Our Complete List of Sally Rigby Books in Order

Published: 30 July 2023
Written by Chris Beach

For us thrill-seekers and mystery enthusiasts, there's a sense of raw excitement that comes with delving into the intricate web of Sally Rigby's universe, a realm rich with psychological thrillers and heart-racing narratives. As someone who's spent countless nights gripping the edge of my seat, captivated by her loved crime fiction books, I've come to truly appreciate the rhythmic dance of suspense and resolution in her tales. Yet, to truly tap into the pulsating heart of Rigby's literary prowess, knowing the order of her masterpieces, specifically Sally Rigby's books in order, is invaluable. So, brace yourselves for a thrilling ride as we embark on this journey together.

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Table of Contents

• Cavendish & Walker Series
• Sebastian Clifford Series
• Cornwall Murder Mystery
• Stand-Alone Novels
• The Last Word

• Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who is Sally Rigby? Her Biography.

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Delving into Rigby's works without a guide might seem daunting, especially for newcomers to her world. Whether you're stepping into the realm of her celebrated Cavendish and Walker books or navigating the convoluted psychological landscapes she skillfully paints in her thrillers, knowing the sequence of these tales can vastly enhance your reading experience. Thus, consider this blog post your trusty map, carefully crafted to guide you through Sally Rigby's works in their intended order. Prepare yourself to unlock a universe riddled with enigma and intrigue, one thrilling chapter at a time. It's an adventure you certainly wouldn't want to miss.

Cavendish & Walker Series

Deadly Games (2019)

Book cover of Deadly Games
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Whitney Walker, an accomplished Detective Chief Inspector and devoted single mother, sees her career hanging in the balance due to a past error. However, when a brutal serial killer emerges on the scene, she recognizes it as her golden opportunity for redemption, or, alternatively, a potentially catastrophic career-ender. As she delves deeper into the mystery, the assistance she receives from Dr. Georgina Cavendish, a university lecturer who abandons her solitary academic sphere after the murder of one of her students, becomes invaluable.

Initially, their collaboration appears to lead to a quick resolution with the arrest of the prime suspect. However, the celebration is short-lived, as another girl falls victim to the cold-blooded murderer while their chief suspect remains incarcerated. Despite being dismissed from the case for a supposedly more "fitting" replacement, Walker, under Cavendish's influence, persists in her pursuit of justice. Together, they commit to unravelling the truth and stopping the relentless killer before he targets Walker's own daughter in his vicious game.

Fatal Justice (2019)

Book cover of Fatal Justice
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An alarming spree of brutal killings pulls Detective Chief Inspector Whitney Walker back into the heart of the investigative realm. The common thread connecting the victims - a history of grooming young girls - paints a picture of a vigilante delivering their twisted brand of justice. Despite sympathizing with the motive, Walker is firm that no individual has the right to take the law into their own hands. To decipher the puzzle woven into the crime scenes, Walker once more relies on the analytical prowess of forensic psychologist Dr. Georgina Cavendish. As the duo grapples with the daunting challenge, they find themselves in a race against time to shield the next potential victim from a horrifying end.

Death Track (2019)

Book cover of Death Track
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The lifeless body of a teenage boy on a Lenchester train marks the grim signature of a feared predator known as the Carriage Killer. This relentless murderer is notorious for committing a quartet of homicides per locale, using local rail networks as his hunting ground before moving on. Despite Detective Chief Inspector Whitney Walker's belief in her team's capabilities, her superiors introduce external officers into the mix, compelling her to defend her team's competence amidst unwelcome intervention. Always by Walker's side, forensic psychologist Dr. Georgina Cavendish becomes instrumental in attempting to put a stop to this two-year-long bloody spree. Yet, the formidable challenge remains: How can they infiltrate the psyche of a killer who, after twelve murders, continues to elude capture, leaving no clues in his wake?

Lethal Secret (2019)

Book cover of Lethal Secret
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An unsettling series of suicides tied to the Wellness Spirit Centre escalates into a murder investigation, reunifying DCI Whitney Walker and forensic psychologist Dr. Georgina Cavendish. As they venture deeper into the mystery, a knotted web of secrets unfurls, intensifying the looming threat of the killer striking again. With the clock working against them, their sole viable strategy involves breaching the centre's walls. However, the resulting fallout far exceeds their worst expectations, proving disastrous in ways unimagined.

Last Breath (2020)

Book cover of Last Breath
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Has the notorious Lenchester Strangler resurfaced? The discovery of a telltale pink scarf at murder scenes thrusts Detective Chief Inspector Whitney Walker into the depths of a long-dormant case, leaving her teetering on uncertainty - is she hunting the original murderer or a copycat? As the body count rises and the lack of tangible leads persist, she turns, albeit reluctantly, to the expertise of forensic psychologist Dr. Georgina Cavendish, notwithstanding their strained relationship. The question stands: Can they navigate their personal tensions to crack a seemingly uncrackable case?

Final Verdict (2020)

Book cover of Final Verdict
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A cascade of murders shrouds a high-status law firm in dread as attorneys start dropping like flies, and each clue seems to mockingly dissolve into a frustrating cul-de-sac. Detective Chief Inspector Whitney Walker finds herself entangled in the enigma, wrestling with a seemingly unfathomable motive. The crux of the mystery: What binds these victims together and what's with the eerie choice of lethal injection? In the eye of this storm stands the dynamic duo - Walker and the keen forensic psychologist, Dr. Georgina Cavendish. As they zero in on the elusive perpetrator, they juggle the intricate dance of not letting personal intricacies intrude upon their relentless investigation.

Ritual Demise (2020)

Book cover of Ritual Demise
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The serene woodland of Lenchester, once a symbol of tranquility, has chillingly morphed into a gruesome theater for ritualistic killings. Struggling to pin down any potential suspects, Detective Chief Inspector Whitney Walker finds herself relying once more on the keen insight of forensic psychologist Dr. Georgina Cavendish. This time, however, they're not dealing with an ordinary perpetrator. The killings are exquisitely orchestrated, each unique, rendering the mystery increasingly confounding. As the urgency escalates and time becomes their foe, they are pushed to delve into the sinister psyche of the murderer, hoping to halt the deadly spree before the sands run out.

Mortal Remains (2020)

Book cover of Mortal Remains
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The town of Lenchester is plagued by an elusive pyromaniac, leaving a trail of devastation and an increasing body count. As the crisis deepens, Detective Chief Inspector Whitney Walker finds herself reaching out to the skilled forensic psychologist, Dr. Georgina Cavendish, in the hope of nabbing the criminal. But the flames consuming Lenchester are not the only ones raging; significant shifts within the police department threaten to douse Whitney's career. Amid the turmoil, she's poised on a tightrope - she must apprehend the criminal quickly, both to save her job and to prevent the grim dance of death from claiming more victims.

Silent Graves (2020)

Book cover of Silent Graves
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Nothing remains buried forever. In the aftermath of the grim revelation of two adolescent girls' bodies on a construction plot, Detective Chief Inspector Whitney Walker finds herself in a race against time to catch a murderer who claimed his victims four decades ago. Faced with the challenging dynamics of a fresh team and the clock ticking on a two-week deadline imposed by budget cuts, this becomes a daunting first case. However, the trusty forensic psychologist Dr. Georgina Cavendish steps into the fray once more. As they delve into the hidden crevices of the past, startling truths leap out, stretching their shadows from the distant past into the stark light of the present.

Kill Shot (2021)

Book cover of Kill Shot
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In the wake of the shocking assassination of Lenchester's most celebrated snooker player, Detective Chief Inspector Whitney Walker and her squad find themselves thrust into the high-stakes world of cue sports. She enlists the skills of Dr. Georgina Cavendish, a forensic psychologist, to aid in the investigation, but their pursuit of justice soon veers towards unexpected global implications. Adding to Whitney's vexation, the Metropolitan Police's elite units dispatch an officer to join their ranks. Yet as the old adage goes, three can indeed be a crowd.

Dark Secrets (2021)

Book cover of Dark Secrets
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The shocking discovery of a cherished family of five, dead around their dining table with a meal still untouched, reverberates throughout the community, leaving people chilled to the bone. Was it a tragic murder-suicide or something more sinister involving an external party? DCI Whitney Walker, faced with one of her most perplexing cases, leans on the expertise of forensic psychologist Dr. Georgina Cavendish. Despite their concerted efforts, clues and motives remain elusive, hiding the identity of the killer. With the grief-stricken community yearning for answers and the pressure mounting, Cavendish and Walker find themselves delving deeper into the dark recesses of a murderer's mind than they ever have before, unearthing truths that may better have stayed buried.

Broken Screams (2022)

Book cover of Broken Screams
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An unnerving attempt on someone's life ties into a chilling series of unresolved sexual assaults, sparking fury in Detective Chief Inspector Whitney Walker. She can't shake off the thought of the countless victims lying awake in the dead of night, haunted by a phantom who continues to roam free. Once again, she seeks the professional assistance of forensic psychologist Dr. Georgina Cavendish. Their pursuit of justice leads them to a startling discovery - a commonality among the victims - they were all born on February 29th. Coincidentally, a female officer on Whitney's team shares the same peculiar birth date. As the race against time intensifies and the truth stays hidden, the pressure mounts to prevent the malevolent perpetrator from silencing his next victim, leaving her voice forever silent in the abyss of broken screams.

Sebastian Clifford Series

Web of Lies (2021)

Book cover of Web of Lies
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Sebastian Clifford, an ex-cop turned reluctant private investigator, was never one to plan for a career shift. However, following a controversy that leads to the disintegration of his specialized squad in London, he finds himself jobless. Things take a turn when his cousin pleads for his help to scrutinize her husband's widely-publicized death, and prove it was far from suicide. Despite initial hesitations, Clifford can't ignore the growing body of evidence he unearths.

Blessed - or perhaps cursed - with an eidetic memory, he is the ideal man to peel back the many layers of deception. He then encounters Detective Constable Bird, a undervalued detective of Market Harborough's law enforcement, who keeps him from accessing the vital records he needs unless he permits her involvement in the case. The prospect of working within a team again does not sit well with Clifford, his last experience having ended his law enforcement career. But as the sands in the hourglass drain away, he's left with no choice. They must navigate the treacherous labyrinth of falsehoods together, hoping to uncover the truth before it snuffs out their own lives.

Speak No Evil (2021)

Book cover of Speak No Evil
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Sebastian Clifford was all set to scale back his detective work until Detective Constable "Birdie" Bird seeks his assistance. A year prior, a child was left abandoned on the bustling streets of Market Harborough, an event that stunned the town. Since then, the little girl has remained nearly silent, and despite efforts, the police have been unsuccessful in discovering her identity, eventually admitting defeat. The team from social services overseeing the case speculates that the girl might have an intellectual disability. But Birdie and her aunt, the girl's foster parent, beg to differ. They see a bright, gifted child, trapped in a shell of fear due to some mysterious traumatic past event. Trusting Birdie's instincts, Clifford joins her in a quest to uncover the girl's identity and liberate her from the chains of her past. Yet as they peel back layers of hidden truths, they come to the chilling realization that the danger isn't confined to the silent child alone.

Never Too Late (2022)

Book cover of Never Too Late
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Sebastian is swiftly learning that tranquility is a rarity in his new line of work. He's barely swung open his office doors when DCI Whitney Walker comes knocking, seeking his expertise. Her brother, Rob, was the victim of a savage assault almost a quarter-century ago, an attack that resulted in lasting brain damage and a gaping hole in his memory about the dreadful event. Recently, though, fragments of that horrific night have started to seep back into Rob's consciousness, and Whitney fears her brother might be stepping into harm's way again. Being no stranger to the torment of past ghosts himself, Clifford agrees to lend his aid. Yet, as he delves into the shadowy recesses of this cold case, he unearths a web of hidden truths and realizes that the danger isn't confined to Rob alone.

Hidden From Sight (2023)

Book cover of Hidden From Sight
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Sebastian receives an unexpected plea for help from his erstwhile society sweetheart. Her fiancé, along with some precious artwork, has vanished into thin air. Despite his initial reluctance, Clifford's past ties to the aristocracy and mounting concerns over threatening letters his ex-girlfriend starts receiving, leave him with no option but to step in. Teaming up with his trusty partner, Lucinda Bird, known affectionately as Birdie, they commence their investigation. The duo soon find themselves submerged in the murky depths of London's underworld, struggling to differentiate reality from deception. When a pivotal clue points them towards Clifford's archenemy, the gravity of the danger they're all in dawns on him. The clock is ticking, and they need to locate both the missing man and the artwork, or else face fatal consequences.

Fear the Truth (2023)

Book cover of Fear the Truth
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When a renowned children's TV icon knocks on the door of private investigator Sebastian Clifford and his partner Birdie, they find themselves treading the glitzy yet murky corridors of the celebrity world. The star is on the brink of a reputation disaster, being shaken down by a blackmailer who's threatening to expose her shadowy past. As someone who's experienced the repercussions of a single misstep, Clifford agrees to assist. Delving deeper, they uncover a labyrinth of secrets where every individual holds a skeleton in their closet, some sinister enough to incite deadly actions. The race is on to unearth the identity of the blackmailer before a well-loved star's life and reputation teeter into the abyss.

Cornwall Murder Mystery

The Lost Girls of Penzance (2023)

Book cover of The Lost Girls of Penzance
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Lauren's heart skips a beat as the sight of skeletal remains, nestled in the morning-dew grass, arrests her gaze. The picturesque solitude of the landscape, punctuated only by the distant crash of waves and the ghostly call of seagulls, is an unsettling contrast to the life that was abruptly extinguished here. As a member of the Penzance police force, Detective Lauren Pengelly knows that her tranquil Cornish town is seldom punctuated by such grim discoveries. However, the unearthing of a woman's skeletal remains, with a gaping hole in the skull, suggests otherwise. When it emerges that the bones have lain undisturbed for almost two decades, Lauren experiences a fleeting moment of relief, but it's short-lived. On the same day, she receives a chilling report about a young girl, Isla, kidnapped from her nursery under tight security. As the usually peaceful town is plunged into fear and the question of a connection between the old bones and Isla's abduction arises, a second girl disappears. Lauren, now partnered with her newly-appointed second-in-command, Detective Matt Price, pins their suspicions on the peculiar actions of Isla's estranged father. But, as they grapple with the pieces of this complex puzzle, they're confronted with a haunting reality - they're still far from uncovering the dreadful truth.

Stand-Alone Novels

The Ex-Wife (2023) (with Amanda Ashby)

Book cover of The Ex-Wife
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The arrival of Norah in my once idyllic life has set it spiraling into chaos. Younger, more attractive, and on the verge of marrying my former spouse, they embody every cliché I despise. My resentment towards Norah and my ex runs deep; after all, they've seized what was mine - my partner, my tranquility, my sanctuary. Yet, when Norah sets her sights on my precious daughter Cassie, that's where I draw the line. The cherry on top of this convoluted sundae? Norah's intentions to birth a child of her own, a prospect that could throw my life into further disarray and expose my darkest secrets. I cannot, under any circumstances, let that occur, regardless of the price I must pay.

The Last Word

In a whirlpool of suspense and intricate plot twists, Sally Rigby certainly knows how to keep readers on the edge of their seats. Having devoured her complete bibliography this past month, I can honestly attest to the fact that she writes psychological thrillers with a surgeon's precision and an artist's flair. Her books, neatly lined up on my shelf, whisper tales of psychological warfare, chilling mysteries, and eerie silences that linger long after the last page is turned. If you're an admirer of brilliantly woven narratives with a hefty dose of nail-biting suspense, the works of Sally Rigby are your beacon in the adrenaline-charged realm of thrillers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Sally Rigby? Her Biography.

Portrait of author Sally Rigby

Born in the heart of the UK in Northampton, Sally Rigby had an insatiable itch to see the world. After gaining some life and professional experience in Manchester and London, even working in the magazine and radio industries, she took the bold leap to move abroad. Since 2001, she's made her home in New Zealand, a country she lauds as the most stunning on the globe, save for a five-year stint in Australia. Dabbling first in the realm of young adult fiction under a pseudonym, Sally eventually found her calling in crime fiction, birthing the well-received Cavendish & Walker series featuring the duo of DCI Whitney Walker and Dr Georgina Cavendish. Rigby's affinity for the world of education, which shaped her early career, and her unending fascination with the dark psychology of serial killers fuel her thrilling narratives. More recently, she introduced readers to the captivating Detective Sebastian Clifford series and, partnering with a fellow author, delved into psychological thrillers under Boldwood Books.

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