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From cozy libraries and rainy days spent inside reading to exploring new authors and genres, there's something magical about being surrounded by literature at all times. Whether you prefer large hardcover books, paperbacks, or eBooks, there is something special about having a story in your hands.

Four Things People Love to Do While Reading

For a lot of book fanatics, it's about more than the words. Reading is a whole activity - a hobby, or even a way of life. Avid readers value setting aside real chunks of time, finding great places to read and - crucially - enjoying a treat or indulgence while turning those pages.

Ways to relax while reading

How To Determine A Signed Collectible's Value

Autographs, like all collectibles, are worth whatever you can get them for from a buyer. Critical considerations are the state of the autograph, the paper it was written on, and the person who wrote it. To find out the value of your existing signed collection, you need to perform some research.

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How to Self-Publish and Promote Your Book

There are lots of reasons you might choose to self-publish. Maybe you're part of a popular online fandom that has a large audience for your work, but mainstream publishers don't pay attention to it. Or, perhaps you've written a family history and only need a handful of copies to give away. If you want to write literary fiction, self-publishing might be a way to get more experience and attract the attention of a traditional publisher.

Learn about self publishing your own book

Ten of the Most Beautiful Libraries in the World

Beautiful Library
Books are considered among humankind's most precious objects - both as works of art and keepers of knowledge. So, it's little wonder that libraries are included in the world's most beautiful buildings.

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