, fellow bookworms! Let's dive straight into an enthralling world of romance and mystery, where the suspense will keep you hooked on every word. Today we are going to explore Diane Saxon books in order. This celebrated author has created a thrilling universe that captivates us with each turn of the page, seamlessly weaving tales of love and suspense together.

Diane Saxon Novels

Table of Contents

• Atlantic Divide Series
• Montgomery's Sin Series
• DS Jenna Morgan Series
• Stand-Alone Novels
• Novellas
• Conclusion

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who is Diane Saxon? Her Biography.

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The allure of her DS Jenna Morgan books is truly five-star; their riveting narratives pull readers into a whirlpool of intrigue and passion. Whether you're new to her captivating realm or a seasoned reader looking for some continuity in your reading journey, navigating through Diane Saxon's series can be as thrilling as the stories themselves. Prepare yourself for an unraveled exploration into this intricate web of romance and thriller novels that leave no stone unturned when it comes to creating spellbinding plots.

Atlantic Divide Series

Gun Shy (2021)

Book cover of Gun Shy
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Caught in the crosshairs of his grandmother's relentless matchmaking, Sheriff Jack T Swann is waging a fierce battle to maintain his bachelorhood, vowing to steer clear of romantic entanglements until further notice. The last thing he needs is a seemingly helpless beauty stirring up his life. However, Jack soon realizes that Kate, the damsel in question, is far from helpless. With her kitten heel, she could easily turn him into a human pincushion if she so desired.

Dr. Kate Marsden, skilled with a scalpel and a force to be reckoned with in the operating room, finds herself at a loss when it comes to handling the town's sheriff. She mistakenly pegs him as a lecher while attempting to report a crime, a misunderstanding that only adds to their complex dynamic. Their lives intertwine repeatedly, igniting a fiery attraction that neither can ignore. But while Jack is firm in his resolve to avoid serious commitments, Kate has no interest in fleeting, casual encounters.

Loving Lydia (2013)

Book cover of Loving Lydia
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Lydia, a reserved and shy woman, is seeking refuge from the traumatic shadows of her past. The last thing she believes she needs is a tenacious cowboy like Sam, who is determined not only to peel back her layers of clothing but also the layers of her deeply buried secrets. Sam's desires, however, extend far beyond the superficial.

As Lydia's past gradually unfolds, Sam glimpses a woman who was once fearless, audacious, and full of life. He uncovers a woman who was talented and thrilling, a stark contrast to the guarded individual she has become. But as Sam unearths the truths that Lydia has kept locked away in her heart, her nightmares from the past intensify. Her apprehension about the future threatens to undermine everything, casting a dark cloud over their budding relationship.

Bad Girl Bill (2013)

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When British Special Forces Operative Michael Marsden crosses paths with Deputy Sheriff Bill Swann, the air crackles with electricity and desire becomes their shared language. Encountering a woman who straddles a Harley Davidson and sports a gun on her hip is bound to shake up any man's world. And Bill, with her long legs and tomboyish charm, is far from the conventional woman she appears to be.

Michael, who has made it clear that he's in the market for a casual, commitment-free fling, soon realizes that winning Bill over will require more than just charm. He'll need to employ all his tactical skills to navigate the protective wall of her five older brothers and secure some alone time with her. But that's just the first hurdle. Breaking down her emotional barriers is the next challenge. And then, he must confront the unexpected adversary - his own heart, which seems to have plans that contradict his no-strings-attached policy.

Finding Zoe (2013)

Book cover of Finding Zoe
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After an eleven-year absence, Cormack Blunt returns to England, only to unexpectedly encounter the woman who has haunted his memories, the woman he believed he had lost forever. He's taken aback to realize that the sweet, innocent girl he once knew has been harboring a secret from him all these years.

Zoe Chance is equally stunned when the boy she loved over a decade ago, now a renowned movie star and action hero, reappears in her life demanding answers. But it's not just answers he wants; he's also interested in her son. As Zoe is compelled to face him, she discovers that the real challenge isn't fighting for her son's custody, but rather battling to safeguard her own heart.

Flynn's Kiss (2014)

Book cover of Flynn's Kiss
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Flynn Swann, an ex-Special Forces operative, carries scars that go beyond the physical, remnants of a mission gone awry. After three years of self-imposed exile, he's back home, convinced that his disfigurements make him undesirable to women. The last thing he anticipates is the interest of a vivacious, curvy brunette who's just passing through town. Unfazed by his scars, this effervescent woman barges into his life, shattering his hopes for a peaceful visit. Despite her questionable fashion choices and love for Stetsons, she seems to have charmed the entire town, much to his chagrin.

Liberty Sophia Glennon, a scientist, is on a personal mission: find a man before she has to return to the solitude of the New Zealand outback, where she's spent eighteen lonely months conducting research. Outwardly, Liberty exudes confidence, but beneath the surface, she's a scared little girl haunted by her past and desperate for acceptance. Winning Flynn over isn't as challenging as she feared, but she soon realizes that his emotional wounds run deep. With seemingly nothing in common except their intense attraction, how will these two damaged souls navigate their shared fear of rejection?

Barbara's Redemption (2016)

Book cover of Barbara's Redemption
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Captain Barbara Lynn Perry, a Black Hawk pilot, is on the run, haunted by an event too horrifying to contemplate and too perilous to disclose. She feels estranged from a world she once trusted implicitly. With her Special Forces brother missing and her friend Flynn Swann unavailable, she's left with no option but to place her trust in the man Flynn sends to her rescue.

Psychiatrist Dominic Salter, armed with information from her superior officer's file suggesting Barbara has gone rogue, is nonetheless guided by his instincts. They tell him he's dealing with an honorable woman, one who single-handedly saved Flynn from a fate worse than death. His challenge is to penetrate her tough exterior and coax the truth from a woman too terrified to reveal her dark secret. In his cutting-edge facility, equipped with a state-of-the-art Dreampsych Transcender that surpasses any simulator, Dominic must earn Barbara's trust while battling his growing attraction to this formidable woman. However, when a member of his staff betrays him, events take a menacing turn. Dominic is in a race against time to convince Barbara to confide in him before the situation spirals out of his control.

Along Came Dani (2021)

Book cover of Along Came Dani
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Abandoned by her boyfriend, stigmatized as a tramp, and expelled from her family home, a pregnant sixteen-year-old Dani Westin departs from a life she'd rather erase from her memory. In a close-knit town where everyone knows everyone else's business, Dani strives to carve out a space for herself and her daughter, despite the shadow of her troubled upbringing and her mother's neglect.

With the support of her Aunt Jessie and the local salon, Hairway to Heaven, Dani keeps her head down, works diligently, and avoids drawing attention, all too aware of the town's judgmental whispers. That is, until the day she drenches the local deputy sheriff, inadvertently attracting a slew of unwanted attention and gaining a newfound appreciation for what makes a real man. Deputy Sheriff Sean Swann has maintained a respectful distance from the fiery hairstylist since their first encounter when she was just sixteen. It's not the potential physical harm that concerns him, but the potential damage to his heart. He's bided his time for years, and when he deems the moment right, Sean makes his move, undeterred by the ensuing calamities. With patience and determination, Sean understands that Dani must confront and leave her past behind for them to have a chance at a future together.

Flight of Her Life (2021)

Book cover of Flight of Her Life
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Caught in transit from the bustling streets of New York City to the sprawling cityscape of Houston, Bailey, a woman prone to mishaps, finds herself in an uncontrollable situation. On the brink of Christmas Eve, all flights are grounded, leaving Bailey isolated at the airport with a familiar cowboy from her past, Sebastian.

In a surprising turn of events, Sebastian becomes Bailey's knight in shining armor, rescuing her from one unfortunate incident after another. But the question remains: is it too late for him to rescue her from the future she's already committed to? Bailey is left standing at a crossroads. Does she stay with the man who offers her a future filled with security, or does she take a risk and escape to the tropical paradise of Maui with a cowboy?

Montgomery's Sin Series

Banshee In The Library With A Dragon - Banshee Seduction (2015)

Book cover of Banshee In The Library With A Dragon
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Ginny, a sweet and introverted librarian, is grappling with a peculiar problem. Every time passion flares, so do the mournful, wailing voices in her head. As a half-banshee, she's already fled from the underworld and her banshee relatives, choosing to place her faith in love's power on Earth. However, human men seem to fall short, and every time Ginny shows interest in one, she inadvertently causes him harm. It's clear that it will take more than an ordinary man to breach Ginny's defenses.

Enter Matthew, "The Dane," a fullback for the New York Chameleons. From the moment he encounters the fiery Ginny, he knows she's his mate. For two centuries, he and his dragon have waited for a woman who could ignite their world. The challenge, however, lies in preventing Ginny from literally going up in flames long enough to prove that he's more than capable of handling her banshee side. The question remains: will Matt be able to convince Ginny that they're meant to be? And can Ginny manage to get Matt alone long enough for him to appreciate her explosive nature?

DS Jenna Morgan Series

Find Her Alive - The Keeper (2019)

Book cover of Find Her Alive
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Introducing Detective Sergeant Jenna Morgan in a heart-pounding new psychological crime series that will captivate fans of Angela Marsons, Karen Rose, and Mel Sheratt.

When deadly screams echo through the Ironbridge Gorge, Detective Sergeant Jenna Morgan is the first to respond to the distress call. As the investigation deepens, Jenna stumbles upon her sister Fliss' gravely wounded Dalmatian, Domino, and the naked, tormented body of an unidentified woman. The mystery unfolds: who is this deceased woman, and what has happened to Fliss?

Some One's There - Copycat (2020)

Book cover of Some One's There
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The discovery of a beautiful, red-haired nurse's mutilated body in her Lawley home the morning after a date with Detective Constable Ryan Downey casts a suspicious shadow over him. Detective Sergeant Jenna Morgan and her team, familiar with the specific modus operandi, know exactly who the perpetrator is. The problem? He's currently serving a life sentence in HMP Long Lartin.

The situation takes a chilling turn as it becomes clear to DS Morgan and her team that a copycat killer might be on the loose, possibly deriving a perverse pleasure from stalking his victims before striking. In a race against the clock, they must identify and locate the copycat, while also unraveling who is manipulating whom in this deadly game.

What She Saw (2020)

Book cover of What She Saw
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The Lawrence family was the epitome of perfection: successful, attractive, and content, until a horrific incident shattered their idyllic world. Detective Sergeant Jenna Morgan is summoned to investigate the suspected arson attack that led to the demise of the Lawrence family, amidst the charred ruins of their once magnificent home, Kimble Hall.

The case takes a chilling turn when the body count doesn't add up. The suspicion that someone might have survived the blaze leads DS Morgan and her team on a quest to determine whether they're dealing with a potential witness or a far more dangerous individual. Who ignited the fire? Who wanted the Lawrence family dead? As the investigation unfolds, DS Morgan comes to the chilling realization that she's dealing with a cold, calculating killer. The race is on to identify and apprehend this ruthless murderer before they strike again.

The Ex (2021)

Book cover of The Ex
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Amidst a sweltering heatwave sweeping across the country, homicide detective Jenna Morgan is abruptly summoned to the home of a young family in Ironbridge following a domestic disturbance. Upon arrival, she encounters pregnant Imelda Cheetham-Epstein rendered unconscious by her husband, Zak; evidently suffering from severe head trauma.

The situation takes an even more heart-stopping turn as Jenna makes another horrifying discovery - Joshua Cheetham-Epstein, their barely-year-old son is nowhere to be found. Now commences a tense race against the clock to locate him safely. Is this merely an unfortunate accident or could there lurk far sinister motives beneath? Could these occurrences possibly have any connection? Or has something ominous from the Cheetham-Epstein's murky past reemerged seeking awful retribution?

Stand-Alone Novels

Under the Full Blooded Moon (2017)

Book cover of Under the Full Blooded Moon
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Globetrotting journalist, Stuart Caldwell, has spent his life trudging through the shadows of a childhood cut short by an old witch's curse that snatched away father and any remnant of his normal boyhood at just ten. His hunger for truth and resolution has fueled endless global ventures seeking the resolve to this age-old family jinx that spans centuries.

However, when he steps foot onto Breggar - a remote Scottish island basked in mystery - he stumbles into revelations rather startling. Wholly prepared for deadly confrontation with what he imagined was a merciless sorceress dwelling there, Stuart soon realizes it is not she who stands in danger - it's himself; more specifically his heart - which becomes less bulletproof as time presses on.

My Little Brother (2022)

Book cover of My Little Brother
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The day I lost my little brother was just another ordinary school day. One moment he was there, playing on the roundabout, and the next, he had vanished. Disappeared. Everyone pointed fingers at me. I was supposed to be in charge, even though I was only ten years old at the time. Overwhelmed by guilt, shame, and unanswered questions, they sent me away. I tried to move on, despite the lingering uncertainty.

After nineteen years of self-imposed exile, someone is beckoning me back. This person harbors a dark secret and possesses the answers I've been seeking. So, I must return to the Welsh village of my childhood to uncover the truth, because I, too, have a secret. I did something terrible.

My Sister's Secret (2023)

Book cover of My Sister's Secret
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In "My Sister's Secret," the protagonist carries a haunting secret that has buried her earlier childhood memories. Besieged by guilt, she struggles to navigate through life with the weight of this heavy unspoken truth on her shoulders. She fears it might be too late for revealing her secret which has been causing tremendous pain and suffering not only to her but also to all those around her.

The story takes an unexpected turn when destiny offers our unnamed character a chance - a possibility of correcting past wrongdoings and bringing justice where there was none before. The real challenge lies in determining how much she is prepared to risk or sacrifice for rectifying the situation. Is she strong enough to confront these deeply entrenched issues head-on? Only time will tell.

The Stepson (2023)

Book cover of The Stepson
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The evening my mother vanished, her frantic call at three in the morning instantaneously sparked an unsettling feeling within me. The local law enforcement tried to pacify my mounting dread with their logical theories - they suggested that she might be seeking some respite after my father's devastating demise. Regardless, being familiar with my mom's character and habits raised questions in my mind about such explanations.

As I dug deeper into this mystery, I unearthed a multitude of shocking family truths previously hidden from me; disquieting revelations that were never intended for me to know. These discoveries implied a lifetime of falsehoods from the parents I trusted implicitly. What prompted them to lie? Could it have been fear or an instinctual need to shield me? Is it possible that Mom disappeared willingly, or was she coerced by someone else? Now left without anyone reliable enough for advice and support, these pressing queries dauntingly loom over me as I grapple with uncertainty about everything once familiar.


For Heaven's Cakes (2015)

Book cover of For Heaven's Cakes
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After twelve years in Ireland, Beau's rough edges have been smoothed out, and his hard work in construction has made him a wealthy man. However, the call of his pack back in his small American hometown proves too strong to resist. He's ready to return and show everyone what he's achieved. What he doesn't expect is to encounter the local pharmacist's daughter while in his wolf form.

By day, he works on renovating the pharmacy, all the while trying to persuade the attractive assistant to join him for dinner. By night, he watches as Catherine, in her element, bakes her extraordinary creations and flourishes through her art. Sleeping on her bed each night as a wolf isn't exactly the ideal situation, but how can he reveal to her that the wolf she's grown to love is the same man she's attracted to?

Short Circuit Time (2022)

Book cover of Short Circuit Time
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In the year 2086, Zaphira finds herself as the sole survivor of a biological war that ravaged Earth. Her scientist father had assured her that other survivors would come, but none have shown up. So, when an android, severely damaged and claiming to be Aiden, her father's assistant, appears saying he's been sent through time to save her, she's both terrified and amazed.

The last time Zaphira saw Aiden, she was a smitten sixteen-year-old who had her heart shattered by his rejection. Now, eight years later, he's back in an unexpected form, asking for her help. But can she really piece a deceased man back together? For Aiden, everything is different. He's in a new android body, weakened by time travel and experiencing strange genetic changes. The scientist who sent him is no more, and he must rely on the scientist's daughter, Zaphira, for help. The last time he saw her, she was a teenager with a dangerous infatuation for him, and now she holds his survival in her hands. Trusting her might be his downfall, but he has no other choice. As Zaphira grapples with the transformation of Aiden from human to android, things get complicated when android Aiden begins to rebuild his human form to a new and improved standard. The Aiden she once loved was her father's nerdy assistant, but the new Aiden is undeniably attractive. But are her feelings as potent as they were eight years ago, or are they merely a treasured memory?


And there you have it, my fellow bibliophiles - a comprehensive guide to navigating the thrilling world of Diane Saxon's novels. Whether you're delving into the suspenseful narratives of the DS Jenna Morgan series or exploring her other captivating works, you're in for a literary treat. Remember, every book is a journey, and reading them in order can add layers of depth to your experience. So, grab your favorite Diane Saxon book, find a cozy reading nook, and let the adventure begin!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Diane Saxon? Her Biography.

Portrait of author Diane Saxon

Diane Saxon, a seasoned author, initially penned romantic fiction targeting the US market. However, her creative journey took a thrilling turn when she ventured into the realm of psychological crime. Her debut in this genre, "Find Her Alive," introduced the world to the compelling character of DS Jenna Morgan. Diane's life in Shropshire is shared with her retired policeman husband.

Nestled in the verdant countryside of Shropshire, Diane's home is a lively haven filled with love and companionship. She shares her life with her dashing husband, two beautiful daughters, a variety of pets including a Dalmatian, a one-eyed kitten, a ginger cat, and a black Labrador named Beau, who inspired the hero's name in her book "For Heaven's Cakes." After years of dedication to a demanding job that required constant availability and extensive travel, Diane decided to heed her husband's advice to "follow that dream." This decision unleashed her characters, who had been hidden for far too long. Now, they demand their own storylines, and Diane has discovered that the more freedom she gives them, the more they tend to run wild.

If you love edge-of-your-seat thrillers you might enjoy the Maggie O'Dell series, by Alex Kava.

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