Romance Books About Vikings

Published: 28 May 2023
Written by Penny Somerset

Hello fellow romance enthusiasts! As we embark on this voyage together, we're setting sail from the familiar shores of modern love stories, steered by the compass of our shared passion for romance novels, and heading towards the rugged landscapes of Northern Europe. Our destination? The fascinating, sometimes brutal, yet always enticing world of romance books about Vikings. I'm excited to delve into Norse mythology, a theme frequently woven into these tales, and share my thoughts on some books where valiant warriors and shield maidens undertake epic journeys in search of honor, destiny, and - of course - love.

Romance Books About Vikings

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• Sailing into the Sunset: Concluding Thoughts on Viking Romance

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It's captivating to see how authors master the art of world-building in these narratives, taking us back to a time when the courage of one's heart was just as important as the strength of one's arm. We'll venture together through the wilds of the eleventh century, exploring stormy seas, frosty fjords, and mighty mead halls. But, fear not! We won't lose sight of our cherished romance tropes amidst the shield-wall battles and longboat voyages. After all, it's the moments of tenderness, passion, and profound connection that make these stories truly shine.

Our Ultimate List of Viking Romances

The Highlander's Viking Bride: A Scottish Medieval Romantic Adventure (Hardy Heroines)

The Highlander's Viking Bride
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by Cathy & DD McRae

Calder MacGerry makes a bold choice to terminate a grueling family dispute by tying the knot with Katja Sinclair, his adversary's daughter. On the other hand, Katja yearns for liberation from her father's tyranny and views this marriage as her golden ticket. Their shared resolve to leave their past behind kindles a spark of hope, but the looming question is if this commitment might just morph into the most regrettable decision of their lives.

Even as Calder seizes this opportunity to mend the rift with the Sinclairs, his conditions might just cause Katja to develop resentments even before they exchange vows. The disbelief of her father picking Calder as her spouse, especially after she declined countless elderly suitors, strikes her as too surreal. However, the hostility isn't squashed for numerous MacGerrys, and her assent to this marital alliance with the young laird might just plunge her into a whirlwind of unexpected chaos.

As Calder invests his energy in readying the clan for winter, the aggression towards Katja takes a lethal turn. With her devoted wolfhound, Freki, she seeks asylum in the Shetland Isles, amidst her mother's Viking roots. Calder, although close behind, is left with the daunting task of rectifying the damage and winning her affection. This stirring historical romance, teeming with captivating characters and assertive heroines, offers a tale of love's second chance. "The Highlander's Viking Bride," laced with a persistent Highlander, a fiercely independent heroine, a helpful pick-pocket, and a loyal wolfhound, will carry you from Scotland's rugged landscapes to the distant Shetland Isles.

Beautiful Wreck

Beautiful Wreck
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by Larissa Brown

Living in a barren future where virtual reality is the norm, Ginn, a hopeless romantic, craves something tangible. She crafts digital realms for individuals who relish pretending to be Vikings. However, when her project backfires, she finds herself marooned in the actual 10th century, amidst the idyllic landscape of a Viking farmstead in Iceland.

Heirik, the young patriarch of his household, earns the respect of those dwelling on his property. Yet, a dreadful curse cloaks him in fear and isolation. Both Ginn and Heirik are individuals who never envisioned finding comfort and love in another's presence. But as challenges mount, threatening to pull them apart, Ginn must make a difficult choice. Will she swap the raw beauty of her historical reality for a pain-free future? Or will she gather the bravery to cross time and embrace her inner Viking, beyond her wildest dreams?

The Viking's Defiant Bride (Victorious Vikings Book 1)

The Viking's Defiant Bride
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by Joanna Fulford

Set in Northumbria, 867 A.D., Joanna Fulford's captivating romance novel "The Viking's Defiant Bride" tells the tale of the brave and stunning Lady Elgiva. Claimed as a trophy by the Viking conqueror Earl Wulfrum, she is as valuable as the territories he now reigns over. Wulfrum has claimed her homeland and is now poised to claim Elgiva herself, despite her clear reluctance to become his bride.

Wulfrum is renowned for his formidable warrior skills, yet the resilient Elgiva presents a unique challenge unlike anything he has encountered before. However, her reactions to his touch hint at a shared intensity that's hard to ignore. Their fervent struggle can only find resolution in one place-the matrimonial bed. This fiery clash of wills and the resulting sparks of desire paint a passionate tale of resistance and inevitability, tying together the past and the heart's deepest longings.

The Reluctant Viking

The Reluctant Viking
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by Sandra Hill

In Sandra Hill's enthralling romance novel "The Reluctant Viking," Ruby Jordan turns to a self-help tape for a lifeline amidst her crumbling marriage, only to be swept off to an era of rugged warriors and enchanting maidens. This unexpected leap whisks her a millennium back in time, landing her squarely in the presence of Thork, a robust Norseman. Thork's archaic views on women and his uncanny resemblance to her husband create a complex emotional turmoil for Ruby.

Her journey back to the Dark Ages isn't just a whirlwind of feasts and festivities. She finds herself having to navigate a world where the man with her husband's face is intent on keeping his distance from her. Armed with her resolve not to lose the same man twice, Ruby hatches a daring plan of seduction. Her intent is to vanquish the Viking's reluctance and make him a willing prisoner of her affection, painting an intoxicating tale of time-crossed love and perseverance.

Fires of Winter

Fires of Winter
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by Johanna Lindsey

In Johanna Lindsey's enthralling romance novel "Fires of Winter," we encounter Lady Breena, a striking and fearless woman, who finds herself snatched away by marauders from beyond a frigid sea. As a captive, she swears an oath of retribution and firmly resolves that no Viking brute would assert dominance over her, and no savage would shackle her dignified Celtic spirit. Yet, everything changes with the arrival of Garrick Haardrad, the commanding and formidable son of a merciless Viking chieftain, igniting a story full of passion and conflicting loyalties.

Lord of the Runes

Lord of the Runes
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by Sabrina Jarema

Sabrina Jarema's "Lord of the Runes" masterfully breathes life into the vibrant world of the Vikings, encapsulating every intricate historical detail. The tale unfolds as courageous warriors battle to uphold family honor and age-old traditions, all while finding themselves captivated by remarkable women who only amplify their desire for justice.

The narrative plunges Eirik Ivarson into a whirlpool of fierce conflict in the aftermath of his father's assassination. As foreign threats loom over his homeland and everything he cherishes, Eirik pledges to stay resolute and seek retribution for his father's death, even if it means leaving behind everything he's familiar with.

Enter Asa Sigrundsdottir-a spirited shieldmaiden with expressive brown eyes - who cautiously regards the golden-haired warrior found half-frozen amidst a storm. Eirik, a man of courage who possesses the rare ability to interpret runes and appears destined for greatness, intrigues her. Despite the shadows of her own history, he selects her as his aide in his quest. However, when their connection faces a challenge, it'll take the fortitude of a hero to keep their love from faltering, painting a story of passion, valor, and steadfast love.

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Viking Warriors: Craved. Captured. Claimed: Dark Romance Trilogy

Viking Warriors
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by Emmanuelle de Maupassant

In Emmanuelle de Maupassant's gripping "Viking Warriors" trilogy, we're thrown into a brooding and perilous world where desire and sorrow collide. The saga unfolds as three contenders vie for control over Elswyth. Their pursuit isn't merely for her freedom, but to manipulate her as a pawn in their dangerous games, to gain utter dominance over her.

Caught in the tempest of envy and overwhelming passion, her survival hangs by a thread. Just when safety seems within reach, an unseen adversary pulls her into a vortex of uncontrolled longing. To outlive this ordeal, Elswyth must gather her strength and fight, or risk losing herself entirely.

This heart-racing dark romance series guarantees a thrilling read you simply can't put aside, packed with unforeseen turns that will leave you gasping for breath. The trilogy encompasses "Viking Thunder," "Viking Wolf," and "Viking Beast," promising a captivating journey through a world of dangerous desire and relentless resilience.

His Captive Bride (Timeless)

His Captive Bride
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by Shelley Thacker

A fierce, accomplished warrior abducts a spirited noblewoman from a bustling fair, whisking her away to a secluded, mystical island shrouded in mists and untold secrets. In spite of her initial defiance, she is compelled into a reluctant union with her proud captor, all while nurturing dreams of flight. The captor, who regards himself as unyielding to the soft touches of love, finds his icy heart gradually warming to the passionate defiance of his fiery bride. Yet, a profound revelation about the island and its dwellers looms, posing a demanding choice. A struggle ensues between affection and honor, commitment and longing. A decision that bears the weight of their destinies... a choice that reverberates in the now and echoes into forever.

The Runes of Destiny

The Runes of Destiny
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by Christina Courtenay

Immersed in an archaeological expedition to escape recent personal upheavals, Linnea Berger discovers an ornate brooch adorned with ancient Viking runes. Her fascination abruptly takes a shocking twist when she finds herself transported back to the ninth century, amidst authentic Viking warriors, upon reading the inscription. She's claimed by Hrafn, a fierce Viking warrior who decides to sell her as a slave, forcing her on a perilous journey across vast seas. As Linnea grapples with her inexplicable time-travel and strives to return to her era, an unexpected bond begins to flourish between her and Hrafn. Despite her resolve to resist, the inscrutable call of the runes and the allure of a destiny intertwined with Hrafn, challenges her decisions.

Immortal Warrior

Immortal Warrior
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by Lisa Hendrix

In his relentless quest for treasures, the honorable and valiant Ivar Graycloak, a man cursed to exist eternally as an eagle by day and a man by night, finds himself in England. This ancient curse, the result of an evil sorceress's wrath, has sentenced him to a life of solitude for over two centuries. When the king commands him to marry, his path intertwines with the delightful Lady Alaida - smart, vivacious, and strikingly attractive.

Their wedding night stirs unfamiliar feelings within Ivar, soothing his isolated spirit. However, a prophetic warning of a looming darkness compels Ivar to keep his distance, yet his newfound affection and yearning for Alaida make it a challenge. Unbeknownst to him, Lady Alaida possesses a secret power of her own, a power that could either shatter their burgeoning bond or liberate them from their respective curses.

Called by a Viking (Series Box Set)

Called by a Viking
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by Mariah Stone

Dive into a saga of time-traveling romance featuring five audacious Viking warriors and their corresponding modern women counterparts. Over the course of 750+ pages of intense Nordic romance, readers explore what happens when contemporary females grapple with a world dominated by alpha Vikings.

The first tale depicts the clash between a feminist fixer of wrongs and a battle-axe wielding Viking, creating a powerful dynamic between them. The second story revolves around a modern-day woman who dips into the past, sparking the passions of a protective Viking. The third narrative follows a woman on the run who forms an alliance with a Viking bent on settling old scores, leading them down a path of destiny or disaster. The fourth installment introduces a mourning Viking and a time-traveling yoga instructor who must overcome their respective grief to open their hearts to love. The final tale brings together a 21st-century businesswoman and a 9th-century Viking warrior, who must navigate the annals of history to cultivate their extraordinary love.

His Viking Bride

His Viking Bride
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by Olivia Norem

In a peculiar twist of fate, adventurous Aestrid Karisson unexpectedly finds her life trajectory irrevocably altered. Swept up by the formidable warrior Veleif Kollsvein and his band, she's mistakenly believed to be a mere slave. Only upon arrival at Veleif's fortress is her true status recognized. Caught in a battle of wills, Aestrid is determined to vex Veleif until he agrees to send her home, sparking a personal conflict with the dark, menacing Viking prince. When Veleif's council insists that the two should marry, he sets a strategy of his own in motion: the art of seduction. Will Veleif's provocative tactics succeed in thawing Aestrid's fiery heart? Or will the Viking prince find himself subdued by his headstrong bride?

The Viking's Stolen Princess (Harlequin Historical)

The Viking's Stolen Princess
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by Sarah Rodi

In the heat of vengeance, Brand Ivarsson of Kald makes the audacious move of abducting Anne of Termarth on the precipice of her wedding day. Fuelled primarily by a desire to retaliate against her despicable fiancé, Brand, the Viking, finds himself captivated by his royal captive. As he comes face to face with this striking princess, so alien to his world, he is enraptured by more than just her beauty. Her spirit and kindness leave an indelible impression on him. This leads to a potent question: Is Anne truly his prisoner, or has she, with her vibrant personality, managed to seize his guarded heart?

Handfasted to the Bear

Handfasted to the Bear
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by Elina Emerald

In "Handfasted to the Bear", a Scottish viking medieval romance, Brodie 'The Bear' Fletcher is notorious for his prowess both on the battlefield and in romantic escapades, enjoying his freedom and his reputation. However, a lingering shadow from his past makes him reevaluate his path. Serving as the Head Guardsman of the War Band for Chieftain Beiste MacGregor, Brodie frequently crosses paths with Orla, an exasperating mixed-race bowyer who never fails to challenge him. In the face of encroaching Viking raiders and an Abyssinian Warrior Queen, Brodie unexpectedly finds himself beholden to the very woman who might just capture his heart.

Orla, a mixed-race orphan who has harbored feelings for Brodie for as long as she can remember, has often felt unnoticed by him. Adopted by 'Morag the Oracle', she grew up within the MacGregor clan. Skilled in hunting and a trusted advisor to the Chieftain's wife, Orla often aggravates Brodie with her sharp humor and pointed words. However, the arrival of Vikings from the North shifts the dynamics. It soon becomes evident what happens when one provokes 'The Bear'.

Love's Fury (Viking's Fury Book 1)

Love's Fury
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by Violetta Rand

Caught in the crossfire of duty and desire, Konal the Red finds himself fighting in Northumbria, courtesy of a lost bet to his elder brother and a command from the Danish prince. Yet his heart longs for his homeland, Norway. His battlefield prowess earns him not just respect and lands but also enemies and the unexpected prize of a captivating Saxon maiden, whose allure goes beyond the physical. He's set on winning both her trust and love.

Silvia, the sole offspring of the church undersecretary, seeks revenge for her father's death during a siege. To her, it doesn't matter which Viking swung the fatal blow - she desires retribution. Konal's claim over her as a war prize presents an ideal opportunity for her vengeance. However, she doesn't anticipate discovering a pure and gentle spirit hidden beneath Konal's tough exterior. As he gradually revives a spark of life within her, their destinies intertwine inextricably. Amid threats from envious adversaries, Konal and Silvia must confront a critical choice - uphold tradition or yield to an undeniable love.

North of the Stars (In Love and War)

North of the Stars
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As England smolders under the relentless assaults of the fearsome Northmen, Princess Emeline, the daughter of King Eanred, faces a daunting task. Her father, aiming to safeguard their kingdom, arranges her betrothal to Aethelwulf, son of King Egbert of Wessex, the mightiest domain in England. This alliance is vital for Northumbria's survival, and Emeline knows she must acquiesce for her people's sake. But Emeline is no shrinking violet, and when her father apprehends a fierce Viking reputed to be the most brutal in the land, she makes an audacious move-she aids him.

This Viking, known as Skarth the Godless, becomes her mentor, illuminating aspects of life she'd never before considered. Emeline realizes that fear, bred from a lack of understanding, can blind us to the truth-a truth she's unwilling to ignore. But when Ulf the Bloody, Skarth's nemesis, devastates her world, it's evident her learning has only just commenced. Emeline understands she's strayed far from the righteous path. She's become a transgressor, praying for redemption.

Viking and Shield Maiden

Rough Warrior: A Viking Romance

Rough Warrior
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by Maggie Carpenter

In the wake of her village's raid by Vikings, Ailith finds herself seized as the booty of the towering, formidable warrior, Ulrick. Despite her valiant struggles, she's subjected to a mortifying public demonstration of her compelled submission, leaving her cheeks aflame. As Ulrick takes and devours her for the first time, Ailith comes to terms with the notion of belonging to such a rugged behemoth.

Ailith is Ulrick's possession, to utilize as brutally and disgracefully as he wishes, and he has no intentions of treating her gently. Yet, even with her sore rear serving as a harsh and humiliating reminder of her status, Ailith can't help but acknowledge the surge of feelings that Ulrick's stern authority incites in her, and her craving for him intensifies each passing day.

Thrust into a clan power struggle, faced with a wealthy outsider from distant lands, and entwined in the quest for missing gold coins, Ailith and her Viking captor must rely on one another to endure. But when she's presented with an opportunity for freedom, will Ailith choose to seize it?

Tempted by the Runes (Runes, 4)

Tempted by the Runes
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by Christina Courtenay

Separated by the chasm of time, yet interwoven by a love transcending epochs, Madison Berger finds herself in Dublin, in the midst of a Viking re-enactment festival. An intriguing encounter with a small knife, with runes promising time-bending adventures, stuck in the banks of the Liffey, pulls Maddie in.

Intending just a fleeting visit to the past, Maddie finds herself enmeshed in a 9th-century Dublin conflict. Unexpectedly, she wakes up aboard a ship en route to Iceland, in the company of the man who rescued her.

Geir Eskilsson, having left his family in Sweden, is on a quest to create a life of his own. Maddie immediately captures his interest, but when he uncovers her link to his sisters-in-law, he wonders if destiny has orchestrated their meeting. Amid the looming dangers of their journey to a new territory, their biggest challenge lies in winning Maddie's heart and persuading her that the runes always speak the truth.

Ascent: A tale of danger, adversity, and love (House of Normandy)

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by Cathie Dunn

In the Kingdom of the West Franks, Neustria, AD 890, young Poppa's world is turned upside down when Northmen land near Bayeux. Her father, Count Bérengar, surrenders to them and, as part of their pact, she's betrothed to Hrólfr, the pagan leader of the Northmen.

Fortunately, Hrólfr embarks on his next conquest immediately, only coming back years later to claim Poppa as his wife. Together they escape the retaliatory Franks, seeking refuge in East Anglia where she gives birth to their son and daughter.

When Hrólfr and Poppa venture back to recapture Bayeux, his ambitious campaign rattles the core of the Frankish reign. In response, King Charles of the West Franks makes him an irresistible offer. He is to gain extensive lands in Neustria on the condition that he converts to Christianity and marries Gisela, the King's illegitimate daughter.

This arrangement shatters Poppa's world. Left behind in Bayeux with her daughter, Adela, she reaches her breaking point when Gisela demands custody of Adela to raise her in Rouen. As the confrontation between the two women escalates on the cliffs, only one will walk away victorious. Will Poppa survive to see the dawn of a new era?

Fall of the Stars

Fall of the Stars
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by Monica James

England is on the brink of despair, and there's no solace in sight.

Princess Emeline, once again, finds herself a prisoner of Wessex, captured by the unyielding King Egbert. He uses her as a pawn, a siren song to lure her two Viking protectors into his trap. But Emeline isn't a damsel awaiting rescue; she's a fierce princess, fortified by the teachings of her beloved, Skarth the Godless.

The waters muddy when Ulf the Bloody, another figure from her past, surfaces, reminding her of a pledge she once made to him. As they form a reluctant alliance to topple King Egbert, Emeline confronts a battlefield within her own heart, a conflict more perilous than any physical war.

Decisions aren't straightforward, especially when they necessitate sacrifices. Emeline comes to understand that love and war obey their own brutal codes. The price to be paid is steep: lives will be lost, hearts will be fractured, and as dawn breaks, their world will transform forever.

Nena (The Viking Treasure Huntress Series)

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by Ann Boelter

In the blistering heat of the Middle Eastern landscape, circa 900 AD, two worlds steeped in hostility converge.

Jarl, a formidable Viking chieftain, makes a triumphant return to the prosperous regions neighboring the Caspian Sea, commanding his majestic longship, The Treasure Huntress. His forces leave an indelible mark on the land, seizing prized assets and dispatching any who dare to resist.

Opposing him is Nena, the capable warrior-daughter of a local chieftain, whose tribe has maintained control over their territory for centuries without fear of any adversary, least of all the barbaric Northmen.

The aftermath of a relentless battle sees Nena captured and Jarl grappling with desires he's unaccustomed to. The ensuing struggle is one of determination and temperament, with both torn between their budding passion and ingrained prejudice, moral principles and societal taboos, love and duty. Despite their hearts' awakening, they're hamstrung by their warring tribes. The cost of their unity is steep-they must risk everything, potentially even their lives, for a chance at love.

Golden Surrender

Golden Surrender
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by Heather Graham

Two stalwart fighters, two proud homelands, intertwined by deep emotion - and retaliation...

Meet Prince Olaf of Norway, revered as the Lord of the Wolves, the golden-hued Viking powerhouse who sails his formidable dragon ship to the Emerald Isle, aiming to establish an expansive kingdom.

Meet Princess Erin, the High King's daughter with ebony tresses, from Ireland. She pledges a ruthless vendetta against the legendary Norseman responsible for the death and destruction that plagued her beloved home.

Yet, in the broad alliance of Norse and Irish forces against the encroaching Danes, it is her own father who offers her hand in matrimony to her most despised adversary. Despite being captivated by Olaf's immense strength and enticed by his power, Erin stands firm, vowing that neither his sword's wrath nor the heat of his kisses will influence the fidelity of her fiery heart.

The Winter Serpent

The Winter Serpent
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by Maggie Davis

Doireann, who prides herself as a chieftain's daughter in the highlands of Scotland, is renowned for her bewitching beauty. Yet, she willingly opts for solitude, refusing to yield to any man's desires. However, the waves of conflict and looting eventually crash upon her homeland, and she finds herself auctioned to the daunting Viking marauder, Thorsten. As the untamed chief of the berserk Norse Bear Cult, Thorsten subjects her to unfamiliar pagan ceremonies and brutal combats. Doireann must navigate this harsh new reality, battling her own humiliation while fighting the fierce temptation to surrender to his fervor, her dignity being her only shield.

Sailing into the Sunset: Concluding Thoughts on Viking Romance

As our journey through the fascinating world of romance books about Vikings draws to a close, it's clear that the allure of these narratives lies in their unique blend of history, adventure, and irresistible romance. They invite us into a realm where a shield maiden can match strength with fearsome warriors, and love often emerges victorious amidst trials and tribulations. Each story is an epic journey in itself, with characters that remain etched in our hearts long after the final page. So, as we bid adieu for now, remember, the Viking sagas are more than just tales - they are doorways into a rich past that continues to inspire and thrill us with every revisit. Until our next literary adventure, keep the spirit of the Vikings alive within you, and may their boldness inspire you in your everyday quests.

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