Your Ultimate Guide to Emma Jameson Books in Order

Published: 1 July 2023
Written by Penny Somerset

If you're like me, a mystery novel enthusiast, you've probably stumbled upon the riveting narratives spun by Emma Jameson. Her tales, brimming with compelling characters, unforeseen plot turns, and a delightful mix of suspense and wit, have a knack for ensnaring your attention and keeping you engrossed till the final word. However, to fully immerse yourself in the evolution and depth of her stories, it's crucial to approach the Emma Jameson books in order.

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Table of Contents

• Lord and Lady Hetheridge Mystery Series
• Dr Benjamin Bones Mysteries / Magic of Cornwall
• Camelot, West Virginia Books
• Jemima Jago Mystery Books
• The Last Clue: Ending Our Exploration of Emma Jameson Books

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who is Emma Jameson? Her Biography
  • Do I have to read Emma Jameson books in chronological order?

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In this post, we're going to delve into the literary universe of author Emma Jameson, offering a detailed guide to her novels in their chronological order of publication. Whether you're an ardent fan ensuring you've not overlooked a single book, or a newcomer ready to plunge into an exhilarating literary adventure, this guide is your compass. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for an in-depth exploration into the suspense-filled, captivating, and utterly addictive world of Emma Jameson's mystery novels.

Lord and Lady Hetheridge Mystery Series

Ice Blue (2011)

Cover of the novel Ice Blue
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In a few weeks, Anthony Hetheridge, the ninth Baron of Wellegrave and Chief Superintendent for New Scotland Yard, will celebrate his sixtieth birthday. His life, devoid of marriage, children, pets, hobbies, or even a captivating vice, has been a model of safety and predictability, marred only by his career choice, which his aristocratic family finds distastefully sordid. However, his world of icy equilibrium begins to wobble when he crosses paths with the fiery and headstrong Detective Sergeant Kate Wakefield, a woman nearly half his age.

After rescuing Kate from the jaws of dismissal, standing up to the male-dominated hierarchy of Scotland Yard on her behalf, Hetheridge's life takes a dizzying spin. A call to investigate a savage murder in the chic neighborhood of Belgravia in London adds to the chaos. As he races to unmask the killer, Hetheridge grapples with his burgeoning feelings for Kate, the unexpected return of a former lover, and a deeply buried secret from his own past that threatens to surface.

Blue Murder (2012)

Cover of the novel Blue Murder
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A Halloween celebration in the stylish district of Chelsea, London, takes a horrifying turn when Emmeline Wardle, heiress to a frozen food empire, hosts a party that ends in a double tragedy. The victims, Trevor Parsons, the charismatic golden boy, and Clive French, the introverted computer whiz, both meet their untimely ends on the Wardle estate, each with an axe wound to the skull. Given the high-profile nature of the case, New Scotland Yard assigns none other than Chief Superintendent Anthony Hetheridge, also known as Lord Hetheridge, the ninth Baron of Wellegrave, to unravel the mystery.

Detective Sergeants Kate Wakefield and Deepal "Paul" Bhar face a daunting task. Bhar finds himself dealing with the capricious and luxury-loving Emmeline Wardle, who has a dangerous fondness for a certain illicit white substance. Meanwhile, Kate must determine whether Kyla Sloane, with her model-like beauty and fragile demeanor, is being honest about the night's events. Adding to the complexity, Kate must also figure out if Kyla's past relationship with Bhar is irrelevant or if it holds the key to solving the case.

Something Blue (2013)

Cover of the book Something Blue
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In just three weeks, Anthony Hetheridge, the ninth Baron of Wellegrave and Chief Superintendent for New Scotland Yard, is set to wed Kate Wakefield. The wedding preparations are in full swing, with invitations sent, flowers arranged, and cake selected. However, the grim specter of murder respects neither man nor matrimonial plans. In the esteemed West End of London, a scandal-ridden CEO, Michael Martin Hughes, meets his end at the elite Hotel Nonpareil. The list of those who bore no love for Hughes is long, including his estranged wife Thora, rebellious son Griffin, the hotel's manager, its head of security, and possibly even the two other women in his life: his soon-to-be wife Arianna and his clandestine lover Riley.

Adding to the intrigue, Hughes had recently crossed paths with Sir Duncan Godington, a formidable adversary of both Hetheridge and Detective Sergeant Deepal "Paul" Bhar. For the first time, Hetheridge, Kate, and Bhar find themselves under immense pressure to solve the murder in record time. With confidence in Hetheridge seemingly wavering from Scotland Yard and Downing Street, will the case hinge on concrete forensic evidence, a heap of circumstantial facts, or a spontaneous act of theft?

Black & Blue (2015)

Cover of the book Black & Blue
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In the heart of Mayfair, Granville Hardwick, a modern art dealer with a knack for ruffling feathers, meets his untimely end. His gallery, filled with art of dubious quality, his romantic entanglements with the wives of other men, and his unsightly residence in an otherwise charming neighborhood, have all made him a figure of disdain. Coincidentally, his home is in the same neighborhood as Scotland Yard's Chief Superintendent Tony Hetheridge. So, when Hardwick is found murdered, struck by a distasteful art replica, it falls to Hetheridge and his new wife, Kate, to unravel the mystery.

Tony had anticipated a change when he married Kate, but he hadn't bargained for the chaos stirred up by Kate's troublesome relatives and his own adversaries within Scotland Yard. As they delve into the case of the slain art dealer and his trio of unfaithful wives, they find that the repercussions might extend beyond the boundaries of Mayfair, potentially altering the lives of Lord and Lady Hetheridge forever.

Blue Blooded (2018)

Cover of the book Blue Blooded
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Tony Hetheridge is embarking on a fresh chapter in his career as a private investigator. Having served as a Chief Superintendent for New Scotland Yard, he was in charge of the "Toff Squad," dealing with murder cases involving the elite. Now, his wife, Kate, takes over that role, giving Tony the freedom to select his cases. His first assignment involves the peculiar suicide of Mariah Keene and the simultaneous vanishing of her twin brother, Mark. Despite being university dropouts, recreational drug users, and followers of the esoteric practice of sacred geometry, their most dangerous connection is with Sir Duncan Godington, a man acquitted of triple murder.

As Tony goes undercover in the City of Westminster to find Mark and uncover the truth about Mariah's fate, Kate grapples with balancing her personal and professional life. They are in the process of adopting nine-year-old Henry, while Kate's estranged sister, Maura, is suing for full custody. At the new Scotland Yard HQ, Kate's close friend Paul Bhar is being sidelined, while Kate herself is up for a much-desired promotion. Her first independent investigation, involving the high-tech murder of a politician, unexpectedly intersects with Tony's case and Sir Duncan. Is it a mere coincidence, or is it finally time for Sir Duncan to face justice?

Blue Christmas (2019)

Cover of the book Blue Christmas
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When the stingy millionaire Barnaby Galen is discovered dead in his rundown mansion, the police are greeted with a macabre scene: two bodies, one being the murder victim and the other, a human skeleton, serving as the murder weapon. The skeleton, more horrifying than the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, was set up to spring up next to Galen's bed and frighten him to death. After a lengthy recovery period in the countryside, Tony Hetheridge is keen to return to work.

However, his wife Kate is still traumatized by the violent conclusion of their previous case. In an attempt to reignite Kate's detective instincts, Tony proposes they assist their friend Paul Bhar in unraveling the peculiar circumstances of Galen's death. The miser, reminiscent of Scrooge, left behind a trail of enemies and a neighborhood teeming with quirky suspects. Will Kate manage to return to her duties at Scotland Yard? Or will the investigative burden fall solely on Tony and Paul?

Untrue Blue (2021)

Cover of the book Untrue Blue
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April showers bring more than just May flowers for Lord Anthony Hetheridge; they bring a storm of mysteries. His wife, Kate, is in her final month of pregnancy, confined to bedrest, and their friend DI Deepal "Paul" Bhar is celebrating the birth of his adorable baby girl. The Hetheridges have returned to their restored Wellegrave House in the heart of Mayfair. However, within the walls of Scotland Yard, where Tony devoted many years of service, something is amiss. The discovery of the murdered body of Tony's former protégé, DC Amelia Gulls, in her apartment, casts a shadow of suspicion on her boyfriend, DC Sean Kincaid.

When Paul enlists Tony's help in the investigation, they uncover more mysteries than solutions. Prior to her death, Gulls was investigating three cold cases: a mistress thrown from the window of her fourth-floor apartment, a university student who drowned in the Thames, and a retired detective's drug-addicted son found dead under a tree. As Tony delves into these seemingly unsolvable cases, he edges closer to a startling revelation and a perilous confrontation.

Dr Benjamin Bones Mysteries / Magic of Cornwall

Bones in the Blackout - Marriage Can Be Murder (2014)

Cover of the book Bones in the Blackout
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As World War II looms, Dr. Benjamin Bones finds himself in a personal battle. While most young men are being dispatched to combat the Germans, Ben is selected to serve on home soil. He's instructed to relocate to the wild and picturesque Cornwall, swapping his sophisticated London office and urban lifestyle for the quaint village of Birdswing, home to a mere 1,221 inhabitants. The move isn't the only sacrifice Ben faces. His unfaithful wife, Penny, joins him in Cornwall in a desperate bid to salvage their marriage. However, shortly after their arrival, Penny is fatally struck by a vehicle, and Ben is severely injured.

While the villagers write off Penny's death as an accident, Ben is convinced it was murder. As he recovers in the supposedly haunted Fenton House, he encounters the quirky residents of Birdswing: Mr. Gaston, the air warden obsessed with protecting his village from Nazi spies; Mrs. Cobblepot, a practical housekeeper with a belief in fairies; and Lady Juliet Linton, a stubborn aristocrat who refuses to take no for an answer. As Ben adjusts to life during Britain's "War at Home," marked by ration books, victory gardens, bomb shelters, and the Blackout, he sets out to solve the mystery of Penny's murder, with a little assistance from Lady Juliet and the ghost of Fenton House.

Bones at the Manor House - Divorce Can Be Deadly (2016)

Cover of the book Bones at the Manor House
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Dr. Benjamin Bones finds himself haunted by two specters. One he fears will forever hold him captive, and the other he worries might escape his grasp. Thus begins the second installment of Emma Jameson's wartime cozy mystery series. We return to the small Cornish village of Birdswing in the harsh winter of 1939, reuniting with familiar faces as they dive into more amateur detective work. Lady Juliet finds herself troubled by the unexpected return of her wayward husband, Ethan Bolivar, while Ben's fascination with the ghost of Fenton House intensifies. The discovery of a bloodless, naked body in a grand house in the neighboring village of Barking sets Ben and Juliet on a path of unraveling a web of lies, theft, secret affairs, and a butler who might just be the culprit.

Dr. Bones and the Christmas Wish (2016)

Cover of the book Dr. Bones and the Christmas Wish
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Just days before Christmas in 1939, Dr. Benjamin Bones finds himself in a decidedly Scrooge-like state of mind. With the winter setting record lows, his country embroiled in war, and his romantic life at a standstill, cheer is hard to come by. However, Cornwall is a place where magic and mystery are never far away. After striking a deal with a diminutive, elf-like man, Ben is led to an elderly woman seeking to make amends. This unexpected encounter presents Ben with an opportunity to demonstrate his deep affection for a certain special someone.

Dr. Bones and the Lost Love Letter (2017)

Cover of the book Dr. Bones and the Lost Love Letter
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In the small village of Birdswing, privacy is a luxury that Dr. Benjamin Bones finds elusive. Whether it's prying eyes from a window, eavesdropping ears against a wall, or chatty neighbors over a garden fence, someone is always watching or listening. As the vicar, Father Cotterill, aptly puts it, "The birds sing in Birdswing." In February 1940, with the village on tenterhooks waiting for Hitler to escalate the "Phony War" into a full-blown conflict, the villagers are in dire need of a diversion.

Amidst this, Ben's burgeoning romance with Lady Juliet must remain a well-guarded secret. So, when a seemingly minor case presents itself - a love letter that has been lost for nearly three decades, still seeking its intended recipient - Ben and Juliet seize the opportunity to investigate, if only to steal a few moments together. As they endeavor to deliver the letter, they stumble upon two lonely hearts who might just find a second chance at love, all thanks to the enchanting charm of Cornwall.

Camelot, West Virginia Books

Camelot West Virginia - A Magical Mountain Mystery (2022)

Cover of the book Camelot West Virginia
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including Christmas in Camelot (2018), The Lady in the Lake (2019), Queen's Gambit (2019), A Murder of Orkneys (2020)

with Cyn Mackley

In the small town of Camelot, West Virginia, Mayor Dreama Avalon harbors a dream of revitalizing her struggling community, nestled in the heart of coal country, into a thriving tourist attraction. However, when a former beauty queen is found dead, Dreama fears that a rising tide of crime could thwart her town's chance of a prosperous resurgence. In response, she appoints a courageous newcomer as the town's police chief. The victim, intriguingly, had been making suspicious plans for her own funeral.

Amid visions of medieval times, concealed local secrets, and an opioid crisis, Dreama senses a complex plot brewing, more potent than the region's infamous moonshine. Can she unravel this Rust Belt mystery before potential tourists decide to reroute their plans? "Camelot West Virginia" is the captivating first book in the Camelot West Virginia cozy mystery series. If you enjoy clever heroines, intricate mysteries, and a vibrant ensemble of characters, you'll be charmed by Cyn Mackley's light-hearted puzzle. This Deluxe Edition also includes the delightful prequels "Christmas in Camelot" and "A Murder of Orkneys."

Jemima Jago Mystery Books

An English country manor house perched on a cliff overlooking the sea

A Death at Seascape House (2021)

Cover of the book A Death at Seascape House
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Jemima Jago has returned to her roots in the charming Isles of Scilly, seeking a fresh start in a picturesque coastal village. By day, she's immersed in the oldest library in Cornwall, and by night, she's gazing at the stars from the cove. The tranquil pace of life seems ideal until she stumbles upon a peculiar crime. While on the trail of a purloined book, Jem unexpectedly discovers the lifeless body of notorious gossip, Edith Reddy, in her dilapidated clifftop cottage. Suddenly, the island doesn't seem so serene! Matters worsen when the clumsy Sergeant Anderson suspects Jem, being the first on the scene, of foul play. Unfazed and ever resourceful, Jem initiates her own investigation to clear her name. She soon realizes that many of the island's quirky inhabitants had motives to wish Edith gone. Was it Declan, the tired waiter, Bart, the suspicious ferryman, or Lissa, a friend turned adversary? When Jem finds a library book, overdue by years, hidden in Edith's home, she's convinced she's on the right path. But can she solve the mystery before the final chapter is written on her own story?

A Death at Candlewick Castle (2021)

Cover of the book A Death at Candlewick Castle
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Librarian Jemima Jago is savoring a tranquil summer in the Isles of Scilly until an enigmatic crime washes ashore. Jemima's days are filled with work in Cornwall's oldest library, reconnecting with old friends over tea and chocolate biscuits, sunbathing, swimming, and sailing. However, her idyllic summer is disrupted when the body of affluent businessman Hermie Castleberry is discovered on the pristine sands beneath Candlewick Castle.

Jemima had no intention of getting involved until her former sweetheart, Rhys Tremayne, is accused of the murder. Determined to prove his innocence, she employs her knack for unearthing elusive information. She learns that Hermie had been harboring secrets and causing disturbances in the usually peaceful islands. Could the culprit be the subdued wife, the undermined business partner, or the unctuous salesman? The discovery of a pair of silver gloves by a small dog named Buck might be the clue Jemima needs to solve the mystery. But can she apprehend the true perpetrator and manage her rekindled feelings for Rhys before the killer sends her to meet Davy Jones?

A Death at Silversmith Bay (2022)

A Death at Silversmith Bay
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Librarian Jemima Jago has an affinity for mysteries, but stumbling upon a corpse in a bookstore is a plot twist she never anticipated. Back at work with her antique books and spending her weekends exploring her new home, Jem and her best friend Micki venture to the scenic town of Penzance to visit Tatteredly's, a local second-hand bookstore. However, their visit takes a grim turn when they find the body of the store's owner, Gina Marrack, lifeless among the bookshelves.

Unable to resist the allure of a real-life mystery, Jem persuades Gina's acquaintances to share what they know. She learns that Gina wasn't particularly popular in her community. A persistent property developer had been eyeing the street, but Gina had steadfastly refused to sell. Could the aggressive real estate agent have murdered Gina for a quick profit? Or was a scorned ex-lover seeking vengeance? While investigating the crime scene, Jem notices an oddly misplaced book on the otherwise meticulously organized shelves. Could this be a crucial clue? And can Jem solve the murder before she becomes the next chapter in this grim tale?

A Death at Neptune Cove (2022)

Cover of the book A Death at Neptune Cove
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A birthday beach celebration takes a grim turn, leading to hidden treasure and a mysterious death, making this potentially Jemima Jago's most perplexing case yet. When Jemima arrives at a secluded cottage overlooking the stunning Neptune Cove, she's seeking help for a birthday cake baking mishap, not anticipating to discover the tenant lifeless on the floor, with traces of blood on his satin pajamas. The deceased is Arthur Ajax, a charming and affluent American businessman who came to the Isles of Scilly as a tourist and decided to stay.

His extravagant lifestyle had sparked town gossip. Was his death a result of his excesses, or could it be linked to an unsettled debt? Later that evening, Jemima uncovers a stash of buried jewelry, unearthed from the dunes by a small dog named Buck. She wonders if these could be connected to the wealthy man's murder. It's not every day one finds what appear to be pricey sapphire earrings hidden in an antique biscuit tin! Jemima consults a local jewelry expert to identify the gems, but when he suddenly disappears, she realizes someone is trying to erase their tracks. Can she apprehend the killer before she, too, is forced to walk the plank?

The Last Clue: Ending Our Exploration of Emma Jameson Books

As we wrap up this literary journey, it's clear that the world of author Emma Jameson is one filled with suspense, intrigue, and characters that leap off the page. Whether you're just beginning your exploration or you're an established fan, reading the Emma Jameson books in order provides a rich, layered experience that deepens your understanding of her complex narratives. So, grab a cup of your favorite beverage, find a cozy reading nook, and lose yourself in the captivating world Emma Jameson has masterfully crafted. Happy reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Emma Jameson? Her Biography

Portrait photograph of author Emma Jameson

Emma Jameson, born as Stephanie Abbott, has been a storyteller since her childhood. At the tender age of seven, she penned her first tale, a whimsical story about a blind girl who could transform into a white housecat. Throughout her teenage years, she wrote obsessively, often at the expense of her schoolwork. Despite growing up in the flat, hot landscapes of Florida, she found herself captivated by the foggy, gaslit streets of Victorian London. As she grew older, she worked various jobs, from waiting tables to assisting eye doctors as an Ophthalmic Technologist. Yet, the allure of writing never left her. At 34, she began to write in secret, her fascination with England and London still burning bright.

At 38, a dream about a Scotland Yard detective in love with a younger subordinate inspired her to write the first chapter of what would become her debut novel, "Ice Blue". Despite initial rejections from publishers, she decided to self-publish under the pseudonym Emma Jameson, thinking no one would ever read her work. To her surprise, her books gained traction, and she found herself writing full time. Today, she is the author of the popular Lord & Lady Hetheridge Mystery Series, which includes "Ice Blue", "Blue Murder", "Something Blue", and "Black & Blue", with plans for more. She also writes the Dr. Benjamin Bones Mysteries, starting with "Marriage Can Be Murder". Emma Jameson, the Florida girl who dreamt of London, now writes English cozy mysteries, bringing her childhood fascination to life in her captivating novels.

Do I have to read Emma Jameson books in chronological order?

If you're a connoisseur of crime, Emma Jameson's books are the perfect blend of mystery and magnificence. From her debut Lord & Lady Hetheridge series novel Ice Blue to her latest installment, each book stands on its own with captivating characters and clever plot twists. So, fear not! Dive into these must-reads in whatever order suits your fancy. Whether it's unraveling secrets alongside Chief Inspector Anthony Hetheridge or following the trail of Lady Katherine at Scotland Yard, one thing's for certain: Emma Jameson knows just how to keep you guessing until the very last page. So go ahead, mix things up and discover why fans can't get enough of the Lord & Lady Hetheridge books!

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